Premium Sound System XXX Bluetooth

Premium Sound System XXX Bluetooth

Was initially disappointed with Model X premium sound until I recognized it was probably from playing Bluetooth. Formatted Patriot 128 as dos drive, placed in Macbook, dragged whole playlist in folder, numbered 01 02 etc. through 12 to get to play in correct. Plugged in X USB port and heaven, best car sound ever, like by 'B' home system. Lovely. Takeaway XXX Bluetooth.

houstonviper1 | 04. september 2016

Thanks for the help

eric.zucker | 04. september 2016

@oragne_lovre: there's always a way. It might be illegal, immoral, or whatever. Use at you own risk.

There is software that will decrypt and rip DVDs and even Blu-Rays. You can then extract the audio and convert it.

My kids when smaller were big fans of Thomas and Friends. Just went ape listening to the songs. I plugged the audio output of my DVD player into the line input of my digital recorder, adjusted levels and voila. Super clean sound. I burned an Audio CD to play in the car.

You can use the microphone input of your computer's sound card, the quality is very variable. Use a laptop and run it on its batteries- avoids much of the mains hum. Make sure the audio cable is short, good quality and doesn't come near any other cord.

ernie | 05. september 2016

Am enjoying piano, violin and orchestral FLAC downloads. Very relaxing when driving as opposed to HORRIBLE NEWS, political diatribes, reports of flooding, classless NEW genres and crap. I use:

eric.zucker | 05. september 2016

I got a number of albums from, they are good.

I can't figure out how works- as long as I subscribe, all is well. But if I stop, I guess I lose my downloaded music? If so I'd be locked in as a subscriber for ever.

Ah, streaming vs downloading... Guess I'm old fashioned.