Tesla power in a boat

Tesla power in a boat

Was interested to see if anyone has considered using a Tesla power train to run a boat.

Looks like many who have tried previously for battery only power in boats have used lead acid or AGM batteries at a fairly low voltage driving a DC motor For any chance for it to be practical lithium ion batteries would be needed running an AC motor.

From a car standpoint we had and still have one of the original electric cars a 48 volt D.C. Model by Citi Car, which was little more than a glorified golf car with a 40 mph top speed and range of 25-30 miles. Our current Tesla 90d shows the advantage of lithium ion with AC motors at a higher voltage.

Obviously the power requirements for running a boat are considerably different than a car with range severely limited by battery capacity. I could foresee a diesel generator powering a midsize battery pack which would act almost like a buffer. The battery would power the electric motor at peak demands, when idling the generator would supply more power than the motor would need thus replenishing the battery level with a smaller generator than would be needed if sized as an engine for peak demand.

Our normal cruise is less than 10 miles round trip most of which we would like to do on battery power alone, the occasional trips of upto 30 miles would be supported by the generator charging the battery.


reed_lewis | 10. oktober 2017

That would be something like a diesel electric setup with a battery in the middle.

Kind of an interesting idea. Perhaps the powerwall could do it!

El Mirio | 10. oktober 2017

Here someone converted to electric boat with tesla battery.

Hinckley Electric Yacht 40 miles range.

Frank99 | 10. oktober 2017

It should be a reasonable thing to do for a short-range boat.

We go out to the lake about once a week for some waterskiing. We might use up 10 gallons of gas in a 4 hour session. That's probably about equivalent to the 300 mile range of a Model S, so a 100 kwh battery pack and motor would make an excellent afternoon ski boat. Of course, that weeklong trip we take to Lake Powell every year might be a bit of a challenge....

DANIEL.YATES | 26. august 2019 makes a Tesla like sail boat. Has solar, and regenerative prop when the wind is high. Can’t wait for more like it.