Tire options for P90DL

Tire options for P90DL

On the order page only summer tires are available for the P. Is the reasoning that allseason tires can't put down the torque?
My current setup is allseasons on my S and winter tires on my odyssey which is rarely driven. That way I have car with the correct tires for the three days a year I meed them.
I think that there are serious holes in my knowledge though.
Please educate me on tires.

Redmiata98 | 17. juni 2016

My P came with all season tires. Summer tires are best for heat of summer because the rubber is harder, winter are better for cold because the tires are softer. ( I use the term "better" to address friction which is the main function of tires from a physical science perspective. ) All seasons give you the worst or best of both depending on your location.

TDinDC | 17. juni 2016

Winter tires are softer. In the summer, they are too soft. They wear too quickly and they break loose earlier.

Summer tires are ideal for summer temperatures. Below approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit, they become hockey pucks with zero grip. They are dangerous in the winter regardless of whether there is any snow. Just pray you don't have to do any emergency braking.

All season tires are a compromise that can work in both winter and summer. They are ideal for neither, but better than having summers on in winter, or winters on in summer. Could be ideal, I guess, if you have perpetual Spring or Fall.

I always have two sets of rims/tires for my vehicles. I put on the winters at Thanksgiving, and I put on the summers near May 1.

All seasons may not be sufficiently available for the sizes needed for the P. I am sure they will become available, but they likely just list summer due to availability. Many people who get all seasons or winters opt for smaller Rim sizes . . .

P.S. You also want much more narrow tires for use if you think you will have any snow, which is another reasons why all seasons/winters are more rare in the monster sizes on the P.

TDinDC | 17. juni 2016

BTW, this is the only "non-summer" option I could find for the stock sizes:

Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06
| Reviews (202)
Consumer RecommendedTire Rack Tested
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Ultra High Performance All-Season
Front: 265/35ZR22 102W XL
Sidewall Style: Blackwall
UTQG: 560 AA A
Qty:Per Tire:

Availability: In Stock
Can be delivered Mon, 06/20 to 20007 for $26.86 per tire.
Rear: 285/35ZR22 106W XL
Sidewall Style: Blackwall
UTQG: 560 A A
Qty:Per Tire:

Availability: In Stock
Can be delivered Mon, 06/20 to 20007 for $27.60 per tire.
Set of 4: $922.80

bak_phy | 17. juni 2016

Thanks! So the P has wider tires than the nonP?

eddiemoy | 17. juni 2016

you cannot order the P with non summer tires.