Power Wall

Power Wall

Anyone know anybody who has a powerwall 2 installed i their home? I can't seem to get any answers on this product (I live in Washington). This wall is rapidly becoming a myth to me even though I gave them my $500 bucks almost 2 months ago. I submitted an email regarding my concerns with the installation of this product at my home but I only seem to get TESLA spam in return.

nwfan | 02. juli 2018

@Tesla-David, cruising along at daily average of 84 kw. Nothing but sun in the DFW area. I wouldn’t mind you sharing some of your rain.

SUN 2 DRV | 02. juli 2018

IMHO The main reason to get a powerwall is if you want to invest in a Backup system for when your local grid goes down.

I've seen PW cost estimates that amortize the PW purchase costs over an estimated 10 year lifetime and they figure it costs about $0.25 to store each kWh. If that's accurate be sure to add that $0.25/kWh to the price of whatever your source energy cost will be. In California the most likely scenario is the you'll charge your PW with morning solar energy which costs you $0.22 in forgone Net Metering credits. So that means any energy you use from your PW has a net cost of about $0.47/kWh.

The situation will improve when the PW supports Load Shifting so you can charge it with nighttime Off Peak energy at about $0.11/kWh giving you a net cost for PW energy of about $0.36kWh. While this is lower cost than OnPeak energy from the grid, it's still higher than either Partial Peak or Off Peak.

So I consider a PW to be very compelling if you need/want a power backup system, but it has only marginal utility in helping with electric costs if you utility offers a Net Metering program at retail rates like we get here in CA.

Tesla-David | 02. juli 2018

@nwfan I am totally envious 84 kWh is amazing, the best we have done this year is 78 kWh.Weonly produced 24 kWh yesterday with the rain. How big is your Sonnen battery?

nwfan | 03. juli 2018

I've got a bigger system. Approx 17 kw.
My battery is max out at 16kw.

Another 84kw production day.

Tesla-David | 03. juli 2018

@nwfan, you rock! ;0)

nwfan | 03. juli 2018

@Tesla-David, just think between us will provide enough excess electricity to power 3 additional homes. We are leading the way to a new future of community power vice big megawatt power plants.

Sonnen is developing system sharing power in Germany. Tesla Energy probably looking into similar system with solar and power walls. Hydro, solar and wind are beginning to impact electric grid. Here in TX renewable power generation has pass coal. Amazing considering the lack of govt involvement.

Tesla-David | 03. juli 2018

@nwfan, you are right we are not contributing to the problem, but are definitely working on the solutions. BTW, I might make it to 80 kWh today, as we are at 55 kWh so far and it is only 2:49 p.m. You are still the King of Solar IMHO. ;0)

Tesla-David | 04. juli 2018

@nwfan, just wanted to report that we only made 79 kWh yesterday, just short of 80, but exported 61 kWh back to grid (78 percent of solar production).

Mike83 | 04. juli 2018

Wow. You guys are pumping electrons. Imagine if every other home had Solar; no need for any fossil fuels and you even run your EV off of it for free. I wonder when the general public will start to see the light, sunlight that is.

Mike83 | 04. juli 2018
Tesla-David | 04. juli 2018

@Mike83, great link, and confirms what we are experiencing. Since we turned on our PW2"s no draw period from grid, nada electrons, and we have only exported electricity, yesterday we sent 61 kWh back to our grid for others to use.

nwfan | 05. juli 2018

@Tesla-David, WOW. Exporting 61 kw. Impressive. Your a trailblazer.
I had another 84kw day. Sunny North TX.

A/C keeps my export values lower than yours. But hitting mid 50's most days.
Cooler weather I might reach the 60's. Glad to see the Power walls are paying off.
It's comforting to be off the grid 24 / 7.

I beginning to feel like an Ambassador. When I'm working outside my friends and neighbors often
stop by with questions about Solar, batteries and Tesla cars. I thought it would be a pain in the neck
dealing with the questions. But in truth, it's fun. I love engaging in conversation about our future.
The questions and answers I hope will lead others to make the investment in our countries move away from
fossil fuels. We might even reverse the planet warming before my warranty expires (I'm in my 60's).
Many did not realize the incentives are available when investing in solar and EV cars.
Not only Federal but some state and utility programs.

I mention casually the cost savings per month in electric and gasoline bills. I also let them know my ROI projection. I even given test drives in my Model S and 3.

I hope my efforts start my neighbors into thinking about Solar and EV's. If I can do it, they can. Each person
and family who invests in EV and renewables is a step closer to energy independence and cleaner/safer planet for

Tesla-David | 05. juli 2018

@nwfan You definetly are a renewable energy ambassador, and I totally agree it is fun enlightening folks about the economic benefits. Our energy demand is low here during the summer because our summers are much milder than yours inTexas. We have a heat pump which has an AC component but in six years we have only turned the AC on two times. We installed ceiling fans in most rooms,which work well for us when windows are opened. Your efforts to educate your neighbors is fantastic, and is my mission as well. Your solar production is outstanding. We had another meh day yesterday producing only 48 kWhs. We should be back into 70’s today though.

