It's finally here! "The Turning Point- Toyota Mirai"

It's finally here! "The Turning Point- Toyota Mirai"

All I can say is, "Whoa!"

Prototype shown. Production model may vary.

Winner 2016 World Car Awards
World Green Car

2016 MIRAI MSRP $57,500

Refuels in about 5 minutes|google|Mirai+CA|GDN_Mirai_CA|||

Here's the fueling station map, current and projected:

LegalCounsel | 09. juli 2016

And here is the inconvenient truth about this "turning point"... no thanks:

Mathew98 | 09. juli 2016

Can you imagine if Tesla had enough lobbyists to force California to spend $200M to build all the superchargers in the state? There would be more superchargers than gas stations!

Al1 | 09. juli 2016

Moreover, even when the stations are functioning properly, there is often an hour-long wait after the first one or two cars–and some stations can only fuel cars to half-full.

Al1 | 09. juli 2016

But neither Hyundai nor Toyota, which is in the process of launching its hydrogen-powered 2016 Mirai, is responsible for providing the fuel or ensuring a functioning infrastructure.

And who said they would be? Off course they are committed to this technology, but in other ways.

chris01 | 09. juli 2016

Looks like a Prius and a Camry had a bastard child. Ugh.

SamO | 09. juli 2016

My favorite part about the Toyota Mirai is that you can fill your tank at home while you sleep. Oh wait…

Made in CA | 09. juli 2016

It is good that someone tried to make hydrogen cars work. But I think every reasonable person will acknowledge it is not a realistic fuel source for cars. Time to move on...

And - why are Toyota's and Lexus's so damn ugly these days? I have to avert my eyes.

Run4Waffles | 09. juli 2016

+1 @Made in CA

teslagiddy | 09. juli 2016

SamO +1

Run4Waffles | 09. juli 2016

And actually, +1 for each of the above. Really.

Bastard child. ROFLMAO. So true.

negarholger | 09. juli 2016

Overweight bastard child at 4,078 lbs.

I got several Mirai test drive invitations in the mail lately... | 09. juli 2016

And I thought Hybrids were complicated! Seems like technology looking for a solution.

On the map, I counted 5 stations that are open today in all of North America, and none planned in the next two years outside of California.

AmpedRealtor | 09. juli 2016

Is this sarcasm?

NKYTA | 09. juli 2016

It's the Future!


SbMD | 09. juli 2016

Mirai = boondoggle

thranx | 09. juli 2016

"Refuels in about 5 minutes". If the pressure in the refueling pump/system has built back up sufficiently to do so...maybe.

Bighorn | 09. juli 2016

It's Bastard Chile

JAD | 09. juli 2016

Toyota, Lets go places... you have 3 choices of places to go...

Actually, I saw a Mirai on the road about 6 months ago in LA. It is actually just as ugly in person as in the pictures.

SbMD | 09. juli 2016

Lord knows it's a Bastard Chile

Tropopause | 09. juli 2016

I count 11 hydrogen fueling stations scheduled to open in the bay area.

Of course the disclaimer states, "This is Toyota's best estimate of third party developed fuel stations and is subject to change."

I'm glad that the Volkswagon money will help fund green energy growth but I doubt any of the $2 billion will go to Supercharger construction, which means most will go to hydrogen fueling stations and public BEV chargers.

Tropopause | 09. juli 2016

The only other BEV with 200+ mile range is the Chevy Bolt. Maybe GM can muscle California politicians to spend some of the Volkswagon money on a high-speed charging network similar to Tesla's Superchargers.

Sometimes it seems as though Toyota is merely using the hydrogen platform as a distraction to syphon money away from real solutions.

Red Sage ca us | 09. juli 2016

I saw a Mirai on the road the other day, it had a bunch of stickers and stuff on it declaring what it was and directing people to the Toyota website for details. I expect it was on its way to the Toyota dealership that was around the corner.

frednix | 09. juli 2016

They spend 50% of the webpage (toward the bottom) convincing you that you wont get all BLOWED UP.

The TOYOTA doth protest too much, methinks.

