The Tesla Grin

The Tesla Grin

Back when I bought my Model S in 2015, all you would read about on here was the Tesla Grin. People would close with Still Grinning. What has happened? What is going on? Are we really turning into that big of complainers that we fail to see how fortunate we are to own an amazing car that many would love to have if they could afford it?

If you have lost the Tesla Grin, I challenge you to a little experiment. Find a friend of yours that has not driven/been in a Tesla. Take them out in your Tesla for a drive - let them drive. (I know some will not take me up on this part, but it makes the difference). Teach them some basics but then get in a safe stretch and have them slow down, then floor it. You have to tell them, yes, floor it, not slowly, but just slam your foot down. I have done this with at least 10 people. Every time as they floor it, I get a big grin and they start laughing, and can't stop saying, oh my, that is amazing. Wow. Etc... It then is contagious and I start laughing and think to myself, I really am lucky. (and I have a lowly 70D model)

One guy called his wife and said, boy I am having so much fun, as we drove for about 30 minutes. So amidst all the complaining, can we at least take a second to step back and look at the big picture. You are fortunate enough to own a grinning machine. Most people you would put in the driver seat would instantly fall in love (and yes, without AP, they still love the car). Please try to find the time to find your grin again. It is truly fun and worth it.

I for one, am still in love and Still Grinning, so much so that we added an X to the family - please find your grin :)

networx88 | 07. januar 2017

Love it!

Triggerplz | 07. januar 2017

I Love my P90DL

lilbean | 07. januar 2017

Haha! Nice teeth! Wow, I can't believe I clicked that.

elguapo | 07. januar 2017

Well said @burdogg

I have been grinning for 3+ years with my S and my X since March. I look forward to driving them every time I get in!

Only thing I miss is the wave. Other owners used to wave within the S when we passed one another. That NEVER happens any more where I live with my S or X. I think it's because there are now so many on the road here (MD) and many owners are no longer early adopters, just "normal" buyers (with lots of cash!). I really miss the wave. I still do it, but get no love in return.

lilbean | 07. januar 2017

Same here. Still waving. I don't even get a look.

fatherandson | 07. januar 2017

I would like to nominate this post as the best of the year so far.
Happy new year to all and to anyone who has an X, or even has the good fortune to be thinking about it should have a constant grin even without driving the car.
Then add on the true fun of the silent mind-blowing acceleration, unworldly view through the windshield, 2nd and 3rd stares from people when you open the FWD and you realize what it is to be one of the world's most fortunate.
So, geez, my car doesn't drive itself yet?
I think I can survive.

fatherandson | 07. januar 2017

And if you wave to me, you'll get a peace sign right back at you.

burdogg | 07. januar 2017

Nice grin Trigger :)

Yes, as the company expands, I shouldn't say we get less friendly, but....who knows. Anyway, I will wave :) My kids love to spot Tesla's we are in the very minority where I am at.

burdogg | 07. januar 2017

fatherandson - thank you :) The thing is too, I am not trying to promote or say that Tesla doesn't have flaws. but boy I love driving my S and X :) I was just pondering on all the stuff going on on here and it hit me, where is the grin? And then I thought about everybody I have let drive my car, and realize, if someone owns this car and has lost that, they really need to let someone else do a test drive with them to remind them. They will realize again how fun the car is :)

Saxman | 07. januar 2017

I tell everyone who cares to listen, that so far (and I'll always leave room, not to jinx) that I truly love my MX and it's the best vehicle I've ever owned.

That being said, why are we Enthusiasts so affected that we feel the need to proselytize among the Naysayers. My thoughts are either they Get It or they don't. ..their choice. I don't feel the need to try and convince someone of anything and waste my time. Case closed, enough!

Just my opinion.

burdogg | 07. januar 2017

You are right Saxman - I guess it is just hard when you see the light to not want to share and wonder why others can't see the fun :)

lhanspal | 07. januar 2017

I should remember to do the 'wave' thingy at other owners... generally, I cap off at the polite 'knowing' grin...

@burgdogg - good thread ... thanks for posting this one... even with all the quirks, we can all admit - we love our cars... :-)

Saxman | 07. januar 2017

You seem like a very caring and good family man, which is to be admired. I hear your passion when addressing the others not as inspired as you. I guess I just don't have the patience that you do to bring them over to the Light Side.

