White Interior

White Interior

Is it just me, or in the design studio is the lower dash of the Model S white interior black? I think I may have broken the design studio again...

omair_tariq1 | 12. november 2017

Model s being made after 10.1 all have black dash in the ultra white option. You can’t get white dash any more

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 12. november 2017

White dash for Model X only!!

Ohmster | 12. november 2017

^Yup. That’s what it shows in the configuration we have spooled up waiting for our deposit.

pranfire | 13. november 2017

man, i liked the white dash with the white seats. now it seems more contrasting.

omair_tariq1 | 13. november 2017

yeh - I was able to find a perfect inventory model that came off the line Sep 18. The custom built I had ordered was a blue w a white interior but without the white dash. The black dash does not look as good as the white dash.

Tropopause | 14. november 2017

Why is the dash now black on the S but still white on the X?

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 14. november 2017

Dash is black on S to convince you to upgrade to the more expensive X.

kcj5317 | 15. november 2017

I orderd at Sep 5 and production started at Oct 13. will my tesla's dash color be black? MyTesla's Documents's interior picture was white dash at Oct 15.

mat.perkins | 16. november 2017

:-( white dash was what I wanted too.

kndys | 16. november 2017

Order confirmed last week of September. Configurator showed white dash. I asked which I'd be getting. Was told black dash. This was a Sept order. Told the reason was that the design team felt the all black dash looked much better with the white seats than the white dash. Said the design team was "unanimous" in this. If so, why wouldn't the X have an all black dash. Quite a sales pitch. Makes no sense.
Car just went into production yesterday so will be interesting to see what dash I actually get.

xzavier77 | 16. november 2017

I ordered September 23 (confirmed on September 26, went into production October 24) and took delivery on November 13. Like others, I had been very worried it wouldn’t have the white dash as shown on my spec sheet. So you can imagine how absolutely elated I was when I walked up to it on Monday and saw a white dash looking back at me. Whew! So relieved.

Gladiator76 | 16. november 2017

I also preferred the white. Bring it back please.