Falcon wing doors open randomly

Falcon wing doors open randomly

I received my Model X around the first of May. Sometimes after leaving it for a while one or both of the Falcon wing doors will be fully open! This has happened several times exposing
everything in the car to theft or damage. It is not a matter of accidently hitting the key fob buttons. After a few times I took the key fobs several miles away and after a few hours one of the
doors was open again. This happens quite a bit. Has anybody else had this problem? When I lock the car I expect the doors to remain closed and locked. Thanks for any insight.

poloX | 12. oktober 2016

Wow, that is scary. My car is not here yet so I don't know but just wondering if you have eliminated the problem caused by the app on phone? Or from the other hey fob and phone too?

Triggerplz | 12. oktober 2016

@EVED I've had my MX since May and I've never had my doors open on its own, that's a serious problem I would definitely get it to the SC asap

dhelmly | 12. oktober 2016

I can tell you first hand that the doors won't open randomly BUT they will open if the FOB is in your Jeans/Pants Pocket or bouncing around in purse. It only takes a slight amount of pressure to double click either door open. I've had them open just walking away from the car. Once I came back to my car after shopping and the door was open. After that, I spent some time looking into it and can absolutely make it open when the FOB is in my jeans pocket just by walking. Also remember that the Model X has a very far range on the FOB making the issue a bit more nerve racking. The idea of having to use a special Signal Blocking Bag seems nuts to me (but currently the only answer) . I've asked Tesla to PLEASE CONSIDER giving us an option to turn off FWD FOB access via the Doors menu. This would put this issue to rest.

raging.dragonfly | 12. oktober 2016

I'm going to echo Trigger & dhelmly here: we've had ours since April, and 0 problems with it happening randomly or "on its own". A few instances of pocket activation unexpectedly, tho not with the FWDs. DEFINITELY go check with service on this, and don't delay.

dhelmly | 12. oktober 2016

I think the request is just adding the option of turning off FWD FOB option via the Doors Controls menu. Pocket activation of FWD is a problem. I've tried both keys..

eric.zucker | 12. oktober 2016

As a precaution, why don't you change the password of your Tesla account.
Next step, keep your fobs in a metal box or RF shield pouch (there are links on these forums to buy from Amazon).

If it still happens, note when it happens, and check with Tesla hotline to read the logs what caused it.

dhelmly | 12. oktober 2016

Eric, again, the idea of using a pouch instead of giving the option to turn of FOB FWD access via Controls menu seems unnecessary . I've looked at the pouches, it's like carry another wallet as they much larger than the FOB itself.

Redmiata98 | 12. oktober 2016

Eric, do you think someone is using his app to mess with him?

Pryoritiesinc | 12. oktober 2016

Never an issue with this, actually the first ever heard of it.

LimawanS85 | 12. oktober 2016

Wow. Made me open the app to check my car to make sure that it's still locked

Solarman004 | 12. oktober 2016

The FOB suggestions are good, but the OP was quite clear that this is happening even when the FOBs are well beyond reception range. Changing the app password is a good idea. The SC needs to look into this. EVED, if you are able to narrow down the time when this happens, perhaps the SC can pull up the vehicle logs and find something.
This is not normal nor good. Please let us know what you find.

dhelmly | 12. oktober 2016

I did update the password several weeks ago and I can still make the FOB FWD polecat activation happen today. It seems to be a physical interaction with the FOB when it's in your front pocket of your jeans and just walking can cause the FOB to move in your pocket and get the necessary double click to open or close doors. Seems to happen more with Jeans for me as the material is heavier. Again, not hard to repro.

eric.zucker | 12. oktober 2016

I was trying to narrow down possible causes. Not saying you should do this permanently.

dhelmly | 12. oktober 2016

Eric - many thanks for the comments. Hopefully as group we can all keep an eye on the issue. If I can get chance I'll shoot a quick video of what happens.

dalexander1 | 12. oktober 2016

I keep the key in the watch pocket of my jeans and that is all I wear. I am older and do not need nor care for the painted on jeans. Been doing that for over a year and never lost the key nor had any key issues.

dalexander1 | 12. oktober 2016

Also, Wrangler regular jeans are my brand.

poloX | 12. oktober 2016

Having an option to disable the FWD from the FOB is NOT the solution. We should be able to open the door from the FOB. Any car and every car does that today. It would be a shame and very inconvenient that the MX can't.

dhelmly | 13. oktober 2016

PoloX - more to Alexander's point, not everyone would be effected as the way clothes/jeans are worn are different (i.e., tighter jeans) . Having the option to turn the feature off/on on the Doors screen seems like an easy fix.