May the Force be with you.


burdogg | 07. januar 2017

Thanks guys :)
@Saxman - one thing I have learned through all this is that we are all different and have different opinions and it doesn't hurt to share AND listen to both sides. I have come to realize that I get a little more balance in my life when I try to at least listen to what someone opposite of me is saying. Doesn't mean I will always agree, but it will provide some balance for my life :)

Ihanspal was one of the first that helped me see that (he doesn't know it, but his discussions back in Oct/Nov about retrofitting, after a couple discussions, my eyes opened a little and thought, what does it matter if he wants or hopes for one, that does not hurt me :)

Saxman | 07. januar 2017

IMO a good respectful discourse can be enlightening for all involved.

OvrICE | 07. januar 2017

Well said @burdogg! I agree with you 100%. I use to read this forum and be inspired by most of the post. This is one of the reasons that I drove over 5 hours to test drive a Model S over a year ago. I wanted to experience the Tesla grin and the car so many people were enamored with.

I made a decision last week that I was going to stop reading the forum on a daily basis. The reason, this seems to be more of a place for people to complain about every little thing that happens to them. Many are not posting to educate other Tesla owners or potential owners but only to find a place to vent their frustration over everything they feel are unjust and wrong with their world. I am finding it more and more of a negative place. I do thank you for your post...these I enjoy reading! Well done!

burdogg | 07. januar 2017

I agree OvrICE - When I first bought, I found a lot of very helpful information on here. There is a lot to learn and many things that come up and lots of knowledge on here. Unfortunately as of late, it has become a place of complaints and bickering. I don't know if this is all true owners, or if there is evil intent from the many who want Tesla to fail. Come here and make this place not a place of refuge and upliftment, but a place of discouragement, maybe they can succeed in halting the enthusiasm and sales. i don't know, but I want to bring back the good stories, the fun trips, the keys to get the most out of your car, and the downright fun :) We need to find ways to do so :)

Saxman | 08. januar 2017

@Ovrice & burdogg

I must admit that I have been addicted to this Forum especially prior to my delivery. Not so much posting but learning from others. I would be constantly rechecking threads multiple times a day.

Now that I have my MX, I am trying to wean myself and pick & choose which threads to follow.

I do agree that more fun & informative subjects should overshadow the bashing & rantings.

Teslapalooza | 08. januar 2017

I did (and am doing) the same exact thing at @Saxman

lhanspal | 08. januar 2017

@burdogg - you are very kind with your thoughtful words - and thank you for indulging me on the AP2.0 retrofit discussion... :-)

I think as far as the trend of the forums is concerned over the last 6 months - it did take a step back with the way how AP2.0 was introduced... it was sudden, and that caught a number of recent owners by surprise. Then there has been the usual quality problems on MX - but they are getting better.

I do think it's ok when the forum has a dark mood on occasions. A completely sunny forum would be pretty unrealistic. Tesla can definitely improve things like Service Centers, FWD issues, alignment problems, etc. In general - you learn more from failures, than your successes... yeah, sounds a bit corny... :-)... I do wish there was an active involvement from Tesla though - except the top of the forum thread - they have been non-existent. I do have a feeling they are reading though...

But regardless of the dark or sunny moods, that shouldn't stop us from the "Tesla Grin" or "Tesla Smile" ... or the "Tesla Wave" to other owners... :-) ... and that's how we achieve the Balance of the Force... :-)

burdogg | 08. januar 2017

Thanks Ihanspal - I do agree, this isn't just a ra ra section, but the force has lost its balance :) I feel too many want everyone to be as mad as they are and surprised some of us are not more livid :)

I do think you are right though, it will eb and flow - EAP will eventually hit all the vehicles and that will die down, other things may creep up but so will the good.

elguapo | 09. januar 2017

Bump. Still best thread of year so far.

PedanticOne | 09. januar 2017

It's only been 9 days. ;-)

burdogg | 09. januar 2017

Hey, don't ruin my thunder :) I'll take it (because I only know that there are plenty of good posts out there and will continue to have great posts come in as the year rolls on)

PedanticOne | 09. januar 2017

(thumbs up) <-- since we can't use emoji here :-/

Leli001 | 09. januar 2017

NOW, this is a good thread.
I usually take my other car to work so the wife can use the X with the kids since my car is a convertible and although we can all fit, it is a bit challenging but with the X, it is just easier. Every few days, I have coworkers that bring up the Tesla topic and can't wait for me to bring it in again.
Like the rest of you, we both enjoy the X very much and are excited about the AP2 software rollout in a week or two.