Tropopause | 09. juli 2016


You mean like this?:

Tropopause | 09. juli 2016

If we think the media has it out for Tesla's Autopilot, just wait til the first Mirai explodes...

pete | 09. juli 2016

Quick! Cancel my Model SD order! I must have that gorgeous Toyota! ;)

Reddy kW | 09. juli 2016

151 HP, 247 lb-ft torque? No thank you.

ckcland2 | 09. juli 2016

I'm not trying to be snarky or biased (disclosure my MS is in production) but why is Tesla the only company that can produce an aesthetically pleasing non-ICE vehicle? I am actually rooting for other car companies to catch up and develop desirable cars that do not require gas/oil, but they are all so ugly. Every time I see one of these cars I think to myself that these companies must be paid by BIG OIL to make them as ugly as possible.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 09. juli 2016

@ckcland2, didn't you know that each manufacturer held dealership design contests to get them support the sale of green vehicles! This is how they tricked the dealers into selling these cars! You know, pride of design ownership! \;-)

DonS | 09. juli 2016

Hydrogen is horribly expensive to make from renewable energy, so almost all of it comes from fossil fuel today. Maybe someday when green energy is so cheap that it is not worth metering, then hydrogen will be more attractive.

jakamo62 | 09. juli 2016

Mirai may not be that cute but 300 miles on a 5 min charge is not a bad statistic and lets remember the source
of our power comes from fossil fuel systems, not quite as green when viewed from that perspective.

MrLunch | 09. juli 2016

The name alone concerns me... Look, is that a filling station up ahead?! Oh bother, it's a mirage... I know, let's use high speed rail! California native here, those talking drums in the concrete jungle - pay no attention, it's just the call of the wild west...

murphyS90D | 09. juli 2016

My power comes from the sun, no fossils involved.

shs | 09. juli 2016


Maybe things have changed, but to get 300 miles of range requires the tank to be filled to full pressure. The problem I saw documented earlier is that the current hydrogen fueling stations could only get to half that pressure and that it took a half hour to get the pressure back up to half fill the next car. So is is 5 minutes for a half fill, if and only if, no one else has filled recently. Filling overnight while sleeping is still an undisputed advantage for BEVs. Of course I have seen pictures, cartoons actually, of home hydrogen stations, but I would not hold my breath.

Manny13z | 09. juli 2016

I'm sorry, I'm allergic to ugly.

fi488249 | 09. juli 2016

Is this a joke? Cause I hope it's a joke.. $57,500 for this thing?

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 10. juli 2016

$57,500 is not the real cost! Toyota is subsidizing the price and providing free fuel. They hope to reduce costs with volume sales. Good luck with that!

negarholger | 10. juli 2016

Plus $45k of ZEV credits...

djmichaelmayhem | 10. juli 2016

Great idea, really. But the car looks like crap! Who ever designed this exterior should be fired! | 10. juli 2016

With only 5 fueling stations today in the USA, most owners will be spending most of their driving time going to the fueling station and returning home. I wonder how that figures into the "5 minute" refueling time.

I actually live the bay area, California, and the nearest station would take 2 hours round trip in a location I might visit once every two years!

thranx | 10. juli 2016

@shs: home hydrogen fueling station. Now that's a scary thought.
"Honey, do you hear that hissing sound?"
It's either the cat or the house is about to blow up.

Tropopause | 10. juli 2016

Tesla Solar (aka Solar City)
Tesla PowerWall
Tesla vehicle

Add those up and we have sustainable living and traveling.

Toyota Mirai
tax-payer funded H2 fueling stations
grid utilities

Add those up and we're still in the same sinking boat as today.

Elon has a plan for the future of our planet. The others only plan to get richer.

Al1 | 10. juli 2016

I wonder how that figures into the "5 minute" refueling time.

5 minutes is pure refueling time. You need to plan 2-3 hours to get to the station and back. Plus between one and two hours of waiting in line.

Al1 | 10. juli 2016

But that's only until refueling stations become ubiquitous. So that you know you can charge your car at virtually any parking spot. Oh wait.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 10. juli 2016

@Al1...they won't sell or lease a car unless you live near a refuelling station! Don't want that kind of publicity!

cadman10000 | 10. juli 2016

As usual, the hydrogen future is only a few years away!

nene_MS | 10. juli 2016

Thanks for building yet another super ugly car Toyota. Where are you hiring car designers for? A stray cat could design something better.

negarholger | 10. juli 2016

Why should I drive at least 30 miles one way just to refuel with an appointment? I like 0 miles at my leisure...

hcwhy | 11. juli 2016

I'm gonna put one of them motors motors in my Aztec.

SolidWhite60DX | 11. juli 2016

They have to be making them this ugly on purpose, so that people don't want to buy it. No professional designer can be this incompetent.

Otherwise why wouldn't they just make them look like a bland (but not hideous) corolla or Camry?

Gas car companies are just too addicted to gasoline to find a way out.