The issue is with the double click pattern to open/close FWDs . The only way that I can see how to address this issue directly on the FOB would be a long hold, double click pattern making it more confusing to people to get it to work.

All other FOBs I've seen that have sliding doors or trunk have buttons that are recessed and NOT along the edge of the FOB - that a huge difference compared to the Model X 2 cents...

Redmiata98 | 13. oktober 2016

...and at one time you close or open your windows from the fob on the S! Find a work around, don't disable the option. | 13. oktober 2016

@dhelmly: need a pair of those jeans.😁 I have trouble opening the FWDs when clicking the fob with my thumb.

Have never heard of FWDs opening voluntarily when the fob is nowhere near the car. For one thing the car self locks when you walk away. Therefore, the doors are locked until you return. If the FWDs really open voluntarily when you are out of range, then the car must unlock itself first. That's two separate and independent operations. That makes the OP highly suspicious to me.

Lubdub | 13. oktober 2016

@dhelmly. This happened to me twice. Once in my office. The car is right next to building and I imagine I might somehow have hit the fob
I have it inside a soft cover to protect the fob and make less slippery and less likely to fall out of pocket
The other time was in the garage not far from living area
It's easy to take key out and place on counter at home. But I really don't want to do that at work
I had these issues prior to finding an electrical problem. I had all kinds of weird issues that resolved once I tightened up a loose battery ground cable
I'm hoping this will solve the problem

Other ideas

I too have asked for option to turn off fob

Think of a chip on a credit card sized card in the wallet. This runs the card but has no door controls

aesculus | 13. oktober 2016

And the app cannot open doors anyway. So if it's not the fob it's electrical or sw related I would think.

dhelmly | 15. oktober 2016

One thing to test on your FOB is how far away you can use it. It's range it a lot further than your typical computer Bluetooth device which is 10 meters (30 feet) . I believe Tesla uses a class 2 device which is 30 meters (100 feet) .Even when the car locks itself as you walk walk away, it can still wake up within a 100 feet.

EVED | 16. oktober 2016

In this case it was definitely not the key fob. I carefully put the key fob in another vehicle making sure all the doors were closed and locked on the X. I then left the area and the key fob was over ten miles from the model X. I came back the next day and one of the FWDs was open. I did this because I also figured I must be hitting the fob. I will say it hasn't happened again since the 8.0 software was installed. I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not but if it does it again I will make a careful note of when it happened and let the SC look at it. I would not know exactly when the door opened but I would note when I find it if it happens again. Thanks.

eric.zucker | 17. oktober 2016

@aesculus: the app may not open the doors yet, but I'm pretty sure the car has an API for them. You can open the charge port, for example.

This feature could easily be added to the app, like unlock the car, then tap the door you want to open.

It would be useful, actually. | 17. oktober 2016

I'm skeptical. The car is asleep and doors open with no fob nearby? Tell me another funny story.😉

ken | 17. oktober 2016

the FWD does open randomly, this happened twice, only the driver side,

Pryoritiesinc | 17. oktober 2016

Actually my passenger side FWD opened last night. I walked out to my garage and it was open this morning. So I was checking my app all day to see if the door was open

lilbean | 17. oktober 2016

Great, another thing to dread.

pblanger | 18. oktober 2016

I am a proud Tesla owner and I like to show off my key fob. I have a nose ring so I hang my key fob from that. No problem with the FWD. LOL!

lilbean | 18. oktober 2016

Be nice to yourself. Don't say those thing about yourself.