I agree, this forum has become a bit vicious. I bet if Tesla had rushed to push the unfinished update out a few weeks ago to all cars and users noticed that it wasn't working right, they would complain here how they can push software out that wasn't ready yet...and so on, and so on.

Can't make everybody happy.

As an engineer, I can deeply appreciate the effort it takes to build something like this. I even do some light programming every now and then, and am fully aware that most of the programming that is involved is mainly for 'error catching'. This is usually to prevent users from inadvertently activating certain button configurations that may cause problems, such as opening FWD while vehicle is in motion, etc. I can't even imagine the programming involved with Autopilot!

We love it and everybody we know have asked to check it out. Some even asked to activate the FWD's again so they can record it on their phones. Nothing else like it, that may be one of the reasons I like it.

delandpriscilla | 09. januar 2017

I haven't taken possession of my X yet but thought I'd peruse this forum since I was here already. No preconceived ideas yet as each owner has individual issues needing to be addressed but thought if there was a central issue or theme, I would know what to expect or look out for. Much of what has been written is over my head because I have no platform to know better. However, soon I may ask questions that might appear the most base or "newbe" so when that happens, please be merciful.

Saxman | 09. januar 2017

Welcome and don't be intimidated.

Burdogg leading the charge ,et al, is always willing to lend a helping hand & ear.

burdogg | 09. januar 2017

delandpriscilla - please feel free to ask away - Now if you start your post off with - this whole piece of crap is garbage :) you might be ready for some mud flinging back your way from others :)

I remember when I first got my S, there is definitely a learning curve on how things work - just ask Saxman - he has had plenty of questions and I think slowly understanding how it works. As time goes on, it starts to become second nature too. But yes, ask, that is really what this forum is for. Most of the time Tesla doesn't get into the nitty gritty, they give some basics so these forums do help.

Most importantly though, start working your cheek muscles because the grin is real :)

burdogg | 25. januar 2017

Just wanted to bump the grin again :)

This car really does put a grin on my face everyday :) at a stop light that leaves town today, first one stopped, car beside me and behind me. Turns green, pause for a second, make sure all clear, then...wham - pedal to the floor and instant 60 mph :) never gets old. Grinnin as I look in my rear view mirror :)

Triggerplz | 25. januar 2017

@burdogg I need to pull up beside you at a light and teach you a lesson :-)

Triggerplz | 25. januar 2017
burdogg | 26. januar 2017

I'll pass :) What little pride I have will be squashed by your launch :)

Triggerplz | 26. januar 2017

That's exactly what I'll say when a P100DL pulls up beside my P90DL :-)

burdogg | 26. januar 2017

Maybe I'll at least rev my engine for you :)

Triggerplz | 26. januar 2017

Yea but I won't be able to hear it, not until 2019 anyway when Tesla will be forced to add some noise

burdogg | 26. januar 2017

Just roll down your window and you will hear me going Vroom Vroom Vroom, I might even throw in a Vroooom :)

Triggerplz | 26. januar 2017
burdogg | 26. januar 2017

If that doesn't get you laughing, I don't know what will :) (my vroom, AND your image :)

Triggerplz | 26. januar 2017

Yep i can image looking over at you with you going vroom vroom and I say that's my dentist.. :-)

burdogg | 26. januar 2017
Triggerplz | 26. januar 2017

lol good image

Triggerplz | 27. januar 2017

@burdogg Santa Claus has a big Grin on his face, he has a SuperCharger in his garage.

burdogg | 27. januar 2017

That is too funny someone went through trouble of making a replica supercharger for their charger at home :)

I was at the stop light yesterday, looked for you as I sat there going Vroom, vroom, vrooooom :)

PedanticOne | 27. januar 2017

So what you're saying is that you miss real engines with real explody goodness?

burdogg | 27. januar 2017

:) not really, its just my only way to let Triggerplz know that I am ready to race :) (Or just a way to look really ridiculous, but I am NOT looking for an answer there :)

Triggerplz | 27. januar 2017