'Something special' for March 31st reservation holders

'Something special' for March 31st reservation holders

We finally have confirmation of there being 'something special' for those of us who waited in line on March 31st, above and beyond the sketch, thanks to Ryan McCaffery's Twitter question (if you don't listen yet, try his excellent Ride the Lightning podcast):

electrek DOT co SLASH 2016 SLASH 11 SLASH 05 SLASH tesla-model-3-reservation-holders-something-special

jamilworm | 05. november 2016

Yeah I just saw that tweet too and I'm excited.

KP in NPT | 05. november 2016

Oooh what could it be..... ;-)

EaglesPDX | 05. november 2016

I sure hope it's not another chintzy mini-brochure like last environmentally unfriendly stack of glossy paper that went right in the trash.

Be very "special" if Musk would tell everyone the final options list, how did they manage the liftback, tow capacity etc.

Calibrotha2000 | 05. november 2016

Honestly I'd be happy with some kind of badge on the car. I wouldn't really want a signature paint because I'd have to pay for something to let someone know I'm better than than-hahahahahah

Seriously though some specialty badge on the back would be ideal for me

skygraff | 05. november 2016

Yeah, don't really want a color since I may want a different color. Wouldn't mind a premium color at no cost but don't think they'll do that.

I think Elon was impressed with the special side repeater design somebody created and think he'll probably do that rather than or with a badge instead of paint.

skygraff | 05. november 2016

Oh, and still no drawings so...

RSavage_92024 | 05. november 2016

I don't need no steenking badges

cramellebal | 05. november 2016

What about some sort of a « windmill/turbine » integrated (in a stylish way of course) into the nose of the Model 3, for example. It would generate energy has the car moves forward, maybe even more energy than a solar roof, especially on longer trips. This free energy could feed the air conditionner/heater depending on the season and also maybe other accessories. A windmill/turbine plus a solar roof would even be better, but then again I'm not an engineer, I'm simply a green car enthusiast who just can't wait to get his hands on a « perfect » green car, a Tesla 3 for example ;-) Maybe this has been tried before and rejected at the drawing board because deemed not doable/not practical because of a potential negative impact on the drag coefficient. If not Mister Musk, this idea is free as the wind, please be my guest and go ahead and built it. If its workable of course.
Marc Labelle
Montréal, Canada

Haggy | 05. november 2016

"Oooh what could it be"

It's some sort of social networking that Elon uses to send messages called tweets.

topher | 05. november 2016

@cramellebal: "This free energy..."

There is no such thing as free energy. The energy you got from the windmill must come from the batteries, and would be smaller by the time it got back to them.

Frank99 | 05. november 2016

Lisa, In this forum, we respect the laws of thermodynamics... dot com/watch?v=Dc-m9dumEaw

And a lot more useful discussion that Mollom had a problem with...

jdanielp_uk | 05. november 2016

@topher it would essentially be 'free' energy if the turbine was able to generate while the car was stationary on a windy day, but it definitely wouldn't do any favours to the drag coefficient if it was used while the car was moving...

A badge or exclusive (solid white?!) paint seems plausible, but it may be disappointing if it's an expensive option.

JeffreyR | 05. november 2016

Here is a bit from an earlier post on this topic:

I think an Easter Egg w/ your First Name and Last Initial w/ an icon showing this is your car w/ when/where you reserved would be cool. Like so:

[click here to jump to this car]
Aardvark B.
Cat D.
⚜ Jeffrey R. - Santana Row, 11am

(Only yours would have extra details)

Also it would be nice if they had exclusive paint or wheels we could buy (still pay, but only line-waiters or 1st-dayers could get).

@JayInJapan wrote, "...I read that there will be no special models for M3...."
Correct, Tesla has said there will not be a Signature Edition of the Model ≡ offered. I believe that is in response to media misquoting the price of the Model X as the Signature Edition price. It's hard to correct that type of misinformation once it is out.
We are proposing a way for folks that stood in line (me) or reserved early (OP) to have a little something extra that would be part of the car. Elon has hinted that Line-waiters will get a toy Model ≡ (I'm thinking Matchbox, but hoping for something a little bigger).
My Easter Egg idea would not cost too much, just some software development. But, special paint and/or wheels would have real costs. But Tesla was able to do special wheels for the referral program and Signature Red before so it is at least possible. The custom-etched chrome details would not be too difficult/expensive as Tesla would simply be modifying existing parts.
If they had a special, only-for-early-adopters color what color would you choose? For me:
#1 Signature Red (my wife's favorite color, red, plus her school color; I also like the association to original use case)
#2 Matte clear coat option (like Matte Black from the reveal, but available for any "regular" color; someone posted recently its the coat that makes the difference the base layer is the same)
#3 Navy Blue

Here's Sig Red again, plus my favorite wrap job showing #2 (matte) and #3 (navy blue) combined:

I think I like the "Reserved Edition" best.

