Three Model 3s parked at Fremont today (video)

Three Model 3s parked at Fremont today (video)

Today I saw 3 of these just behind the superchargers at Fremont.

VIN #s ended in 033 (red, same as the previous one in the video I uploaded a week back), 003 (dark grey) and 313 (blue)


mntlvr23 | 21. august 2017

Niiiiiice, thanks !!

Mike83 | 21. august 2017

Now my wife can see more colors to choose. Thanks

sbeggs | 21. august 2017

Yum! Very beautiful. Thank you!

Carl Thompson | 21. august 2017

Might have to go for that blue... So hard to choose a color!

Frank99 | 21. august 2017

I'd really like the blue - but I think it's just too dark for me. I'd much prefer it if I could tell it was blue in conditions other than bright sunlight. As a Southern California boy, I'd have to say a nice Dodger Blue would be great.

RedShift | 21. august 2017

The blue one looked beautiful. Grey one too. From the front it's a ringer for a Porsche. Except the upturned lip, which immediately identifies it as a Tesla.

BTW: a bit of a back story. The two ladies you see in the video - they were Germans, visiting. They had a Model 3 on order. The lady and I went into a long discussion about cars. I mentioned I was primarily a BMW guy, and she said she is too, and she lives in Stuttgart, where Porsche has a factory. She said, "yes, we Germans do a really good job with cars, but we are SLEEPING right now! Why can't they do a nice electric,
like Tesla? I test drove the Model S, and I was hooked! I can't wait till we get our Model 3 in Germany!"

Then I went into it a bit with the static weight distribution, how Tesla handles so good because of its low CG and weight distribution, and she got all of it, as she was an enthusiast herself. It was such a nice discussion.

I have only one comment to make about the interior of the Model 3, though: it looks a bit too spartan. They need to add a bit of accents (wood or aluminum) on the door sills and/or side armrests. It's a bit drab right now. Well, once they ramp up production, maybe. I'm sure right now all they want to do is reduce the parts count so they can ramp up production.

Bluesday Afternoon | 21. august 2017

The blue is incredible! And, that's even more impressive considering it needed a good cleaning. The bird droppings and debris are a surprise as it's an employee car and parked in front of the Tesla Headquarters. My first stop will be to my favorite detailer for Optie-Coat application and tinting.

Thanks for the OP video.

noleaf4me | 21. august 2017

Nice! thanks for sharing

RedShift | 21. august 2017


You guys are welcome.

There were even clear coat swirls on two of them! I am not sure, but I think these belong to Tesla employees. So they have little spare time to wash their cars. ;-)

n2scuba | 21. august 2017

Oh, man. Choosing a color is going to be tough. I didn't think I would like a blue that dark, but it looks gorgeous. They all look fantastic!

Shock | 21. august 2017

Gray or bust.

ktruong4721 | 21. august 2017

I really want to see how BMW and Mercedes response to Tesla, as OP said, the German lady wants M3 so bad. Looks like we will have a lot of fun....

Teslaguy | 21. august 2017

The blue one, #313, was the one sent to NY for the bond sale.

carlk | 22. august 2017

Another vote for gray.

ktruong4721 Don't know what they would say in public but I'm sure they are having intense discussions internally of impacts from Tesla. Here is what VW is thinking.

ktruong4721 | 22. august 2017

carlk: It will be fun to see old car industry is shaking up their business models. Tesla is more like a tech company than the automobile company. To me: it looks like all tech companies are taking over the world, they are invading old industries one at a time. Tesla is the game changer, should we support them by buying their car and loading up their stock???

Nexxus | 23. august 2017

I loved this statement: "Around half of Tesla's engineers are software experts, while at VW's core brand it is a much lower proportion", Diess said.

Yeah, and their software engineers got them into big trouble, what, with the diesel fiasco.

ejunk | 23. august 2017

Blue or midnight gray....that's going to be a hard decision.

sbeggs | 23. august 2017

Red or silver, as of this moment...

Mike83 | 23. august 2017

I am happy to see dirty cars as the employees are working in manufacturing hell so we can get our M3s. Thank you Tesla employees.