Tesla-David | 05. juli 2018

@nwfan, I also meant to add that even with our underwhelming solar yesterday, we still exported 27 kWh to grid. Amazing, that after charging the PW2's, supplying our home needs, and charging our two Tesla's we still export to grid on a less than solar satisfying day. Life is Good! ;0)

edwardhart | 29. juli 2018

I am new to this site. I installed two Powerwalls to absorb my solar, and I am so far happy with the performance. I pshared a day of activity on TMC for anyone interested:

Tesla-David | 30. juli 2018

We have now experienced the incredible benefit of our 2-PW2's for 38 days now, and have not used any energy (nada) from grid since turning on our powerwalls on 6/22/18. We are averaging 66 kWh/day from solar, and our Powerwalls completely run our home from sunset to sunrise, and the powerwalls are generally recharged back to 100 percent by 10 a.m. We are exporting 64 percent of our solar energy back to grid, and through Net Metering will be paid for all the excess energy exported @ $0.54/kWh. Not much not to like, and Powerwalls are an incredible asset when coupled with solar. We try and charge our two Tesla's (MS and M3) during peak solar (12 p.m. - 4 p.m.), and have had no issues keeping home, EV charging and PW2 batteries charged off our solar array.

edwardhart | 31. juli 2018

I added an update on a much more typical day at our home. Net-net: the Powerwall is doing exactly what we planned by running the home in the post-sundown hours, maximizing our net metering performance with two electric vehicles and help the utility deal with the Duck Curve.

Tesla-David | 31. juli 2018

@edwardhart, thanks for sharing your output graphics from Tesla Powerwall app. Very interesting, and agree your PW2's are having a huge impact in reducing your grid draws. I feel fortunate, in that we have much milder summers, and we have heat pump rather than AC, which has a much smaller impact on our grid draws. We are not drawing any electrons from grid since turning on our PW2's last month. Great to see how well PW2's are working for others, especially in warmer areas with greater electricity demands.

mcdonalk | 31. juli 2018

So far this month in Phoenix, AZ, we have had one 5-hour grid outage and one 3-hour grid outage (the latter one just last night). Our two Powerwall 2's provided backup as expected. In each failure, we noticed a light or TV flicker and then checked the app to verify grid outage. It is easy to imagine scenarios where we may not even notice that the grid is down, which sounds great, but is not necessarily a good thing. When our grid fails, we want to raise our thermostats and disable the pool pump, all of which affect backup usage.

Mike83 | 31. juli 2018

Great data. Thanks for posting. Powerwalls are becoming a big hit.

Tesla-David | 31. juli 2018

Thanks, @mcdonalk for the summary of your recent grid outage experience. Great to hear that the PW2's are getting it done. Fully understand your concerns about the usage issue when you have grid outage. We don't have as many issues up here in WA and would not expect to need to cut back on usage to stay within PW2 backup parameters, and we don't have a pool. We have electric heat pump, but in 6 years have only turned the AC on twice. Summers here are not as severe as in AZ, and we have ceiling fans in all rooms, and generally keep windows open, which works for us without needing the AC from heat pump except on rare occasions.

Tropopause | 31. juli 2018

I guess a person must have BOTH Solar & PW2 in order to see grid flow-back and house usage data. I only have Tesla solar (no PW2) and, therefore my app only displays solar generation; not home usage or grid flow-back. I called support about this situation and was told my system (9.5 kW) with dual-inverter is too big to have the necessary equipment for the data mapping. Yet if I buy a PW2 I’d be able to access this data? Curious.

Brentt | 08. oktober 2018

Is anyone getting responses from Tesla about their Powerwall reservation? I've been a reservation holder since day1 and they've gone silent. The number they gave me to contact an energy specialist (725 333 7731) no longer works?

johncrab | 09. oktober 2018

Powerwall is a great idea. Its cost can be justified by the convenience of having power when all of the neighbors are feeling for flashlights and shifting load to off-peak hours allows the freedom to use energy as one wants. I had an order in for a 2X installation and then things hit a different kind of wall. Tesla was very bad at communicating with me. When I finally got a Tesla installation drawing I had to get it from my utility co and not Tesla. I found they had been working behind my back with APS to design a ridiculous installation that looped all energy from the panel on the back of the house to the front of the house and then back. Anyone know the term "line loss"? It would all be on my side of the meter, too.

Tesla had also designed-in a set of unnecessary fuses at another $500, plus another $500 box, plus a $3000 new panel without discussing any of this with me. NOW TO BE FAIR, this was all sabotage by APS which hates solar, hates batteries, hates customers and most likely hated puppies and kittens as well. It's an evil G-D-F company that actually ran a phone scare campaign over an initiative petition saying people collecting signatures were convicted criminals and would kill anyone who approached them to sign the petition. No, I'm not making this up. I got three of their robocalls.

