Will Tesla ever do a regular doored Model X?

Will Tesla ever do a regular doored Model X?

I am on my second Model S and love it, but would like a bigger vehicle. Naturally, have given serious consideration to the Model X. But I just can't get on board with the Falcon Wing doors. I'm one that throws stuff in the back seat almost every time I get in and out of the car. In the Model S, it's a simple as open the door, toss it in, close the door. About a 1.5 second process. Certainly not the case with the Model X. I was annoyed just waiting for the doors to open in the couple of times that I tried. Not something I could live with every day.

I see where there is some limited appeal to some people with the extra head clearance entering the vehicle and I guess for the few that truly have access only to very tight parking spaces. But have owners found that they're really worth the trouble? Would anyone not have purchased the Model X if it had standard rear doors? To me, it's more of a cool party trick, but in every day life, especially for those that need constant access to the rear, it would be a nuisance more than anything.

Am wondering if anyone has heard of Tesla considering producing a regular door Model X? Seems like it would be easy enough and likely much cheaper for Tesla. I'm also not a fan of the huge front windshield and the plastic running along the windshield to the mirror. Personally, I'd like to see the option of a standard, Model S type roof by moving the cross bar forward, then offer either a solid roof or panoramic sunroof option like the Model S with standard rear opening doors.

Right now, the windshield, wait for falcon wing doors to open/close, lack of ceiling height clearance in my garage are three deal killers for me to purchase a Model X. Anyone else feel the same way. If enough people expressed interest, would Tesla listen and consider a much cheaper and simpler production roof/door combination for those that don't need the party trick? If they ever do, I'll be first in line to order one.

francoisbitz | 19. september 2016

Do you know the Model S has more room in the back than the X?
What part of the X do you actually need then?

2015P90DI | 19. september 2016

Model S doesn't have the same height inside for tall items, also doesn't have towing capabilities, both features I need. I currently have an ICE SUV, but would like to be able to combine the S with the SUV and get the X and be completely gas free. But the items I noted are unfortunately deal killers for me. Was just wondering if anyone else felt the same? And if Tesla might consider offering a different roof/door configuration. if they did, would be interesting to see the sales numbers between the two and which version ended up being more popular?

Realure | 19. september 2016

Wait for the Model Y, which is the small SUV based upon the Model 3 platform. I would be really surprised if the Model Y had the falcon wing doors.

vperl | 19. september 2016

No, not on the Model X

Buy a ford

carlk | 19. september 2016

No and they better not to.

lilbean | 19. september 2016


Triggerplz | 19. september 2016


negarholger | 19. september 2016

FWD are regular doors... what is the question?

Remnant | 20. september 2016

It would certainly make a lot of market sense to segregate a complex and expensive MX feature as an option, especially since MY has been designed to have it as well.

For access to 2nd and 3rd seat rows, it would be interesting to consider the possible option of a rear-hinged rear door along with the elimination of the B pillar.

Should FWD become optional, both MX and MY orders would probably soar. | 20. september 2016

Sounds like you want a battery-powered minivan, the Model V.
Maybe Honda will buy Tesla skateboards and pop an Oddysey on them. An all-wheel drive, 8 passenger car with a roof rack and 2nd and 3rd rows that fold, sliding doors, tow hitch and a built-in vacuum cleaner. Sound like a plan? Elon will never build one. It would be limited to 0-60 in more than 3 seconds.😀

Madatgascar | 20. september 2016

I held out for a while hoping for a regular door version. We have the X now, and I have to say we avoid opening the FWD unless it is absolutely necessary. Even my 14 year old son doesn't like them. He rides in the back seat of my S but takes the front seat of my wife's X because 6 seconds is just way too long in the school drop off line. I don't even like them as a party trick - too often they stop at the lower height for no reason, and I have to awkwardly raise them manually. Hazards abound because the rest of the world just wasn't built with the expectation that doors would be opening this way. If they built a regular door version I would trade mine in for one with regular doors.

Lumina1 | 20. september 2016

I don't use my rear doors much on my current car. If not for the higher seating position, I would have ordered a MS.

lilbean | 20. september 2016

Lol, @george.

jjs | 20. september 2016

As someone who owns an X with 16K+ miles on it, I would welcome an X with standard doors. Keep the FWD as an option and auto opening closing front doors as an option. I believe the standard door configuration would outsell the FWD and auto open/close front doors.

