100 pages of crash events

100 pages of crash events

If the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times covered GM, Ford and Chrysler crashes like they do Tesla, the entire paper would be filled every day with crashes by GM, Ford and Chrysler owners. Because the Big 3 have so many cars that are poorly designed with low crashworthiness they mostly get a free pass to kill customers daily without any related news reports.

Glad to see Tesla on the right side of safety.

ram1901 | 13. juli 2016

and now we have an alleged SEC investigation into whether Tesla should have reported a fatal accident as material to it's value.

Come on! Does GM, Ford and Chrysler report every accident to their stockholders. No..
Why not. If it's a requirement for Tesla why isn't it a requirement for all other auto manufacturers.

Can't believe the SEC is wasting it's time investigating this... if they really are... when people cause
accidents in the majority of cases, especially in the case of the horrible Florida fatality.

Let's hope regulators come to their senses and stop the nonsense initiated by the anti EV crowd against

brando | 15. juli 2016

How about an investigation of the road engineer(s) and managers that allowed a divided highway to have an unmarked and uncontrolled crossing? What about the truck driver not yielding.

"During 2003-2007, the 267,600 highway vehicles reported per year caused an average of 441 civilian deaths, 1,326 civilian fire injuries, and $1.0 billion in direct property damage. On average, 31 highway vehicle fires were reported per hour. These fires killed one person a day."

What does CR and SEC have to say? And the corporate media.

bb0tin | 16. juli 2016

You said "Come on! Does GM, Ford and Chrysler report every accident to their stockholders. No."
That is immaterial.

You said "when people cause accidents in the majority of cases, especially in the case of the horrible Florida fatality."
That is immaterial.

But it is good to see that you think others should use rational, evidence based reasoning to decide things.
The same applies to you.

Red Sage ca us | 16. juli 2016

Does seem strange. Usually, a turnaround at a divided highway median is specifically marked for use by emergency vehicles only.

ram1901 | 16. juli 2016

@bb0tin /// What is your point?? Are you replying to this thread or some other ??
My point is clear. There is a double standard that allows GM others to be ignored by the media and regulators while the media and now regulators come after Tesla for far less than what the other manufacturers have done.

bb0tin | 16. juli 2016

My point is this:
It does not matter what is happening with the other manufacturers. It only matters what the relative statistics are. The fact that there was 1 death meant that statistically autopilot was not less safe. If there were 2 deaths, or twice the accident rate, then it becomes a legitimate concern to some extent. If there had been 3 deaths there would be serious questions being asked. This could happen due to the nature of low probability statistics. Tesla is fortunate that they have not had 2 or 3 deaths.

My point regards yourself is this:
If you want others to use evidence based reasoning and to speak what is the truth, rather that ignorant and incorrect opinion, then you should do the same. You have a history on this forum of posting ignorant and incorrect opinion.

ram1901 | 16. juli 2016

Wow! Lighten up my friend. Life is too short for such hostility. It's unhealthy.

What you call my 'ignorant and incorrect opinion' means that anyone who disagrees with your
opinion is ignorant and incorrect. You should know that an opinion can not be incorrect.

Open your mind my friend .. let the light shine in .. the truth will set you free. :)

ram1901 | 16. juli 2016

@Bernard Bromell aka bb0tin (per

Hear your homeland of New Zealand is a beautiful country.
Can't understand why you are so hostile when you live in such a laid back place.

robert.s.bjekich | 16. juli 2016

Let's be civil. GM and their dealers spend lots of dollars on advertising in the newspapers, radio and TV. Tesla spends nothing on the traditional media and thus they do not receive favorable treatment of accidents and corporate coverage. We must support Tesla's method of distribution and voice our concerns with our local media. Tesla is an easy target because they do not distribute massive dollars to the traditional media.

bb0tin | 16. juli 2016

You said "What you call my 'ignorant and incorrect opinion' means that anyone who disagrees with your
opinion is ignorant and incorrect."
I do not care if someone disagrees with me as long as they can provide evidence and reasoning to support that disagreement. You do not. In the past I have requested that you propose a bet that you are correct, but you fail to do so. You think your opinion is worthy simply because it is your opinion, regardless if you have anything valid to support it. I would welcome you to actually support your statements, but you do not.

You said "Open your mind my friend .. let the light shine in .. the truth will set you free"
An open mind doesn't mean you open it so far that your brain falls out. The truth is what I always seek. The truth is determined by evidence and valid reasoning. It is not determined by opinion, which is what you often use. Your opinion does not become the truth simply because it is your opinion.

You said "Can't understand why you are so hostile when you live in such a laid back place."
I am not hostile. I simply cannot stand ignorant and incorrect posts of 'fact' on a public forum, and will correct them without hesitation. Forums can be a place of learning and discourse, but they are often simply a place where the ignorant post their incorrect opinions. Why post an opinion on a public forum as if it is fact when you do not know if it is correct, and often have not even bothered to check if it is correct? Do you want people to read your post? Do you want people to accept that what you post is true? I expect the answer to both is yes. If it is, then bother to check if what you post is correct. If it is not correct, then learn from the experience, and try not to do it again.

Red Sage ca us | 16. juli 2016

ram1901: It is precisely because Tesla Motors employs smart people who are fully aware of the double standard that they are so careful to make sure accurate information is available to those who are willing to do the slightest bit of research. It is also why certain 'great ideas' floated by Tesla Enthusiasts are not enacted. Anything that might raise legitimate concern over the possibility of formal investigation by SEC, FTC, or NHTSA will be avoided at all cost. The smart people at Tesla Motors have deftly avoided the snares, mistakes, and pratfalls of Tucker, DeLorean, and Fisker. I have always liked the Mr. Miyagi quote, "Best block: No be there." I wouldn't be surprised to learn Elon Musk really likes that movie series.

ram1901 | 18. juli 2016

Thanks for your effort to rationalize your positions via your facts as you see them. Unfortunately, facts can be misunderstood, taken out of context or intentionally misinterpreted. Life is not always black and white, but often in shades of gray.

Keep in mind that opinions are often informed by those same facts as well as 'life experience'.

When one states an opinion, they do so, based on their life experience and the facts as they understand them, and thus they believe it to be an 'informed' opinion. As such they do not find it necessary to write a doctorate thesis to support their opinion.

Even with this explanation I'm certain you'll go on criticizing posts like mine and I'll go on giving what I believe to be informed opinions based on my life experience and the facts I've gathered on the subjects being discussed.
Best regards,

bb0tin | 18. juli 2016

You would think that the amount of times that someone's posted opinion has been shown to be incorrect, would be lesson enough to get them to validate them before posting on a public forum. Your 'informed opinions' are often incorrect, and shown to be incorrect.
Why would someone want to keep posting statements as 'fact' or the 'truth' on a public forum when they do not know if it is, and have been shown in the past to have been wrong?
It takes very little effort to check if what you think is correct, really is correct.

Ross1 | 27. juli 2016

Why would you tell us your email is bob.naughton, when your facebook page says you are Bernard Bromell, from Auckland, NZ?

Bighorn | 07. juni 2017

Seems that question can shut off the spigot.