Massage seats

Massage seats

when there are massage chairs for the Model X? The massage seats are an act of safety. If the back or neck is tense become noticeable tire more.
In the other cars there are lumbar support and massage seats. Look on the Mercedes Classe E, S, ..., Jaguar, BMW, ...

I hope TESLA brings massage seats with the model x to market. What Do you think?

elguapo | 28. kan 2016

Lumbar support on the X is adjustable and great. I don't think massage seats are needed. I'd fall asleep at the wheel of the seats massaged while driving.

Softwizard | 28. kan 2016

My wife's CLS550 has "massaging" seats and they are great. I wish Tesla would offer this option

mathwhiz | 28. kan 2016

Reminds me of motel magic fingers... ;-) | 28. kan 2016

The massage seats are necessary on the Mercedes to reduce the stress of not buying the Tesla!

(trying to add some fun - not a real jab at Mercedes).

lilbean | 28. kan 2016

The massage seats in my Jag are bit gimmicky. I can't feel them that much.

jestah | 28. kan 2016

Massage seats and auto pilot, well now you've gone too far!

madodel | 28. kan 2016

But will they fold? ;-)

slingi2017 | 29. januar 2020

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