If I had a choice I would opt for the standard doors.

Remnant | 20. september 2016

@ (September 20, 2016)

<< Sounds like you want a battery-powered minivan, the Model V. ... Elon will never build one. It would be limited to 0-60 in more than 3 seconds. >>

George, you're too much!

How did you figure that out?

By the way, a 0-60 of 3-4 seconds wouldn't be bad for a minivan.

kevinburbridge | 20. september 2016

Broh, how big of a hurry are you in? 1.5 seconds, I guess. Are you robbing banks? With the phone App you can both shut the doors and activate the cars security features AS YOU'RE WALKING. Read: Non-Issue. | 20. september 2016

Odyssey: coefficient of drag =.25, height = 68.4 width = 78.2 weight with 100 kWh pack 5500 pounds (est.)
MX: coefficient of drag = .23, height = 66.3, width = 78.7, weight with 100 kWh pack 5300 pounds (est)

MX 0-60 (ludicrous with 100 kWh) 2.9 seconds. I rest my case. (Anybody see where I left my case?)

lilbean | 20. september 2016

Cool, @george. Could it be in the frunk? :-) | 20. september 2016

Or maybe it's 2.6 seconds. I've lost track.

lilbean | 20. september 2016

The doors make the Model X unique and awesome. Why make it like other cars? People can just buy the other cars or the Model S. :-) No regrets!

rdfbsmith | 20. september 2016

LOL. I agree the doors on the Model X are unique keep them that way.

rossRallen | 20. september 2016

It sounds like the OP doesn't want the features that make Model X unique and desirable. OK, buy something else.

Madatgascar | 20. september 2016

Unique, yes. Desirable? Countless posts over the years from people who like everything else about the X but with for regular doors.

And yes, I love the 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. But the Odyssey has already hit 60 while my doors are still closing.

Madatgascar | 20. september 2016


lilbean | 20. september 2016

Lol, @tbouquet.

eric.zucker | 21. september 2016

The Model X is distinctive largely thanks to its unique doors.
Like them or not they are here to stay, it's an engineering marvel, a work of art, a masterpiece. Definitely controversial, they are a subject of focus and attention both for advocates and detractors.

I like those doors. I like being different. I am unconventional, and that's what these doors say. Think out of the box. Try new things. Explore. Innovate.

Tesla will come up with other electric vehicles with and without them, now that the engineering and troubleshooting is done, if they provide improved accessibility and are worthwhile in a vehicle, why not capitalize on this technology ?

I cannot imagine Model X without the Falcon Wing doors. It would lose too much of its signature design elements, and be just another bland X6, GLE, XC90, Cayenne or Q7. We have enough of those.

lilbean | 21. september 2016

+1000 @eric.zucker

David N | 21. september 2016

Well said Eric.

Triggerplz | 21. september 2016

I thought O HELL NAW was also +1000 well said :-)

carlk | 21. september 2016

OK both are well said.

Triggerplz | 21. september 2016

@carlk LOL Thank you

senoto | 24. september 2016

I think they over-reached on these doors. Yes, they are impressive and yes conventional doors are more predictable and easier to use. I would certainly be more comfortable with a door that closes by hand. It's much faster than waiting for these behemoths to close. After placing passengers or packages in the back seats or even my pup, I would like to get on my way instead of reaching for buttons to close doors and waiting for the action to complete.

Triggerplz | 24. september 2016

Kia has fast closing doors :-)

Madatgascar | 24. september 2016

@Eric, yes the FWD are all those things you say, and they are perfect for that unique niche market customer. Someone who appreciates the engineering artistry, has babies in car seats, and can afford a 6 figure car. If Tesla wants that market, they hit the nail on the head. Just don't complain if they don't sell in the numbers they wanted, because unique is not for everyone.

Does anyone doubt that if Model X was built without the FWD, monopolist seats, and other GUM (Gratuitous Unnecessary Mechanisms), it would have hit the road two years earlier, sell in a more accessible 5 figure range, have negligible service issues, better press, and higher profits, and already be outselling Model S? Thus accelerating the transition to sustainable transport?

eric.zucker | 25. september 2016

tbouquet: you may not find it ideal, fine. I respect your opinion, which is perfectly reasonable.

However I see that Model X is selling like hotcakes.
I was at the service center Friday afternoon, there were X's everywhere, parking is full, there is huge demand: 7 out of 10 deliveries are X. Absolutely wild end of quarter.

