Tesla Charger - High rise issue!

Tesla Charger - High rise issue!

So we got our new Model S few weeks ago. We live in a high rise in downtown Chicago. Before we signed up for the car, we ran by our request with the HOA to see if they will allow us to install an outlet in our deeded spot which they agreed to. Now, I just got a contract from the HOA lawyer who wants me to insure my NEM 14-30 outlet for a general liability insurance for upto $1 million. My insurance company literally laughed at me for asking to insure an outlet. Have any of you guys experienced something similar and if so, what have you done?

Thanks for all your help guys! You all have been awesome!

tes-s | 26. oktober 2017

When your insurance agent stopped laughing, did they tell you if it was covered under your existing insurance, or what a rider would cost?

avaniandharsh | 26. oktober 2017

My current homeowner's/condo insurance is only upto 500k liability. They won't offer 1mil. For that I need umbrella insurance policy added to my homeowner's policy.

Made in CA | 26. oktober 2017

It may not be a bad idea to get a seperate $1M umbrella policy anyway. You would get coverage to other things beside just the charger. $500k ain't much these days.

tes-s | 26. oktober 2017

You could talk to the HOA, and tell them you have $500k and ask it that would be ok. They just may say yes, and if not ask what they thing the potential liability is and why they need so much. Also, are you sure the $1M is for the outlet, and not the install? I would expect they require all contractors that do work in the building to be licensed and insured, and the $1M may apply to the installation.

Umbrella is probably a few hundred dollars annually. Would apply to your car(s) as well. I suggest you talk to your insurance agent, or find a new one, and review all your insurance. $1M umbrella may be a good idea anyway, depending on your situation.

One other thing - why not install a 14-50 instead of a 14-30? Is there a power problem? As long as you are going to all this expense, it would be nice to have a 14-50 and charge a little faster the few times you might need it.

avaniandharsh | 26. oktober 2017

Good point! We are going to talk to HOA office and try to talk to them to see if 500k is max to see if they will agree. If not, umbrella policy it is. Yea I think our insurance agent said umbrella policy would be 300-400 extra a year - not much in grand scheme of things, but just annoying given that our outlet installation process is coming out to almost 3k with attorney fees and electrician charge, etc.

$ 1 mil is for me. Electrical company also needs their own insurance to carry out installation and is a separate requirement by my condo building.

Electrician said that 14-50 might trip the breaker switch and so to go with 14-30 to be on safe side. It'll definitely be little slower, but our daily commute is less than 30 miles so doubt we would be affected by the slow charging speed.

On a different note, any of you know how much monthly charge is reasonable to pay to building for fair electricity usage? They are charging us a 1 time $150 BS fee and $40/monthly on top of that. I used tesla website and electric rate to calculate and our usage is coming out to about half off that, but we are just going to let it go if they let us install the charger and we don't have to keep going to the supercharger every couple days.

PhillyGal | 26. oktober 2017

If they consider/allow an umbrella policy, one for $1 mil isn't expensive at all, especially when bundled with your current homeowner's/renter's insurance.

tes-s | 26. oktober 2017

The $150 is probably to offset their legal and other costs. $40/mo for electricty is fair. At $.12/kWh that is about 1000 miles.

Should get about 16 miles added per hour on a commercial (208v) 30a circuit.

RAR | 26. oktober 2017

If it isn't too much extra, consider the 14-50 and setting a location based current limit in the car. You might not need it often, but it is nice to have the option of a faster charge. The HOA probably won't increase the monthly fee for that.

dortor | 26. oktober 2017

get an umbrella policy - that will cover liability and you can adjust other insurance to lower rates if you have a high liability umbrella - if you can afford a Tesla it's time to have a general umbrella policy covering you.

that will meet the HOA requirements. | 26. oktober 2017

ask the lawyer if they require that policy for each dryer outlet (usually a nema 14-30)?

Rocky_H | 27. oktober 2017

Links, people. They're helpful. This same question was brought up in September 2016.

Yes, a 14-30 is plenty for daily charging.

eztider | 30. oktober 2017

The $1 million policy is written into law here in California. My cost is only about $375 a year for it. Worth it to have charging at my condo. I pay nothing to the HOA for electricity as the conduit runs (mostly underground) from my electrical panel to the outlet near the parking space.

dragon_summie | 21. juni 2018

@avaniandharsh can you share your Electrician info with me? thank you!

ted | 22. juni 2018

April 2017 100D- I put on 15,000. miles per year , my electric bill went up 25.00 per month. Also, our electric rates are very low.