No 2018 North American Car of the Year for the Model 3

No 2018 North American Car of the Year for the Model 3

Because Tesla has withdrawn from the competition. :(

citing not having a car to spare for testing, but more likely not wanting the press to have access to it yet.

Shock | 19. september 2017

Hmm, that seems an interesting explanation to say the least, but I wonder when they had to have the car available by?

LostInTx | 19. september 2017

I buy the notion that there's little to no upside in submitting a 3 when doing so may hurt S & X sales. Elon and his people have bigger fish to fry.

KP in NPT | 19. september 2017

The bolt was made available for testing months before it's release. I don't know the answer but I'd guess it would just need to be released for 2017, which the Model 3 is.

I'm not sure how this award works, but I'm wondering if they can wait until next year - when the D/P variants will be available. Commenter on that article also noted that next year the tax credit won't be available by the time the award comes out - which personally I think would be a good thing.

hoffmannjames | 19. september 2017

I suspect it is part of the "anti-selling" combined with the fact that Tesla's first priority is getting through production hell and meeting all the demand. Tesla is in a unique situation that they already have 100,000s reservations from people who want the car. They don't need the Model 3 to win an award in order to promote the car, unlike GM which basically needed the Bolt to win in order to sell the car. And right now, producing cars for testing in order to enter the award could divert needed resources away from ramping up production on schedule.

In some ways, the award could be a lose-lose for Tesla which would explain why they withdrew, If they entered the car now and it somehow loses, it creates really bad publicity. If they win, it creates good publicity and reservations increase even more at a time when Tesla is not ready yet to meet the existing demand.

My guess is that Tesla is waiting until they can submit the best of the best Model 3 (AWD with air suspension and performance) and totally kick butt and do it when their production is high and they can meet an increase in demand.

PhillyGal | 19. september 2017

Interesting move but could be an "all of the above" thing as far as reasons go. Anti-sell, not wanting a finished product in third party hands, wanting to focus on getting production cars into the hands of their very backlogged wait list.

SamO | 19. september 2017

Meh . . . who gives a shit, except advertisers. They'd love Tesla to win since that issue will sell way better than the alternative.

Tesla doesn't need it for Model 3. Not this year.

KP in NPT | 19. september 2017

+1 hoffmanjames, PG. And SamO. LOL

noleaf4me | 19. september 2017

@SamO - since Tesla does not advertise -- the advertisers would not want them to win it -- right??

And frankly - it needs to be nominated for car of the decade or maybe century...

cbardeen | 19. september 2017

Assume the software isn't finished. Would still allow you to deliver cars to employees, since it can be replaced by over-the-air update, but might not want reviewers to find bugs and complain about it. Could also be EAP isn't ready, since still fiddling with HW (HW2.5). Probably wouldn't want M3 evaluated without EAP at least as good as AP1. Again can be fixed with SW update, so doesn't affect delivery to employees. Don't think anti-selling is the reason. I think it is assumed they would win if entered, so don't think it would change orders unless they were to lose. However, they don't need the attention, so no reason to rush if not 100% ready. Plenty of reviews will follow in the next few months.

12Brent | 19. september 2017

They probably don't want the press to discover the hidden HUD. ;) LOL.

andy.connor.e | 19. september 2017

Why is this a thing? Its 2017 still.

Nexxus | 19. september 2017


Its a big deal to the major car manufacturers because their new 2018 lineup comes out Oct 1st. Unlike Tesla that has no year designation except the year its bought in period. So this news will fall hand in hand with the new lineups coming out.

hoffmannjames | 19. september 2017

I bet that Tesla likes not being beholden to releasing models by a certain date each year. They can just release a new car once and then update it periodically as they see fit.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 19. september 2017

Honestly, I doubt Tesla gives a [FLAMING FIG] about this award. When MOTOR TREND comes calling for their Car of the Year evaluations, the Model 3 will be there. Yup.

andy.connor.e | 19. september 2017

If you care about trends, then care about motor trend awards. If you dont, then recognize its a popularity contest, and popularity does not equal best.

El Mirio | 19. september 2017

I find the Chevy commercial which has "real customers" read all these awards funny. It underlines the fact that these awards are nothing but participation trophies :o)

SamO | 19. september 2017


Nope. They sell the ads to Ford, GM and Chevy . . . but Tesla brings 'em in. A little bait and switch is exactly what dealerships specialize in ;-)

Carl Thompson | 20. september 2017

" suspect it is part of the 'anti-selling' ..."

Are you suggesting that Tesla will still be anti-selling after the Model 3 has been released when the COTY is announced?

Doesn't that sort of make the Model 3 like Tesla's compliance car? (Car they would rather not sell but feel like they have to.) ;-)


Tropopause | 20. september 2017

"The car of the century"

Noleaf4me +100!

Carl Thompson | 20. september 2017

Without the Model 3 entering my money would be on the Hyundai Ioniq. World-beating efficiency for both the hybrid and all-electric versions, decent tech and OK styling all for a relatively low price.


mntlvr23 | 20. september 2017

I second - "The car of the century", Noleaf4me +100!

It is funny, but GM won "Car of the Year" for the Bolt, but did not show or mention the Bolt in any of their myriad ads that I saw (only mentioned all of the COY's they have won.

batmanasb | 20. september 2017


Maybe even the Ionic Plugin Hybrid, assuming it's getting released.

andy.connor.e | 21. september 2017

2018 North American Ego of the Year.

hsadler | 21. september 2017

I think Chevy is struggling to continue long term with the Bolt.

Coastal Cruiser. | 21. september 2017

What you guys all said.

noleaf4me: "it needs to be nominated for car of the decade or maybe century..."

Absolutely gosh-darned right. Even 'century' falls short. This is the culmination, or at minimum a major mile marker, from an idea that started back in 1850 or so.... that's over a century and a half.

Carl Thompson | 21. september 2017

"I think Chevy is struggling to continue long term with the Bolt."

Maybe. But I've been seeing a lot more of them on the road around here in recent months.


KP in NPT | 21. september 2017

They're going to do ok in CA. Good incentives, more eco-minded customers. Arguably better public charging infrastructure compared to other states.

It'll be interesting to see how they do in states that don't have those advantages, now that its supposedly on sale everywhere. (or soon.) Or when their federal incentive disappears.