Wall Connector Cable Length

Wall Connector Cable Length

bob | 02. november 2017

We purchased a Model "X" about 3 weeks ago, and , in turn, purchased a Wall Connector with an 8-1/2 foot cable (versus the 24-foot cable)(there was/is no intermediate cable length). We were assured that the 8-1/2 foot cable was typically purchased for home charging purchases and the cable length should be fine. I explained to the Sales rep that the plan was to install the Wall Connector in our 2-car garage in the divider space between our two car stalls in the garage, and with the plan to park the Tesla in the parking stall to the left of the divider space, which meant that the charging port would be on the far side of the parking space from the Wall Connector, because this parking space is slightly wider and more convenient for my wife. However, after we had the Wall Connector installed, we discovered that the cable is about six inches too short to reach the charging port because the cable needs to bend at the charging end of the cable in order to get around the left-rear fender of the vehicle and be inserted into the charging port. I advised the Sales rep of the situation, and asked why Tesla does not make a 10- or 12-foot charging cable. Neither the Sales rep, nor any of the Service reps, had any explanation why Tesla only sells the 8-1/2 foot and 24-foot cable lengths, but no other intermediate, longer cable configuration for the Wall Connector. I contacted Tesla HQ (Owner Services) and shared this info with them, and emailed Tesla thru my account, but have heard nothing back. Would strongly recommend that Tesla sell the Wall Connector with an intermediate, slightly longer cable configuration (e.g., 10- or 12-feet).

JPPTM | 02. november 2017

Unfortunately there is no cable lengthening tool. If in doubt, get the longer one and neatly roll up the extra cable on an appropriate hanger or cable holder. Tesla probably does not want to stock many different SKUs and items.

Rocky_H | 03. november 2017

@bob, Quote: " We were assured that the 8-1/2 foot cable was typically purchased for home charging purchases and the cable length should be fine."

This doesn't really help you now, and I'm sorry you got bad advice from the sales person, but 8.5 feet is short, and should only be used if you have it installed on that back left corner right by the charging port. Sales folks may not have listened or understood what you were explaining about where the wall connector was going to be, and they give bad advice sometimes. The car is almost that wide, so you do need to overrule what they are recommending. This is one of those reasons why advice from owners here on the forums who live with the cars every day is more valuable than the sales staff who (mostly) haven't lived with it at home.

reed_lewis | 03. november 2017

My attitude is to purchase the longer cable unless you are absolutely sure the shorter cable works. The dfference is $50.

The other option is to purchase another one and join them together.

Redmiata98 | 04. november 2017

So were you able to return yours and get the one with the longer cable?
When I originally got mine in 2014 there was only one option. I would suggest anyone buying one now go with the longer one unless they are REALLY sure that the shorter cable will fulfill their needs AND they have verified same by actually measuring.

patrick40363 | 04. november 2017

You should have bought the 24 ft one. I installed my unit with a 25 ft cord in the same place but I also wanted to make sure it would take care on 2 EVs not just 1. I also measured with a tape before hand.

milesbb | 05. november 2017

FYI, the National Electrical Code limits the cord length to 25 ft. NEC 625.17(C).

Propwash | 20. november 2017

Can An Electrician use the fittings off your Charger and build you a custom 12 foot cord?

Frank99 | 21. november 2017

I'm sure it would be cheaper to buy a 24 foot cable from Tesla. The whole HPWC is only $500, and they must provide replacement cables in case of unexpected garage accidents. It's likely that your electrician would charge you more than that in time to build a custom cable. I'd pay Tesla in a heartbeat rather than use a jury-rigged one.

That said, cutting down a 24 foot cable to 12 foot would likely be a lot less work, and a possibility if you didn't want to mess with coiling up excess cable.

Tesla-David | 21. november 2017

I have the 24' cable for HPWC and it folds nicely on the hook provided. I plan on using the extra length to reach our M3 on far side of garage, when we get it for charging both our MS and M3.

SUN 2 DRV | 21. november 2017

Tesla uses the same definition of a "Foot" as those that are marked on a tape measure available at Home Depot. Maybe the quick use of a tape measure would have illuminated the situation for you.

It's been said that a Tesla is a Thinking Person's car...

psusi | 21. november 2017

@milesbb, that is really weird. Paragraph A just above there seems to say it can only be 15 feet:

(3) Have an overall length as specified in (a) or (b):
(a) When the interrupting device of the personnel protection system specified in 625.22 is
located within the enclosure of the supply equipment or charging system, the power
supply cord shall be no more than 300 mm (12 in.) long,
(b) When the interrupting device of the personnel protection syst
em specified in 625.22 is located at the attachment plug, or within the first 300 mm (12 in.) of the power supply
cord, the overall cord length shall be a minimum of 1.8 m (6 ft) and shall be no greater
than 4.6 m (15 ft)

milesbb | 23. november 2017

I agree it is confusing. I am looking at the 2014 NEC. Perhaps the 2017 clears this up a bit. The handbook may have some additional explanation as well. Clearly the 15 ft does not apply as all manufactures seem to go near 25 '.

praveen51569 | 15. desember 2017

I have recently purchased 24 Feet cable charger, it seems we can cut the cable to 12ft if needed. My question here is can we use the remaining cable as input cable from breaker box to charger?

reed_lewis | 15. desember 2017

I simply do not understand people who want to cut a cable that is too long. Why would would want to do that? The HPWC warranty would be void, and it might never work as well as it did when it was whole.

