Tesla, the NEW Honda?

Tesla, the NEW Honda?

Hey guys! I just made my reservation for the Model 3 (I hope I can still get one with the income tax....) Anyway!

As I was watching the video for the Model 3 I had an overwhelming feeling that Tesla is going to be the new Honda.
What I mean by this is the popularity, faithfulness, and trust with the population. Honda was my favorite because they were so reliable.

Obviously my new favorite it Tesla, for absolutely everything they do and even more so after creating the Model 3.

Does anyone else have these thoughts? Any other thoughts along these lines?

Philipp.Frischknecht | 04. februar 2017

I would say Tesla M3 would be the new Ford T

Ssjtrider | 04. februar 2017

Never had a Honda. Have driven many Ford and GM models, with an occasional Volvo.
Now Ford has played the Model E blocker. GM killed the electric car and tried to shut down TESLA in Indiana, like they did in Michigan. Fortunately Indiana lawmakers grandfathered TESLA, in a public backed free enterprise move. To say Indiana Bill 1592 is based on lessons learned when the Chinese ruined the Indiana steel industry was interesting.
Two M3s for me, and I hope you are right about TESLA's future.

Efontana | 04. februar 2017

It might leak less oil than the Ford T.

Elon has etched a customer profile in his mind, the same way Ford and Honda did. Elon's etched profile has higher standards than Ford's. Honda's last car was the 1990 Accord... Best car ever made. (Although a 2011 328i compares well in driving dynamics.)

If Honda refers to a person, yes. He would make a motorcycle cylinder by welding a sheet into a tube, then dress finishing it rather than machining it out of a more expensive starting place.

minervo.florida | 04. februar 2017

I agree on the Honda analysis, but they will also be the new Apple but IMO better than either one of these has been because Elon is doing this for the planet, not for his personal financial gains.

Elon has said they will do the right thing for the consumer, not try to screw them.

Also, Tesla is constantly improving the product, unlike all others.
For example, my recent Corvette had at least 2 issues that research showed it existed for about 6 years prior. Just one example.

lilbean | 04. februar 2017

Almost threw up.

mos6507 | 04. februar 2017

Depends on how you want to compare things. Honda started out with motorcycles and graduated into compact cars. Tesla started with an expensive roadster and moved down. Are there any other precedents for that?

bobinseattle | 04. februar 2017

Hi Guys,

Biased on what I have seen and heard at work, I have come to the following conclusions. There are 12 of us in line, for now. Most people feel that Elon and Model 3, will or already has, changed the world.
People are drooling, waiting for me to get mine. They all want a ride or to drive it. I'm sure that, as a result of that, there will be several more orders placed. It's like Star Trek, and the Jetson's come true. The car game will never be the same.

Bob in Seattle

Bubba2000 | 04. februar 2017
Innovator's Dilemma
With an existing tech like ICE cars, disruption takes place from below like the low priced Japanese cars such as Honda Civic, Toyota Corona in the early 1970s. With new tech and market like the VHS tape player, it started with hi prices and then moved down. That is what Tesla is doing.

In order to thrive and have a leading position the emerging BEV market, Tesla needs sustainable competitive advantages. That would mean batteries: low cost, hi quality, hi energy density, huge supply. Also, hi speed charging that competes with ICE, like 10-15 minutes for 80% charge.

Haggy | 05. februar 2017

"Tesla started with an expensive roadster and moved down. Are there any other precedents for that?"

In the sense that the earliest cars were hand built and affordable only to the rich, and that Ford started making them progressively cheaper, there's somewhat of a precedent.

Going the other way around isn't easy. That's why Honda had to launch Acura in the US. People wouldn't have accepted a luxury Honda.

Tesla had little choice. They had to raise capital by starting off slowly with expensive cars and never would have gotten off the ground announcing the Model 3 first and saying they plan to sell hundreds of thousands. They first had to prove that EVs didn't have to be slow and ugly with a short range and a trunk full of batteries. If you start off by shattering the major stereotypical view, then it's a lot easier to sell a $35,000 car when you are known for $100,000 cars. A company that makes cars for $35,000 or less isn't going to do well coming out with a $135,000 model tomorrow.

Red Sage ca us | 05. februar 2017

I realized in adulthood that the first car I ever rode in while someone was speed-shifting was a Honda CVCC...

I used to be a big fan of Honda. But their innovation seemed to dry up and blow away in the wind after the 1990 Accord. It was the first car to hit the trifecta: qualified as a 'Zero Harmful Emissions Vehicle' with CARB, met the CAFE rating requirements as a Midsize car; aced all phases of NHTSA crash testing. As a result, it became the best selling passenger car in the U.S., toppling the Ford Taurus from its roost. Their reward? The CARB ratings were changed so that it (and nothing else) ever qualified as a ZHEV again, CAFE ratings were increased to even higher levels, and three new crash tests were introduced specifically to kill Hondas. They sort of gave up and fell in line after that, lockstep with the rest of the traditional automobile industry.

Acura: The Honda That Didn't | Forbes

"So what did Acura do? They renamed their most successful car, the Legend, as the RL. This probably was the dumbest naming decision since Nissan abandoned the name Datsun decades ago."

Efontana | 06. februar 2017

The 1990 Accord was old man Honda's last car. last act on earth. After that leadership changed. More generational change than conspiracy.

Efontana | 06. februar 2017

The 1990 Accord was old man Honda's last car. last act on earth. After that leadership changed. More generational change than conspiracy.

Red Sage ca us | 06. februar 2017

Efontana: Yes. About the same time they stopped auto racing in F1, or anywhere else, really. That was definitely a generational change, because Soichiro Honda was, I believe, an admitted street racer in his youth and believed strongly that racing cars and motorcycles was a good way to keep abreast of innovation in vehicle design. Apparently those who took over upon his passing disagreed, and there was no F1 auto racing program until 2000. Then they went on to Indycar as well for a short time, before going on a long hiatus, not returning to that racing series until 2015. There are times to this day when I feel 'Possessed by the Shade of Soichiro Honda' when behind the wheel. A shame that most at Honda are not.

Bill Korea | 06. februar 2017

My first family car was a Civic CVCC. I still have the stratified charge cylinder head in the garage. At the time it was purchased, 1977, the comparable GM product was a Chevette, complete with engine technology from the fifties. After WW2, Japan initially started building trucks because cars were considered as needlessly frivolous in a rebuilding country. For many years GM has made most of their profit from building light trucks, and has largely exported car production. Have we been rebuilding the country for the past few decades, or heading in another direction?