The Road Less Travelled

The Road Less Travelled

Can the GPS system of a Tesla pick the most scenic or relaxing route instead of the quickest route? I'd LOVE this. Runcibal apparently is already incorporating this function into its GPS app

RedShift | 28. juni 2017

The road less traveled might also mean the road with less charging options. So I'd venture, not for some time. May be SOME scenic routes. Until EV charging becomes more widespread, this is going to have to wait.

NKYTA | 28. juni 2017

The most relaxing is the route it already picks, as you stop more frequently and are refreshed on each leg.

The most scenic, also with charging stops, that would be silky smooth! :-)

The original cross country route was a previous route Elon took in an ICE. Hence it was the first built out. Went through some scenic places in the West.

vp09 | 28. juni 2017

Excellent idea.

Those of use who rode motorcycles are familiar with this option. The Shenandoah route-- and so forth. Roads to drive or ride for the pleasure of seeing them.

Like two days ago-- wishing we could have driven California Highway 1 instead of 101 back here from Monterey.

NKYTA | 28. juni 2017

Yeah, sorry about the landslides and roadwork @vp. We had a rather non-standard rainy season after years of drought. Something was likely to fail. :-/

We think Devil's Slide might actually be okay for some time with the newish tunnel. That failed almost yearly it seemed, in the last decade.

Some of the SCs are in towns across the nation on Rte 66, plenty of side trips to be had.

Fish Camp SC to Groveland SC is both fun (when you are driving) and scenic if you are the passenger.

vp09 | 28. juni 2017

Thanks NKYTA! We'll add that to our list of things to do. We crossed off Venezuela after hearing today that a police helicopter opened fire on the Supreme Court Building. I think we'll visit El Segundo instead.

NKYTA | 28. juni 2017

Yeah, the scary thing is they don't know "what side" the helicopter was on!

I visited Venezuela in 2002 and it was already getting a scary. North from Caracas to a turtle watching science station in Las Roques was benign, with a bit of a harrowing small plane landing.
We got shaken down by the VZ version of Federales when heading south into the interior for some kayaking. The guide had to overpay (fortunately not by too much) to get us through. It feels just crazy passing your passport to armed juveniles blocking a roadway, in the interior of a country.

I'm sure PD has worse stories...

vp09 | 28. juni 2017

NKYTA we saw elephant seals yesterday. At Piedras Blancas (San Simeon?).

Do you know if we can see sea turtles here on the California coast? Not so eager to be shaken down by teenagers with AK47s or Uzis or whatever the bandito Mexican police carry these days. Or the others further South.