The wires inside the cable from the car to the box are stranded, and the cables that go into breakers are always solid. You would never want to put stranded cable into a circuit breaker because it simply will not be reliable.

Just bit the bullet and buy 12 feet of the appropriate gauge romex cable.

kaffine | 15. desember 2017


The wires between the breaker and the HPWC will normally be stranded. Romex is stranded when it is thicker than 8awg and if using conduit and pulling individual conductors they are going to be stranded not many people pull solid conductors in conduit. Building wire uses a different strand count than a flexible cord like HPWC cable. Building wire typically uses fewer larger strands while flexible cord uses more smaller strands for added flexibility. If using fine stranded wire in a circuit breaker or similar screw type connector then sleeves or ferrules should be used.

I would consider cutting the cable to length if needed and I had the terminals to redo the connections inside the housing. From what I see they use a spade lug on the inside of the HPWC from the pics I saw doing a google search I don't have my HPWC handy to verify though. If you don't have the correct tools to replace the terminals then I wouldn't consider making the cable shorter. I tend to be CDO (it is like OCD but in alphabetical order) so I can see making the cable just the length I need and not have to coil up 10 feet of extra cable.

SUN 2 DRV | 17. desember 2017


Section 625.17 Cords and Cables. (A) Power Supply Cord. The cable for cord-connected equipment

This section describes the cord from the wall outlet to the EVSE device, eg the short end of Tesla's UMC cable that goes to the adapter plug. Since the safety disconnect is in the UMC enclosure (and not in the adapter plug itself, that cable segment is limited to 12". Hence leading to the dangling UMC mounting problem.

The HPWC used a hardwired "cable" and so is not considered a "cord connected device".

In either case it's the next Section B of 625.17 Cords and Cables (B) Output Cable to the Electric Vehicle that governs the cable length to the car, and limits it to a max of 25'. Note that for the HPWC that's measured from the HPWC to the car, and because the UMC is not fixed mounted the 25' is measured from the UMC's Wall Plug to the car.

SUN 2 DRV | 17. desember 2017

@kaffine It sounds like you know what you are doing and are willing to take the time to do it right. But for the average electrician or DIY homeowner, I agree with @reed_lewis that they should just buy a bit of extra cable to run from the breaker to the HPWC and NOT try to modify the HPWC itself by shortening the charging cable.

milesbb | 17. desember 2017

Shortening the cord will void the listing of the wall connecter. Local inspector may object to this. You could end up buying a second wall connector when it fails inspection. Cord is not a suitable replacement for Romex. Cord cannot be run in wall space unprotected. I believe it can be run in conduit if that is your plan. Of course you will need a larger diameter conduit over using individual conductors. The larger conduit will negate your wire savings.

vedmanish | 17. mars 2018

I believe that the amount of current delivered will be less with a longer cable. Thats because of the higher resistance of the longer cable.

Rocky_H | 19. mars 2018 some imperceptible fraction of a percent.

jpcollins9 | 19. mars 2018

I fretted over this same situation but with a twist. I wanted to buy an 8.5Ft charging cable that I could use with a 240/50 amp outlet. No can do, says Tesla since it only comes with the wall connector but not separately. My wife solved the issue by announcing she would only unroll 8 ft of our 20 ft cable, leaving the rest on our garden hose wall mounted rack ( she being the clear thinker in the family!)

dmm1240 | 19. mars 2018

I have a Wall Mount equipped with a 24' cable. What I do is to wrap the cable around the mount, which is anchored to a brick wall. You can buy a hook but I don't think it necessary. My Wall Mount is attached to brick and it easily supports the weight of the cable.


If I were in your shoes, this is what I would do.
1 Contact Tesla again and ask if they would exchange your Wall Mount for one with a 24' cable for free. If they balk, then ask if they would exchange your unit for some kind of consideration. If Tesla says no, then:
2. Order a Wall Mount with a 24' cable.
3. When it arrives, contact your electrician to change the two units out. Relatively simple to do, your electrician shouldn't charge more than $100 or so. Don't attempt to do it yourself, btw, 240v is not something to play around with unless you know what you're doing.
4. Put your old unit up for sale on eBay for something like $300. Or, let it be known on this forum and other Tesla forums that you're willing to let your practically new 8.5' unit go for this reduced price. There are plenty of potential buyers around who will have a use for it.

Hope that helps solve your problem.

dmm1240 | 19. mars 2018


Something else. When you talk to Tesla ask what it would do to the warranty if you sell your unit to a third party. Any buyer will want to know what (s)he's let themselves in for if they buy from you rather than Tesla.

SUN 2 DRV | 20. mars 2018

"I believe that the amount of current delivered will be less with a longer cable. Thats because of the higher resistance of the longer cable."

Actually not, since the Tesla charger in the car will draw the amount of current set on the charging screen. eg 40 amps. However the voltage drop would be ever so slightly higher across a longer cable.