Solarman004 | 18. oktober 2016

@EVED, please let us know if your service center is able to diagnose this, and what they find.

Triggerplz | 18. oktober 2016

@StupidCuntFace isn't there school tomorrow it's past your bed time | 19. oktober 2016

Well, my passenger side FWD opened as I walked into the house from the garage but I wouldn't call it random as I had the fob in the same hand as two grocery bags and it is likely that I squeezed the fob accidentally in a way to double click the fob to open the door. I'm still skeptical about random opening just because it requires an active software command with no RF stimulus from the fob in a car in which the operational software is asleep. Can't get my old engineer's brain around that.

MSMX | 19. oktober 2016

I am pretty sure mine has closed randomly, but it hasn't opened randomly. Closed on my wife's back. And, it doesn't stop immediately. it presses in a bit before stopping.

rossRallen | 24. oktober 2016

@Trig: Who dat?!

I've had my right FWD open twice in my garage accidentally. After two nicks in the paint when the opening door met the FWD, I installed an optical cut-off on the garage diorite prevent future collisions. No accidental opening since. I suppose the fob in-pocket did that. The seams in the Tesla leather fob sheath actually act like protruding levers on the FWD switches to make inadvertent actuation more likely.

I'd like a touchscreen option to disable FWD opening from the fob. Others could always leave it on. I'd like to be able to disable it when desirable.

rossRallen | 24. oktober 2016

"..diorite..." is Apple spellchecker speak for "...door to...". Sorry.

timothyweaver | 22. februar 2019

I am posting to this very old thread to share our recent experience. We were driving on an extended trip on the highway when the "door warning" alarm on the right rear FWD went off. We immediately assumed our daughter had pressed the button, but she adamantly denied it. It happened again a few times while I was seeking a safe place to pull off the side of the highway. I checked the door, looked for obstructions, wiped off some of the latch area, etc. We took our key fobs and placed them in the center console to avoid any chance we might be inadvertently press on them ,However, the car continued to do it for the next 4 hours of driving, and we just had to endure it.

We were subsequently stuck in stopped traffic due to the snow, so I started browsing the web to diagnose the issue. Found this and other posts talking about it, but Tesla's solution was always related to replacing door sensors etc. I noticed one comment where the person received a call back from Tesla Service, and they confirmed the car logs said the door opening command came from the key fob.

On a whim, I took one of the key fobs and removed the battery. The other key fob remained in the car with the battery installed. Prior to this battery removal on the key fob, the car was alarming every few minutes - always from the same door. Over the next two days, it never happened again. I've then put the battery back into the same key fob and we haven't seen any issues over this last week.

Just wanted to put that out there that if you experience this issue, there's a chance the key fob is the culprit.

jjgunn | 22. februar 2019

When you're driving, the car should always be "locked" look in the upper left corner & ensure the little lock icon is closed (locked) not open.

Very strange & scary story but it sounds like the button on the key fob malfunctioned since you took the battery out & the anomaly stopped.

rsahadevan | 12. juli 2019

We had the passenger side falcon wing door open un-commanded recently a few times, but only when parked. I doubt it was the key fob because we were at the gym and the key fobs where in our lockers far from the car, but out the window we could see the door opening. When we were driving home there was an audible beep/alarm from the door, but it did not open. The next day we saw it happen again. Tesla checked the logs and said there was no software issue, and we've got an appointment in a couple of weeks (quickest they say the can see it). That door already had it's sensors replaced about 6 months ago. I'll let people know what the outcome of the service visit.

Vawlkus | 14. juli 2019

Check the buttons inside the car to see if they’re jammed.

RichEV | 15. juli 2019

I've experienced the same, but only in my drive-way over night. I park inside the garage at night now and check throughout the day on the app.

dhelmly | 16. juli 2019

the best solution is to buy the Tesla Key Fob Cover Case, Alumium Hard Keyless Remote Flip Key Protection Case on Amazon. I've been using it since 2016 and had zero issues with the doors opening.