Tesla, let model 3 Reservation holders lease model S with limited early termination

Tesla, let model 3 Reservation holders lease model S with limited early termination

I am tempted to buy a model S with the new low price point and not looking forward to waiting 1.5-2 more years for a 3 based on the current status of my existing car. Ultimately want a model 3, but would be willing to bite the bullet now if there were some way to not lose out on the ability to purchase an early model 3 with my current spot in line. The 3 purchasers speculate on a lot of factors, final price for upgrades, battery options, actual delivery date, and status of federal tax credit, some of which could be deal breakers after waiting..

With the release of the 3 there is some uncertainty over residual value of the current refreshed MS in 3 years, and based on current lease promos the price of the S is very similar buying vs. leasing (depending what value you use for residual).

If tesla wanted to boost model S sales it would be cool to have the option to end the lease early in order to get a 3. Who knows, maybe end up keeping the S but right now this is a very tough decision if it is worth getting the S early or waiting for 3.

bmalloy0 | 21. juni 2016

It would certainly be a nice geature, but I'm curious as to how many people would utilize it. I know I am nowhere close to being able afford an S lease, even with no options, and I'm sure a significant number of 3 reservation holders are in a similar situation.

teslahero999 | 21. juni 2016

702 base lease minus $30 for referral from friend, minus 150-175 gas savings, if you add auto pilot you're around $550/month net. Here in MD we get $3,000 back on sales tax.

JeffreyR | 21. juni 2016

Would be an expensive thing for Tesla. They would then have a bunch of year-old MS to get rid of and drive the price down. I agree it would be very cool though.

slasher0016 | 21. juni 2016

Only bad thing I see about this idea is it would use up a ton of the 200,000 tax credits.