What did you name your X?

What did you name your X?

When I first set up my Model X it asked me to name the vehicle. I have not done this yet, but I plan to once inspiration hits me. I was going to name it Professor X or Xavier, but discovered that Elon has a similar fondness for the X-Men and named the robots in his factory after them.

Just curious, what have y'all named your cars?

hami05 | 08. september 2016

Try naming it '42' and see what happens.

wang5150 | 08. september 2016

Aluminium Falcon

ken | 08. september 2016

"LEMON" as we speak, it in repair the 6th time.

singh2020 | 08. september 2016 repair for the 4th time (or is it 5th?.....lost count)

lilbean | 08. september 2016

That reminds of this jingle from this commercial.

wang5150 | 08. september 2016

@lilbean, total flashback... I grew up hearing that jingle.

lilbean | 08. september 2016

@wang5150, me too! :-)

Lubdub | 08. september 2016

my son named it Grumpmobile my driver profile is Grumpy
I also have a Grumpy decal on rear window

Madatgascar | 08. september 2016

(for Pegasus)

eric.zucker | 08. september 2016

I picked Karearea . New Zealand falcon. My parents are Kiwis now - settled there 18 years ago.

It's also a twist on "Carrera"...

BadgerX | 08. september 2016
afroumis | 08. september 2016

We named ours "Xtreme".........

houstonviper1 | 08. september 2016

Winged Assassin

MicTheCat | 08. september 2016


cmbarclay | 08. september 2016

My kids named it QuickSilver.

Ross1 | 09. september 2016

You couldnt expect very sensible names from screen names even weirder.

You cant go past The Chick Magnet.

Darling are you taking The Chick Magnet tonight, cos if you arent I want it

mischivin | 09. september 2016

Aurora - Named either after Princess Aurora or the Aurora Borealis, your choice.

ageorge97 | 09. september 2016

Family named it RX

chulee2 | 09. september 2016

XMOBILE, which is the same as our personalized plates.

Elcut | 09. september 2016

Failed my name

Elcut | 09. september 2016

Tesla's first name? Considered spam....

houstonviper1 | 09. september 2016

@ageorge97 Are you a Pharmacist?

Red Sage ca us | 09. september 2016

Wait... No one chose 'INXS'...?

dbh | 09. september 2016

Xippo. Because it's pretty fast, and one review (motor trend?) called it pregnant hippo.

lilbean | 10. september 2016

@dbh, Yay! Glad to hear you kept it :)

dboelke2 | 10. september 2016

Pearl White with Ultra White seats= Storm Trooper!

Madatgascar | 10. september 2016

The BMW i3 is the Storm Trooper....

dbh | 11. september 2016

@lilbean Yeah, the front doors have worked for a solid four weeks now - so far so good. Have a few other things to look at but nothing urgent.

lilbean | 11. september 2016

@dbh, I must say you showed great perseverance and patience. Congrats!

larmorfreq | 11. september 2016

Just delivered yesterday! Very cool. At Costa Mesa, they had everyone line up when we pulled out-- including other customers to wave us out.

Name: TARS

No just need to find a wormhole...

vperl | 11. september 2016

One poster, mentioned " Horsey"

eddeppman | 11. september 2016

"Intergalactic Space Boat of Light and Wonder" courtesy of the Oatmeal.

ageorge97 | 11. september 2016

Houston, no but it would be a great double entndre, and no I can't get you extra ambien......

dr.jeffreymason | 12. september 2016

"The Enterprise"

dr.jeffreymason | 12. september 2016

"The Enterprise"

dr.jeffreymason | 12. september 2016

"The Enterprise"

Vawlkus | 12. september 2016


vhawke | 12. september 2016

Plava Sokol

Blue Falcon in Croatian (found Croatia listed as Nikola Tesla's place of birth)

wendellgray | 12. september 2016

am going to name mine "drogon". yes, i am GOT fan :-)

jarnryd | 12. september 2016
haubidtran | 13. september 2016

Magic Carpet. Was gonna call it vingilot but stephen colbert took that

Triggerplz | 13. september 2016


Triggerplz | 13. september 2016

It's hard to beat and I can go 220 miles on a charge :-)

gilbert.bailey | 14. september 2016

Our P90D is White on White with Black 22" wheels. The local service center said it looked like a stormtrooper from Starwars so my daughters named it FN3908. (after "finn" the storm trooper from SW 7 and 3908 its VIN...since he used his serial # following the name)

siliconhammer | 14. september 2016

@gilbert great name, as long as it doesn't have a lot of defects, otherwise the sword cuts both ways, I suppose. /f*n3908

raging.dragonfly | 15. september 2016

Angelica, our Blue Angel :-)

kalaja | 15. september 2016


Pedersam | 16. september 2016

I named my s85 Kaye Watts. It matches my license plate KWATS UP

gilbert.bailey | 16. september 2016

@siliconhammer - since that last FWD over the air update - it's back to SOLID - reliable like it was when we first picked it up. After the Charlotte, NC -Cape Cod, MA run and back of last month we just drove it up to WV and back for a wedding - mountains - an no chargers. Used a 110 outlet for the first time and a Nissan dealership in WV. Flawless.

siliconhammer | 16. september 2016

Nikola was on my short-list of names. Looks like @drago.kalajdzic beat me to it.

@gilbert glad to hear yours is in such great condition. I was unlucky and mine went back to the SC after less than 2 weeks, with a long list of corrections to make. Can't wait to get it back, it's so fun to drive.