Unlimited Supercharging is Back

Unlimited Supercharging is Back

Updated Tesla Referral Program

"You can give up to 5 friends unlimited Supercharging and a $1,000 credit toward their new Tesla…"

My code is in case you are in a hurry to order.

Also the FUSC deadline has been extended to include deliveries since the first deadline in January.

Gwgan | 19. kan 2017

The app got a little update, too. A little Loot Box in the upper right hand corner that links to a page with the updated program info.

mntlvr23 | 19. kan 2017

Info reported by Electrek

"The last round of Tesla’s referral program isn’t even over yet, but today Tesla announced a new round which extends from May 19th all the way through the end of this year, December 31st 2017. While this overlaps with the previous program which ends on June 15th, qualifying referrals between now and the end of that program will count for prizes from both referral programs.

Tesla has previously limited the number of referrals a single owner can give out, and this time has lowered the limit down to 5, from the previous 9. Most interestingly, though, in addition to providing $1,000 off a new Model S or X, owners can provide their five referrals with unlimited supercharging. Tesla used to provide unlimited supercharging for all Model S and X vehicles, but recently ended that program for orders made past Jan 15th and delivered after April 15th."

bp | 20. kan 2017

Had to check the e-mail send date - to make sure it wasn't sent on April 1...

SUN 2 DRV | 20. kan 2017

This will create yet another nightmare of dissatisfied customers who would have liked unlimited supercharging but didn't have a friend offering them a referral link ahead of time. I hope Tesla provides a way the regular customers can buy the unlimited Supercharging at a rational price. Otherwise they're going to have a lot of marginalized (and pissed off) customers.

Janitor | 20. kan 2017

My referral code is, I am happy to help anyone with questions. This is a very welcome turn of events. Tesla is a surprise a minute.

joe | 20. kan 2017

I placed my order on 12th May 2017 with a referral code. Haven't had delivery yet of course, but do I now qualify for unlimited supercharging?

stevenmaifert | 20. kan 2017

@joe - Check your "My Tesla" page. That seems to be where it is showing up for everybody.

mntlvr23 | 20. kan 2017

@Sun2Drive - It now looks like ALL existing owners have free unlimited SC again

bas0902 | 20. kan 2017

I placed my order on May 6th with a referral code. Called the DS and he said yes I will get unlimited supercharging and should receive the email notification in the next couple of days.

Bighorn | 20. kan 2017

It's like Oprah--everybody gets free supercharging! Just act happy.

Doug Wb_m2 MS | 20. kan 2017

Placed my order on May 5th, but haven't heard back from my DS yet. It looks like the only difference from before January is that now the unlimited only applies to the original owner and doesn't go with the car if it is sold, but since I'm planning to keep the car for a long time...will be very happy!

SamO | 20. kan 2017

Who is paying the taxes?

mft@oc | 20. kan 2017

Happy to share my referral code:


weitih | 20. kan 2017

Placed my order on April 13. Not delivered yet. Didn't call my DS. When I click on "View Spec" in myTesla account, now it shows "Charing Included". I don't recall seeing it before. Looks it was newly added.

weitih | 20. kan 2017

"Charging Included" I mean.

joe | 21. kan 2017

@weitih Yes mine now says that too (placed my order on 12th May) and it's good to hear that @bas0902 had confirmation too. Great news!

joe | 21. kan 2017

I can also confirm that the "View Spec" PDF document did not say this before, I have an old version saved. Looks like anyone who placed an order with a referral code also qualifies.

Gwgan | 21. kan 2017

SUN 2 DRV, they do offer up codes, but someone would still have to know to go to , thank you.

SCCRENDO | 21. kan 2017

The shameless pimps are still posting their links. How about earning your referrals.

caraballo_i | 21. kan 2017

My referral code is please feel free to use it.

Anglo | 23. kan 2017

I would be happy to share FREE unlimited supercharging and give away $1000 credit.
Feel free to use my link: