Autopilot 2.0 hardware now in production

Autopilot 2.0 hardware now in production

So excited! This was what was holding us back from ordering the Model X. Now we'll pull the trigger! EIGHT cameras! Discuss:

Lubdub | 19. oktober 2016

I dont know if this is unexpected
we all assumed this was coming soon

mntlvr23 | 19. oktober 2016

I didn't expect that they would temporarily disable all of the current safety features in current cars

mntlvr23 | 19. oktober 2016

I meant to say cars currently being sold, not cars on the road

steven | 19. oktober 2016

I'm a little disappointed, I'll admit :) This just isn't the "unexpected" announcement I built it up to be in my own head lol. Of course, that's on me.

I got really excited a couple of hours ago when he tweeted that it would be "Part 2" of the Model 3 unveil. If that was Part 2... yawn. After Part 1, he said Part 2 would answer all. This just tells us something we figured anyway, but there's no pricing, no confirmation on AWD, aluminium body, interior, [etc x 1000]

I sure hope that wasn't really Part 2.

rgrant | 19. oktober 2016

That press release took an extra couple of days to write? Was spellcheck broken?

Octagondd | 19. oktober 2016

I think he means the cars with the new hardware will not have those features for a short period.

steven | 19. oktober 2016

@mntlvr23 it makes sense though. Remember the model S had autopilot hardware for months before it was activated. They have to vet and tune the software with a new hardware roll-out. In a way, they have to start over collecting data and running simulations on real world variables.

Mike83 | 19. oktober 2016

What! No flying car? LOL

Octagondd | 19. oktober 2016

rgrant - Probably a problem in the manufacturing process. He can't say all cars from today forward if the line isn't installing everything properly.

leskchan | 19. oktober 2016

May be good announcement for Model 3 Reservation holders but confusing to currrent S and X owners.

1. Is there a retrofit kit for AP 1.0 hardware?
2. Does it mean with AP 2.0 hardware autopilot doesn't work fully until software validation is done. If so, when?

steven | 19. oktober 2016

1. Actually they just updated on Car and Driver saying it WONT be a retrofit. Current owners SOL.
2. Yep. That's what it sounds like to me.

vrykolas | 19. oktober 2016

Yes, autopilot 2.0 was expected. But it was expected to be Level 4 autonomous. I don't think anyone really expected full level 5!

Granted, it will take years for good software and laws to allow this, but it's an amazing beginning. I expect a surge in orders. At least for us, this is what was holding us back from ordering since we've had a deposit since April 2015

btang88 | 19. oktober 2016

I just got my Model S two weeks ago, do I have these new enhancements?

leskchan | 19. oktober 2016

There is no Level 5. Level 5 means self driving from A to B by entering Location B.

leskchan | 19. oktober 2016


You are correct. Level 5 is announced in the S/X order page for $8K.


I don't think so unless you paid the $8. Call Tesla to see if you can update the order for free.

Octagondd | 19. oktober 2016

A good link is up on the main Tesla page suggesting that Full Self-Driving is Level 5 Autonomy.


c.virgilio | 19. oktober 2016

Just ordered my x and the 7 day window to change expired yesterday. So, the car is scheduled for a December delivery. Will the new ap be included, discounted or be offered in my vechicle?

Octagondd | 19. oktober 2016

Automatic charge connection at some Superchargers will also be happening. This is so great!

steven | 19. oktober 2016

@Virg01... I might suggest the obvious: Asking on some user forum isn't going to get you the answer you need. Ask Tesla directly (ie. pick up a phone).

ftarnay | 19. oktober 2016

All this hype and just bigger computer? Please, what a let down that was. Probably why there was no feed. There was no news.

skymaster | 19. oktober 2016

Wow , awesome news!!....Now all I need is the 100D Model X and I am back in the game. ( We sold our March 2013 Model S because of no Auto Pilot.) It's almost time....Please, Please, Please Tesla, release the non-P 100D!!!

brando | 19. oktober 2016

Tesla's self-driving hardware now has eight cameras, rather than the four in previous simpler autopilot vehicles. This new hardware will provide 360 degree visibility around the car at up to 250 meters of range and also have 12 updated ultrasonic sensors to detect both hard and soft objects and a forward-facing radar that can see through 'heavy rain, fog, dust and even the car ahead.'

The vehicles will be equipped an on-board system powered by Nvidia that achieves '12 trillion operations per second, basically a supercomputer in a car.' This system uses a newly developed ‘neural net for vision, sonar and radar processing software.’