TaoJones | 06. november 2016

We had confirmation months ago. What we don't have is a clue as to what the 'something special' will be.

I still hold out hope for a free configurable option, but given the scale (some number of cars approaching 100K-ish that first day), some how some way we'll all get what we get. Do realize that those 100K reservations will not equate to the first 100K cars produced. So... just to satisfy the international orders could take a good long while.

*Especially* if Elon follows through and optimizes domestic production to leverage the federal tax credit. In a nutshell that would mean producing car 200,000 (sold domestically) on day 1 of a calendar quarter; /5 that point the clock starts for the rest of that quarter plus 1 full quarter thereafter (potentially as many as 26 weeks) in which to maximize domestic production. After that, the credit halves, and then halves again.

I like that badge above. I'd like the option between a different paint color, a different wood or leather choice, or different rims more. Of all of those, different wood would be my top choice. They hit a home run with the figured ash already. Would love to see something similarly unique and NON-GLOSSY.

post | 06. november 2016

I prefer something that is easy to implement for Tesla, since the hardware costs have already been done. E.g. the first year free of use the SUC network, a discount on the AP 2.0 activation or a few kWh more capacity in the battery. This would not be linked to further investments, apart from SuC's use.

rbrown | 06. november 2016

I imagine "something special" will more than likely be a badge of some sort - though I hope it would be something much more that may even add future value to the car -

Its a very clever marketing tool - he will soon announce the mini SUV based on the model 3 so if he does throw in "something very special " for the first model 3 reservations then I guess the first day orders will skyrocket for the SUV (as well as all future models)

as said above I would love it to be something that is drastic to the car like something unlocked in software. Maybe short duration acceleration like ludicrous mode but on the standard model (yes range would be terrible but just to use every now and then and you could switch it off for normal use to get full range)

dd.micsol | 06. november 2016

free upgrade of your choosing under 2500.00 us dollars. Why? Cost to Tesla is under 1000.00 us dollars.

danielebernd | 06. november 2016

1000 Euro off list (reduction) would be great. But my reservation is april 1st. Too bad....

Or 25 Miles additional range for free?

topher | 06. november 2016

If you only get energy from it when it is stationary, why not make it stationary? Put up a windmill at your house, and gain all the benefits and none of the downsides. And it still isn't free.

@ daniele: "Cost to Tesla is under 1000.00 us dollars."

Times 100,000 cars, so 1/10 of a Billion. You want to get paid a lot for a few hours of standing in line, and make the rest of us pay for it.

Thank you kindly.

David N | 06. november 2016

Color and special badging would be nice.
Maybe two choices in the special color choice.
Tesla followers will quickly recognize any special badging.
I don't know if Tesla will "give away" much more than that.
Some have mentioned perhaps something a bit more, I don't see that happening.... Giving away a $1,000 something on 150,000 cars comes out to $150,000,000(that's millions) lost on the margin side. That's a huge number.
Critics will be watching the margins like vultures circling over a piece of dead roadkill.

JeffreyR | 06. november 2016

@topher, @David N, et al +1 on no expensive freebies.

The reason I like the ideas above is that they do not cost very much, but give something exclusive that makes your car special. This may increase its value a little, but it also means that only folks that convert to an actual sale will benefit.

Custom paint is tough because it affects the aesthetics of the whole car, and many folks will not like the look. That means they would not benefit. Having a few color choices to choose among may be too costly. That's part of the reason I was thinking a matte finish could be cool, because then you still get the color you like. But still you cannot please everyone and some will skip it. I'd pay extra for the matte navy blue if that was a choice, but that's just me.

No, the one I really hope they figure out is some kind of custom "chrome" or badge. The picture I posted above is easy, because you are modifying an existing piece, slightly. Giving us an 'R' or '331' or similar badge for the back would be pretty inexpensive too.

Remember if it only costs $5, that's still over half a million bucks for all the folks that reserved early.

