Supercharger Videos - Crowd sourcing

Supercharger Videos - Crowd sourcing

Now that we have potentially 400,000 more "brothers and sisters", I figured I'd bring this thread over from the Model S forum and perhaps get a bunch of new respondents. Since anyone can drive to a Supercharger, we needn't wait until the Model 3 is available to enlist future Model 3 owners:

I figured it gives us a sense of security to see a place before we drive there, and even if finding a Supercharger for the first time is usually not too difficult, it's always easier and safer if we know where we're going without having to crane our necks hoping to catch a glimpse of those iconic chargers.

So, to help Tesla drivers find the Superchargers, I’ve decided to take it upon myself to gather as many videos of access to the Superchargers as I can and post them on a dedicated Youtube channel. So far, we are approaching 70 videos, but of course that is a fraction of all Superchargers. With the increase in build-out speed, I doubt whether we'll ever be able to catch up, but we can try, right?
I want to ask whomever wants to participate to contribute footage, be it from their dash cam, or acquired by any other means. I will give you access info below.
Anyone with a dash cam who happens to be going to check out a Supercharger could just download the footage after they get home, if they remember to do so. If you have no way of editing it, I'll be happy to do it.
Please send a clip which starts just before you get to the exit from the closest highway until you reach the Supercharger. Preferably in HD (1080p), but I’ll post what I can get. Sound or no sound, it doesn’t really matter. At a later date, I'll post *any* charger access videos, but for now let's focus on Superchargers.

Here's the channel:

Just e-mail me at and I'll get you access to upload it.

If you don’t have a Dropbox account yet, please sign up through the link below, which will give you and me more capacity via a space bonus Dropbox give for referrals so I don’t run out of space, if many want to upload at once.

Let’s see if we can make this happen!

skygraff | 18. april 2016

Neat idea.

Watched a few and, other than the Vegas one (in the garage), really appreciated how clearly the final destination of the SCs appeared on the videos.

As you're editing these, it would be really cool to have an inset with the map and/or captions with the street names. Most of the time, the focus point or speed doesn't let the signs show up clearly.

Thanks for doing this!

adias.angel | 18. april 2016

What a great idea! This is my first Tesla so thank you for doing this.

mntlvr23 | 20. april 2016

While your stated purpose of your videos was help people find the supercharging stations, for me personally (who has never visited a station), it was more beneficial to see how available the superchargers were, with zero to one user at each location and most of the chargers available. That is very reassuring. I hope that all of us new model 3 users can start filling these up

PhillyGal | 20. april 2016

Excellent idea!

No dash cam here but I may have the opportunity to stop by the construction site for the Harrisburg, PA charger this Sunday. If I do, I'll take a video, though holding a camera in my hand might be too shaky.

Hi_Tech | 20. april 2016

Great idea. Thank you for being pro-active.
On a side note, the huge maps in the Teslas actually gives a fairly accurate location of where the superchargers are. But, I can definitely see the benefit for some newer drivers when going to locations slightly off of the highways..

diegoPasadena | 20. april 2016

Shaky, not shaky - don't worry. It doesn't matter. It's better to have something, even if it's just preliminary. Later, if a better version of the same Supercharger arrives, I can always replace the video.
But if you're alone, perhaps wait for when you have someone to hold the camera for you. Safety first. (Says the guy who shot the first one with a loose camera on my dash. Do as I say, not as I do...)