Home Depot Using Tesla Energy and GE for Solar/Battery Storage

Home Depot Using Tesla Energy and GE for Solar/Battery Storage

Al1 | 17. august 2017

Good for Home Depot.

Taiwan’s Minister of Science and Technology Chen Liang-gee told reporters at his office in Taipei today (via Nikkei):

Tesla is using its lithium ion battery technology to help Australia and California to implement smart grid and grid storage, and we can learn from them in the future. We will try to check out whether there is a suitable solution…we will get in touch with them.

Mike83 | 17. august 2017

Here is the link

Looks like PowerPacks are becoming popular around the world. I believe the first was in Hawaii and then LA. Better than fossil fuel backups.

McLary | 17. august 2017

This is a GE story, not a Tesla story really. 50 stores to get GE solar, with 6 store to trial batteries from Tesla.

Not sure how to take the fact that Tesla isn't supplying the batteries for Australia. They are buying them from Samsung.

Seems a bit odd to build a big battery factory and then NOT use your own batteries on a high profile order. Is there some problem preventing Tesla or Panasonic from producing energy storage products? Hmmmmmm

DonS | 17. august 2017

Tesla's real contribution to the power packs is the system packaging and the software. The batteries are a commodity that they can source based on price and availability. Apparently, supply out of the Gigafactory is being diverted to the Model 3.

Ross1 | 18. august 2017

@McLary: what do you mean, who is buying from Samsung, South Australia or Tesla for the 100 MW project?

Al1 | 18. august 2017

Tesla buys batteries for cars from Panasonic and for energy storage those batteries are often bought from Samsung.

Al1 | 18. august 2017

Modern cars have dozens of thousands of parts and most of them are bought from third party suppliers. The supply chain is fairly complicated.

Tesla is one of the most vertically integrated company.

Mike83 | 18. august 2017

fake mcclary seems upset

123chrispinee | 14. november 2019

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andy.connor.e | 14. november 2019

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TabascoGuy | 14. november 2019

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andy.connor.e | 14. november 2019

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TabascoGuy | 14. november 2019

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andy.connor.e | 14. november 2019

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