So put ideas that would cost Tesla hundreds or thousands of dollars out of your mind. Custom paint would an option we pay for, so the only complication is that it's... well, complicated. Custom wheels would be easier, but costlier and still adds a bit of complication.


My hat goes off to those that waited in line in some pretty awful weather. Montreal looked downright painful. I just needed a long-sleeve jacket, not even a coat. How many of you can say Elon tweeted a video w/ you in it? It's a pretty small club. I'm glad I took the time no matter what. It was a moment in history.

bj | 06. november 2016

@topher - exactly. People are being very generous here with Tesla's money.

KP in NPT | 06. november 2016

I'd be happy with a badge. Actually I'd be happy with nothing. But I agree that whatever it is needs to cost tesla little if anything.

topher | 06. november 2016

"Remember if it only costs $5, that's still over half a million bucks for all the folks that reserved early."

Which makes me like the idea that it is something, that reservationists would be getting anyway. A special badge in place of the normal one, for example. Tooling costs some, but that actual item is the same price as a standard badge. It probably won't be the side light, as it looks that is getting a double function as a camera location.

Thank you kindly.

dsvick | 07. november 2016

@bj - "People are being very generous here with Tesla's money"

Yes, yes they are. And they haven't even started with the "free autopilot and autonomous driving, since it's only software, it doesn't cost Tesla anything".

SamCornwell | 07. november 2016

Hello all,

I've read through this post and it doesn't look like anyone received their "something special." I'm in the UK and a couple of months ago (can't remember when) I received a large envelope with design drawings of the Model 3 and a thank you note. I've assumed this was the small token of appreciate.


dd.micsol | 07. november 2016

Only 115k will qualify for this special freebee offer. I think you will get dual motors free. This way they only need to make a lot of one base frame model. Everything else is software based or easy option changes. Now it might be free AP to all, costs nearly nothing to Tesla to activate it and the other 300k people will be paying for our activation. Either way-I'll be happy. Or it could be free SC for the first 2 yrs of ownership. Or it could be discounted options by 30% or it could be Pick the D mdl and get free AP and 1 yr SC free with signature logos. Point is-no one really knows. Or it could be....

Derik | 07. november 2016

Might as well say for everyone who stood in line or reserved on the 31st you get your car for your $1,000 deposit.
Most likely it isn't going to be anything that will cost Tesla much per vehicle.
I have no idea what to guess, but I'm thinking everyone who is saying free supercharging, autopilot, dual motors, etc is just wishing. I hope I'm wrong, but I'll take the more cowbell.

bmalloy0 | 07. november 2016

As much as I'd love free Dual (probably gonna be the only option I can afford), I sincerely doubt they'll do that. That option is probably going to run around $3k. You're talking $345M in lost revenue. A free paint color is far more likely ($1k on S who knows how much on the 3).

robsurvey16 | 07. november 2016

Not that this is all the likely, but it could be a free battery upgrade. Bear with me a second, but the way Tesla has been going at this, they have a 75 kWh battery but only unlock 60 kWh. They could do this "unlock" for free for first day people. Now, this is "free" to them, but there is an opportunity cost where some of the reservation holders would have paid for that, but manufacturing costs would be the same.

It's doubtful, but possible.

Octagondd | 07. november 2016

I will be happy with a badge of some sort. A distinction that is simple, cost effective for Tesla and may provide a small amount of re-sale value or collector's value compared with later versions of the car.

dsvick | 07. november 2016

@ddmicsol - "I think you will get dual motors free"

Why would they give that much money away? According so several people, a significant portion of people (70%) buy the dual motors anyway. Giving it away free to that many people would be a couple hundred million dollars.

@ddmicsol - "it might be free AP to all, costs nearly nothing to Tesla to activate it and the other 300k people will be paying for our activation"
Again, why would they give away $5,000 per car? Saying it costs Tesla nothing is simply not correct, as I'm sure all the stockholders would agree.

@robsurvey16 - "it could be a free battery upgrade. Bear with me a second, but the way Tesla has been going at this, they have a 75 kWh battery but only unlock 60 kWh"

You're right, doubtful. Having done it that way in the past is no indication that they'll do it the same way for the M3, and, again, it would millions of dollars of opportunity costs lost.

dave.m.mcdonough | 07. november 2016

Lots of dreams in here.
Can I have ALL the options as a thank you? Appreciated. :)

JeffreyR | 07. november 2016

You have to pick your top 10. We can't make it too much.

