solar sistem to Tesla app

solar sistem to Tesla app

Tesla just update the Tesla app and now you can see your Solar system in the app... but every time I try to log in ,,., the app says "there are no products linked to your Tesla account" ,.,. so my question is ,.,., how do I link my solar to the Tesla app ???

rdonner | 25. januar 2018

Same question here! The link to our Model S is unchanged and I can access the solar/powerwall demo but not our solar roof.

gorideen | 01. kan 2018

Same question. Help.....anyone?

Teslafarmer | 03. kan 2018

Call support. It needs fixing.

roger | 07. kan 2018

Just out of curiosity, what is the support number?

johnsonkw | 20. juni 2018

Has a Tesla rep answered this question? I would also like to know how to integrate my Solar City solar panels with my Tesla app. Thank you in advance.

zacreid | 11. september 2018

Me too. Pre-existing SolarCity setup prior to Model 3. The app gives me a page to request a quote when I swipe for solar - but has no "sign in with existing" option or other method of linking.
My accounts have same address and same primary email. I asked support how to link yesterday via "ask a question". Nothing yet, but they are likely really busy these days. Hope it gets worked out.

groovygravy10 | 21. september 2018

I also get No products linked to your Tesla account. I even emailed customer service and help desk. Waiting to hear back.

shadow.tbc | 27. september 2018

solar city to Tesla user, why can i no longer use the app and see power generated???
if you are taking over a company at least provide the same support!