VW and Fiat Cheating Computer Code

VW and Fiat Cheating Computer Code

SamO | 25. kan 2017

The team, led by Kirill Levchenko, a computer scientist at the University of California San Diego will present their findings at the 38th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy in the San Francisco Bay Area on May 22 to 24, 2017.

“We were able to find the smoking gun,” Levchenko said. “We found the system and how it was used.”

Computer scientists obtained copies of the code running on Volkswagen onboard computers from the company’s own maintenance website and from forums run by car enthusiasts. The code was running on a wide range of models, including the Jetta, Golf and Passat, as well as Audi’s A and Q series.

“We found evidence of the fraud right there in public view,” Levchenko said.

During emissions standards tests, cars are placed on a chassis equipped with a dynamometer, which measures the power output of the engine. The vehicle follows a precisely defined speed profile that tries to mimic real driving on an urban route with frequent stops. The conditions of the test are both standardized and public. This essentially makes it possible for manufacturers to intentionally alter the behavior of their vehicles during the test cycle. The code found in Volkswagen vehicles checks for a number of conditions associated with a driving test, such as distance, speed and even the position of the wheel. If the conditions are met, the code directs the onboard computer to activate emissions curbing mechanism when those conditions were met.

Mike83 | 25. kan 2017

This got me thinking about the voting machines especially in electoral States. I would like an independent group to check out the last 16 years of elections.

Mike83 | 25. kan 2017

Thanks SamO for the summary.

SamO | 25. kan 2017


Mike83 | 25. kan 2017

Well. My goodness. Look at GM. Are all these guys crooks?

Tropopause | 25. kan 2017

I believe the GM case is private, civil case. Could lead to something or could be like the Tesla HW2 lawsuit.

Mike83 | 25. kan 2017

Quite different.

carlk | 25. kan 2017

Tesla needs to get its pickups out sooner.

Silver2K | 25. kan 2017

as long as there is a way to cheat and make money, they will try it. the fines will most likely not hurt profits as much as it should.

Mike83 | 25. kan 2017

If corporations​ have individual rights maybe they could be imprisoned for crimes. Need much larger jails.

mntlvr23 | 25. kan 2017

sickening, the lack of integrity

finman100 | 26. kan 2017

And like certain supporters of a certain potus, the diesel supporters will deny this is a problem, bellyache the standards for clean air are too stringent anyway, and I'll by-god drive anything i well choose regardless of what these guvmint agencies or scientists say is bad for me.

just saying.

Get 'em off the road if they are illegal. fine the crap out of them and don't allow another diesel sale until they are brought into LEGAL compliance.

Oh, and please reward Tesla for not doing ANY of this by forcing the diesel cheaters to fund the Supercharger and destination charger network. Not some stupid half-a@#ed, slow 50 kW, third party, one station per location BS that is going to waste the opportunity to REALLY advance EVs.

Get 'er done!

Rocky_H | 26. kan 2017

@Mike83, The whole idea of corporate personhood is beyond stupid anyway, but it's even more infuriating how hypocritically one directional it is. They get the benefits of an individual, but not the obligations/penalties.

SamO | 26. kan 2017

+1 @Rocky_H

Mike83 | 26. kan 2017


brando | 31. kan 2017


http://www.zerohedge. com/news/2015-08-03/jimmy-carter-rages-what-us-has-become-just-oligarchy-unlimited-political-bribery

Paper would provide the only auditable trail I'd trust.