All Tesla cars being produced are now being built with full autonomous hardware capabilities, so will all Model ≡ .

howie_bris | 19. oktober 2016

From the Australian configuration page for Model S:

Enhanced Autopilot ($9000 upgrade after delivery)
"Tesla's Enhanced Autopilot software is expected to complete validation and be rolled out to your
car via an over-the-air update in December 2016, subject to regulatory approval."

Then (also available):
Full Self-Driving Capability ($6,000 after delivery)
Requires Enhanced Autopilot
"This doubles the number of active cameras from four to eight, enabling full self-driving in almost
all circumstances, at what we believe will be a probability of safety at least twice as good as the
average human driver. The system is designed to be able to conduct short and long distance
trips with no action required by the person in the driver’s seat. For Superchargers that have
automatic charge connection enabled, you will not even need to plug in your vehicle.

All you will need to do is get in and tell your car where to go. If you don’t say anything, the car
will look at your calendar and take you there as the assumed destination or just home if nothing
is on the calendar. Your Tesla will figure out the optimal route, navigate urban streets (even
without lane markings), manage complex intersections with traffic lights, stop signs and
roundabouts, and handle densely packed freeways with cars moving at high speed. When you
arrive at your destination, simply step out at the entrance and your car will enter park seek
mode, automatically search for a spot and park itself. A tap on your phone summons it back to

Please note that Self-Driving functionality is dependent upon extensive software
validation and regulatory approval, which may vary widely by jurisdiction. It is not
possible to know exactly when each element of the functionality described above will be
available, as this is highly dependent on local regulatory approval. Please note also that using a
self-driving Tesla for car sharing and ride hailing for friends and family is fine, but doing so for
revenue purposes will only be permissible on the Tesla Network, details of which will be released
next year."

[Note that in the third paragraph, above this note which is mine, the words "Please note ... by jurisdiction" are in bold on the configuration form.]

accentcreate | 20. oktober 2016

What a yawn. Waited all week for some interesting news only to learn that Tesla wants more computers to interfere with our driving experience.
I've waited my entire adult life (now retired) for a sensible electric car. I know how to drive and I don't need to drive ludicrously fast.
Why can't Tesla just stop fiddling about with the software and produce a sensible car that handles well, carries some stuff (a station wagon?) and looks good? Not too much to ask.
In fact, I think it would be much better if all Tesla owners were encouraged to take a Tesla-branded advanced/defensive driving course before purchase.
Just think: I'm driving a Tesla, therefore not only am I intelligent enough to purchase clean technology but I have also learned to drive safely.

McLary | 20. oktober 2016

Full 360 view of idiots who think this is good or actually means anything positive for Tesla.

I thought JB and EM were smoking pot behind the factory. Turns out it was crack. Time for an intervention.

accentcreate | 20. oktober 2016

@McLary. Now that makes much more sense! Thanks for the clarification.

SO | 20. oktober 2016

Time will tell it this AP announcement was good or not. I think it is a good thing. But in the meantime, naysayers will deride it like crazy. Too funny.

Remnant | 20. oktober 2016

Paradoxically, EM, like Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates, is among the scientists who have warned us that humans are at risk of being taken over by an AI network that has developed self awareness, will, and purpose.

Does EM's AI urgency reflect unpublished goals, such as his Space X projects, or surviving extinction level events, such as a high intensity solar flare or a stratospheric EMP?

leskchan | 20. oktober 2016

That will be Part 3 0f Musk Master Plan. All Tesla cars are actually transformers.

grega | 20. oktober 2016

Full autonomy is huge for the environment, because rental can increase the usage of Teslas by 10 times. That's why Elon had jumped to level 5 aspiration so fast.

McLary | 20. oktober 2016

There is no level 5 autonomy.

There is AutoFanboi 2.0 response, but not even you jokers can make the stock price pop on this dud announcement.

grega | 20. oktober 2016

@McLary, I assume you're meaning "They won't get Level 5 certified". I think there's at leat a 1 in 3 chance you're right.

If you're saying that Level 5 is not the goal, or not stated on the website (and people are mistaken), you're incorrect.

McLary | 20. oktober 2016

It is a Seinfeld announcement. The hardware is not sufficient to get to level 5, but it doesn't matter since level 5 is many years and hardware updates away.

lilbean | 20. oktober 2016

@McLary, I agree.

accentcreate | 21. oktober 2016


"Enhanced Autopilot ($9000 upgrade after delivery)
Then (also available):
Full Self-Driving Capability ($6,000 after delivery)
Requires Enhanced Autopilot"

As I'm also in Australia, but not the least bit interested in autopilot or self-driving technology, can I expect a $15,000 reduction on the price of my Model 3?

dsvick | 21. oktober 2016

@accentcreate - "not the least bit interested in autopilot or self-driving technology, can I expect a $15,000 reduction on the price of my Model 3?"

No. The added cost is to enable the advanced auto-pilot and autonomous driving capabilities. They are options, if you don't want them you won't pay for them. The hardware though is included in all of the cars whether or not AP/self-driving is ordered.

JayInJapan | 21. oktober 2016

Where is the real Mclary?!

McLary | 21. oktober 2016


lilbean | 21. oktober 2016

You made my day. :-)

Frank99 | 21. oktober 2016

McLary sed: "The hardware is not sufficient to get to level 5"

OK, I'll bite. This is an opinion formed from how many years of being an expert in computer vision, image recognition, neural network development and training, and autonomous vehicle research? How much hardware do you think is necessary for the job, recognizing that there's an existence proof showing that one camera is sufficient to do so, albeit with reasonably good evidence that it's not good enough?

SamO | 21. oktober 2016

McLary (not to be confused with Mclary) has no clue.


Wait till you see the "Tesla Network". Uber better put on their big boy pants and buy an automaker. They are in big trouble as their business exploits both drivers and cars.

Remnant | 21. oktober 2016

@grega (October 20, 2016)

<< If you're saying that Level 5 is not the goal, or not stated on the website (and people are mistaken), you're incorrect. >>

Indeed ... !

The Tesla article states, "All Tesla Cars Being Produced Now Have Full Self-Driving Hardware," which means Level 5 capability.

The NVIDIA hardware is apparently a Drive PX 2 system, "Deep Learning" capable, possibly customized for Tesla.

The programming SW will have to be written, tested, certified, and delivered OTA in several steps available for purchase as options..

McLary | 22. oktober 2016

I keep forgetting that if EM says it, or it appears on the website, then it is absolutely true! Just like the hardware for AP1.0 was going to lead to level 5 with just a bit more group learning.

AP2.0 is not good enough. A single radar will not provide a high enough level of knowledge to enable full autonomy, no matter how many digital maps are used. Cameras and nearpoint sensors are limited. AP2.0 is nearly blind at night, and has no way of seeing traffic overtaking, at speed, at night.


leskchan | 22. oktober 2016


I totally agree with you that AP 2.0 will be inadequate for Level 5 because I believe it's lacking in dealing with environmental factors. It will pass regulation approval over time but fuctinonally limited to good weather and visibility condition.

I believe Tesla will need AP 3.0, with Lidar in additiona radar, cameras, and sonar, for true Level 5.

Bubba2000 | 22. oktober 2016

Ideally Tesla should have 360 deg radar coverage for all weather coverage and redundancy. That is only possible with PW phased array radar. These are just being developed and are too expensive. Radar image processing yields too many false positives. EM was originally leaning towards radar. Lidar needs good weather.

I think AP 2.0 is a good start and should do well under normal driving conditions even at night. Rain, snow, fog, flood, blizzard will affect AP 2.0. Yes, a human driver will have to take over. AP 2.0 could be programmed to pull over safely if driving conditions exceed its capability.

Tesla was able to use data from a single camera Mobileye system and have best - not idiot proof - AP system. Now radar input has been included. With AP 2.0 they should be able to improve significantly. They are not dummies.

No, AP 2.0 is not perfect. Unlikely to be Level 5. Should work well on Interstates, highways, etc. City driving will be work in progress. Still, I expect to reduce accidents, morbidity and mortality. Parents could have a "safe mode" for their kids, etc.

grega | 22. oktober 2016

@McLary when you reply negatively to something that I (or anyone) say but don't bother reading what I said, then the negativity doesn't fit and it's clear youre not coming from a position of discussion. You're just trolling.

JHB10 | 24. oktober 2016

I am a bit worried about computer failure while driving at high speed.
Is there a backup computer that will at least bring the vehicle safely to a stop? Preferably on the side of the road.
There might not be a person capable of driving in the car, because you may have sent the car to pick up your kids at school... (which would be very useful for me if I can trust the car)