Haggy | 07. november 2016

Nothing is free for Tesla if they lose potential revenue because of it. If you were going to pay for it anyway, Tesla would lose the amount you would have paid. That means they would lose what the average customer would have paid, multiplied by the relevant number of cars. If it's a $3000 option that 75% of buyers would have gotten, that would be a 225 million dollar loss. It could be something that costs them little, like a behind the scenes factory tour. Or a free additional year of forum membership.

kostis | 10. november 2016

I got my huge envelope in Germany a while ago. Something special for us? Great, surprise me. Other than that: take my money and give me my M3! :)

akgolf | 10. november 2016

The original question to Elon doesn't mention waiting in line, just that it was ordered on the first day. Has anyone seen anything else that implies it will only be those that waited in line?

I hope it's everyone that ordered the first day, because there was no way to wait in line in Alaska.

jason.j.jorgenson | 12. november 2016

What's the earned interest on $1,000 * ~100,000 March 31st reservations over X months until first production ready Model3?

greg | 12. november 2016


More to the point, whats the saving to Tesla in not needing $100 Million more worth of banking drawdown arrangements [e.g. term loans or overdrafts] for 18 months to 2 years - while they get their M3s ready to deliver?

I would expect, around 3% minimum savings to Tesla per annum on that $100K = $3m annually, or $6m over two years.

Spread over say 100K reservation holders, thats about $60 per car reserved.
So yeah I think Tesla can afford a little something extra for us guys, but maybe not much.
Even a special extra badge on the back (like a red "R" symbol after D and/or L) might cost too much.

mntlvr23 | 13. november 2016

The badge would be great - it would be a very meaningful yet inexpensive token.

And if they wanted to do something extra that is very very cool, but not too expensive, - perhaps a free option (ie- dual motors or AP) to the first 3, 5 or 10 reservers at each store. A great gesture - it would generate a lot of buzz, would specially reward some of the most committed of die-hards - who started the lines (and spent overnight - and not just joined in the morning) - and would not involve too much opportunity cost. Willy Wonka type free press whenever it is announced.

That said, just receiving the car is enough for me - though preferably by xmas 2017.

jdanielp_uk | 13. november 2016

@jsimpsonalaska you're right. Having said that, Elon originally said that the gift (design sketches) would only be for those who waited in line but then everybody who reserved ended up receiving those (well, those who actually had them delivered to them at least) so maybe this will turn out to just be for line-waiters or first day. We will see!

archvillain | 14. november 2016

While I like a badge idea, when the time eventually comes to sell it that badge will cease to mean "early adopter" and instead mean "Don't buy this car - it's one of the early old models from before they ironed out the problems"

So... maybe the hypothetical badge could also be removable? :)

I thought the gift was thought to be a matchbox-style miniature Model 3? Was that just speculation?

AlMc | 14. november 2016

I would just like the ones I ordered on March 31, 2016 to be delivered in 2017. Just concentrate on getting the cars out with good QC and on time. :)

Tran2Tran | 15. november 2016

Original Model S reservation back in 2009 and got my Model S in Dec 2012. We got a Tesla coffee mug and a cool remote control Tesla roadster as a gift for being the early adopter. Maybe the same this time around???

bj | 15. november 2016

@AIMc +1 yes the something special for 31 March reservation holders is they get their cars first.

wcolton | 16. november 2016

Whatever it is, I think it should be limited to those who stood in line and those who ordered online on the 31st but BEFORE the reveal.

bgbythsea | 20. november 2016

@dsvick: I think ddmicsol is on to something. Since all cars are going to have self driving hardware anyway, Tesla will be essentially giving it away to those who don't pay to activate it. If Tesla rewards the day-1 reservers with free enhanced AP, the benefits of the publicity (i.e., how great it is) will probably generate more interest in pay-for-activation buyers, resulting in a net gain for Tesla, above the lost revenue from those first reservers who MIGHT have paid for the AP.

SamO | 20. november 2016

Think something that doesn't cost much but is a visible display of Tesla nerdyness.

dsvick | 21. november 2016


That's possible and I certainly wouldn't complain, but the people that waited in line are probably the ones most likely to get those advanced features so their lost opportunity cost would be huge. On the other hand, you're right in that the people that waited in line would also be the ones most likely to tell all their friends how wonderful it is.