Hi was wondering if anyone here owns a tesla in Malta, I have seen a few but no idea how the owners are going around about servicing them with the closest centre being Milan!.

I had contacted tesla in the past and they did not mention any authorised general service mechanics on the island. | 12. november 2017

There have been a scattering of Tesla's on islands and in countries Tesla does not sell/service. In those cases, the car must be returned to a factory service center for service. You might be able to convince Tesla to send a ranger to your location, but this is somewhat doubtful. You would likely have to pay quite a bit to get a ranger to your island, if Tesla even allowed it. You might convince a ranger
on the side (not through Tesla) to take a fully pre-paid vacation to your location to service your car on an island. If you got a group of Tesla owners together it might start to be cost effective.

Other than the Uber rich, it doesn't seem all that practical.

Dr.Mazen | 13. august 2019

I wanted to ask?
Is there a Tesla dealer and service in Malta? Is there Tesla superchargers ? | 14. august 2019

Hawaii first then Malta.