100 Autonomous Chrysler Google Vans: way ahead of the competition

100 Autonomous Chrysler Google Vans: way ahead of the competition

With Fiat/ Alfa electrics? Yeah, right.

No mention of Tesla in that press release

sosmerc | 21. desember 2016

Nice to see them working with the new Pacifica hybrid hope is this will stimulate some more Wagon/Van designs. An AWD BEV Van/Wagon like the Pacifica or Sienna would be a winner.

carlk | 21. desember 2016

Google started the autonomous driving car development in 2009 way ahead of everyone else. It's goal has been to develop a total autonomous car without even a steering wheel in the car. It just changed the direction very recently and will not be making driverless cars anymore. Instead it will only supply the add on system to conventional cars. That's what we see those Chrysler vans. It really does not matter what cars have it they are the same Google systems, kind of like Android if you will.

Tesla has taken an entirely different approach to start from less capable system but installed in all regular production cars from the start. Tesla's advantage is it will be able to collect orders of magnitude more data than Google or anyone else. Amount of data is critical of making autonomous driving car to work through deep machine learning. Don't be surprised if we see Tesla to be the first one to get there.