Wherever I go, the X generates incredible interest.

You might have wished it otherwise, but Tesla did create a real buzz with the X. It's selling in numbers.

elguapo | 25. september 2016

FWIW doors are supposed to close faster with 8.0.

OP - Sorry, buy another car.

+1 for @Eric and @Trigger

rdfbsmith | 25. september 2016

I agree, if you don't like it kick rocks move on

Madatgascar | 25. september 2016

The FWD did generate a lot of interest when I pulled into a valet stand and unloaded my guests a few nights ago. Both FWD opened part way due to a low ceiling - though it looked like there was about 9" to spare at the joint. One passenger squirmed out, the other stayed in, not sure what to do. I practically bowled over the valet to jump in and hold down the override button on the touch screen, while awkwardly twisting backwards to monitor the clearance. About 40 people were watching.

Others will have different opinions, but I have seen more negative press on the FWD than positive. I still love my X and try to plug its virtues, but most people I talk to say "I just don't know about those doors." I would guess if they were offered as an optional extra, less than 10% of buyers would choose them. About the same for sculptural monopost seats vs traditional fold-flat seats.

I don't want to belabor this point, Elon has already admit the X was over-engineered. But looking forward, it seems there would be a huge opportunity for Tesla in the additional market for the OP's request. Does anyone here have any reasons why Tesla should NOT offer both kinds of doors?

senoto | 25. september 2016

Well said Tbouquet. I couldn't agree more......

lilbean | 25. september 2016

Yes. They make a low profile Model X with regular doors. It's called the Model S. :)

Triggerplz | 25. september 2016

Regular doors on a MX. O HELL NAW

dortor | 25. september 2016

the FWD drove a lot of decisions about the body design, wind shield - structure, and are a core element in the design - Tesla can not "add" regular doors - it would cease to be an X - the X and FWD are inexorably linked - it's like saying I want a glass that doesn't hold water…it ceases to be what it is when you remove it's core function. The X exists to support the FWD's…it's literally at the heart of the vehicle.

Tesla might produce another larger x-over vehicle that does not have FWD's - but it wouldn't be an X - they are designed into the car in such a way they are the car....

It reminds me of a question I asked a friend who works for boeing - "How do you keep the wings from falling off?" - He said you're looking at it wrong, the wings are not attached to the plane - the plan is attached to the wings…the entire plane rests on the wings - then can't fall off.

The FWD's can't be removed from the X - they are the and the rest of the car is built around them. To some people that is a pro, and to other's it's a con, but it is what it is, and it's the X.

Triggerplz | 25. september 2016
eric.zucker | 25. september 2016

@dortor +42.

Triggerplz | 25. september 2016

OOPS wrong thread

MyXinTx | 25. september 2016

Being very disappointed when Tesla aborted the folding 2nd row seats, some came to the conclusion that without any official explanation, it may have been because of the FWDs. Since the 2nd row seatbelts attaches to the seat instead of the b-pillar, perhaps a folding 2nd row seat would have risked the 5-star safety rating, in the event the folding mechanism may fail, thus risking the folding of a passenger.

I fully admit this was a theory, and never confirmed.

Having said that, the hope of a non-FWD Model X to bring back a folding 2nd row seat is theorized...and a dream, more like a myth.

However, despite the delays, costs, and potential failure of the FWDs, they will persist since it sets the Model X away from every other EV NO, the Model X will always have a FWD.

beckergm | 27. september 2016

I can certainly see your needs are not met in the Model X. I also think it would not be a Model X without the FWD.
So Possibly Tesla should consider another model of SUV. I personally decided to buy the Model X because of the FWD. I am driving a MB G500. The second row of seats are stadium seating. I now have 2 child seats in the second row. That makes lifing a toddler up quite high and trying not to hit their head on the door jam. When I saw how easy it is to load a child into the second or third row of the Model X, I was hooked. The bonus was the lack of having to visit another gas station. Win! Win! So I hope Tesla can configure a car that works for your needs. But please leave the Model X as is.

carlk | 28. september 2016


Falcon wing doors and pedestal seats are certainly related. The whole package is designed toward easy entry/exit of second and third row seat passengers.

rdfbsmith | 28. september 2016

I agree leave the Model X doors as they are.

A_SHAIKH787 | 28. september 2016

I agree leave the Model X doors as they are, I dont want to be the part of crowd, "Think out side of Box"