Trip planning

Trip planning

Is there a website for trip planning, giving distances between super chargers and destination charging options?

EVRider | 01. april 2017

Yes, several. The most popular one is EV Trip Planner (

EVRider | 01. april 2017

I should have added that the best site for finding charging options is

Bighorn | 01. april 2017

You can plot on as well.
Someone was recently hawking a new app they wrote.

SamO | 01. april 2017

I like combined with

That will replicate what is offered inside the car on-screen.

EVRider | 01. april 2017

For superchargers only, I also like, which shows both existing and soon-to-come superchargers.

sosmerc | 01. april 2017

Re: Trip Planning. Do you think the day will come when there will be numerous "stations" at all freeway exits with signs that post their "price per kW" ? Is selling electrons going to be a viable buisiness for "chains"?