Interior - Vegan and Power Seats?

Interior - Vegan and Power Seats?

I have read that the $5,000 premium interior package includes power front seating and upgraded leather seats. I have also read that it is "textile" seats in the base unit.

I am unclear as to whether the Model 3 base features vegan material for the seats, and if the upgraded interior "leather" seats are actually vegan as well.

If I don't opt for the premium interior package, are the base front seats only manually adjusted?

I'd also love to know if anybody has specifically requested additional vegan changes (such as the material of the steering wheel, as I've heard can be accommodated by Tesla customer service).

Thanks in advance!

topher | 30. juli 2017

All the specs we know about are at:

Thank you kindly.

Rasler1126 | 30. juli 2017

I spoke to Tesla customer service over the phone and they confirmed that the seating on both the base and with the upgraded interior package is vegan. The nicer material is synthetic - they are no longer using leather.

They told me that the option for a steering wheel that only features vegan material would also be available by the time the product configurator goes online for the majority of people. And if not, you can call to request.

Also, I was told that power seating is included in the base model ... and that it would just be an enhanced version of power steering in the upgraded interior package. Not manual. That is news to me, but good news.