APS sabotaged us and they won. Eventually Tesla and I had to call it quits but my gripe with Tesla is that they were going along with every insane "requirement" by APS without even talking to me. I had to know how to read a reduced size print and then call them out on what they were planning to do. Tesla was not really working with or for me on this. Still, I saved $20k and I have a pair of Honda generators, so when the lights go out it will be like the old "Green Acres" TV show, but hey!

kjparcels | 29. oktober 2018

I was curious if anybody knew how long the back order is for the powerwall 2. I ordered mine with my solar system back in march 2018 and had my roof solar installed in May 2018. It has been over 7 months and still no news on my powerwall 2. You contact Tesla and they only care if your ordering a car. My solar company quit selling them because Tesla has pretty much killed production on the powerwall 2 for increasing production on their model 3 car. If anybody has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Just consider me another very disappointed Tesla customer and I am recommending anyone else to avoid them. Thx, KP.

lilbean | 30. oktober 2018

I got an email telling me that mine is delayed until fall 2019.

kichwas | 30. oktober 2018

I have a Powerwall 2.
I ordered solar with powerwall Oct 2017 and they started the install in early June...
Finished in July, but turn on took into September due to the local Tesla installer wiring the inverter inputs backwards and frying it... (the staff member who fixed it in the end more or less asked “hey was your install team so and so” and when I said yeah I remember that name his response was “yeah... I figured looking at this mess...”

So... I have it, it works great... but it took forever to get. When I placed my order it was right after Puerto Rico got hit and my saleswoman told me it would be a while because Tesla was looking to do for Puerto Rico what it’s own federal government was obliged to do but refused to do under a racist regime (saleswoman didn’t say that... she just said Tesla was helping in Puerto Rico)...

I hear now it is actually delayed due to having been moved to lower priority during the M3 ramp up.

But I love the product. I regret not getting 2 of them.

I am basically fully off grid, or rather the grid is powered by me because after the powerwall charges up I still send 3-6kw/hour to the grid for 4 hours of so...
Overnight it tends to drain down to about 20%.

It only ever drains down to my limit (I set it to 8% or 11% I think) on days when I charge my M3 later in the afternoon...

nwfan | 31. oktober 2018

@lilbean, do you have a solar system? Or on waiting list?

Tesla-David | 31. oktober 2018

@kichwas, thanks for posting your experience, and am sorry your installer did such a poor job. We had an excellent installation by our solar installer (A&R Solar), and got our two PW2 installation approved by our utility district right away so there was no delay in getting it turned on. BTW, where do you live? Sounds like you are doing well with your PW2, but having two does give you more of a buffer. As solar is ticking down here, there is not enough solar right now to fully charge the batteries, and we have to rely on grid energy to make up the difference, and we have only managed to be fully self sufficient about 85 percent of October, and it will only get worse in November. I envy folks like @nwfan in Texas, who gets enough solar year round to keep his batteries fully charged. In July we exported 1,400 kWh back to grid, but this month have only exported 122 kWh by comparison.

kjparcels | 10. november 2018

If anybody files a class action lawsuit against Tesla for false business practices or anything else related to their sales of the powerwall 2 , let me know, Im in.

roberthyperion | 23. november 2018

We had a Powerwall 2 installed in August 2018 and use the Time of Use (TOU) settings.
I have recorded daily statistics using the Tesla App, often using screen prints to transcribe the data.
OK, my Powerwall 2 works well, and the TOU settings are useful in facilitating the TOU settings. But the data coming out of the App. is totally inconsistent and often unavailable.
If a display the whole days energy usage, some time after midnight, using the 'Yesterday' option I get a Point Chart with totals that are completely different than using the 'Week' setting and focusing on yesterday from the ensuing Bar Chart.
I tried setting Peak to zero and found that the subdivisions between Off-Peak and Partial Peak just didn't occur.
I did some kidding of the system, setting Off-Peak to our Economy 7 meter period which is 0:30 GMT to 7:30 GMT, Peak to 7:30 GMT to midnight and Partial Peak to midnight to 0:30 GMT and find that the subdivisions of the first two do display but the half hour Partial Peak period records as zero. Believe it, we don't switch off our electricity at midnight and switch it back on at 0:30 GMT!
Furthermore, most of the totals again do not agree with the whole.
The most disappointing thing is that having invested in the very expensive Powerwall 2 and a great deal of time in recording my statistics and trying to communicate with the EU customer help I am not getting technical feedback, merely an assurance that my Powerwall 2 is functioning correctly.
In that I may want to change my tariff to a three park tariff using a Smart Meter, I need accurate figures.
I would be pleased to forward anyone my Excel spreadsheet and screen print files so any forum member can analysis them. It is disgraceful that Tesla do not seem to care about their product.