How am I supposed to feel? Someone please help me (us).

How am I supposed to feel? Someone please help me (us).

I purchased 2017 Model S 90D fully loaded. in late aug 2017. i have been back and forth to the service center 8 times for mechanical & cosmetic issues in the first 2 months and every 3 weeks something is popping up....and I have another appointment that we are waiting on a part for my broken frunk that will not open unless i stick my finger in and release the second latch manually (2nd time this broke, first time they "repaired" it without replacing a im also noticing condensation in taillight next to the charge port...

again and again....issue after issue....ive driven 3 or 4 loaner cars (its sad that i cant even remember) and also spent multiple hours in lounge each visit....i know every sales/service person by name.... each service visit the papers at the end have corrected multiple issues....

car just hit 10,000 miles.

ive been more then content. ive kept my mouth sealed, never complained..... and i havent said a word....until now....

I reffered my mother in law to buy a model x, she took delivery a month after me in september 2017....she bought the 100d brand new outright CASH....and she has.....HAD NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS....

broken frunk, busted mirrors, (the seat latch recall) & now tonight was just the friggen icing on the cake..... The front passenger window went down & would not come back up. I TRIED EVERYTHING to get it jump back on the track to try and see if it would come back up on its no avail....

called tesla service, they walk me through window & door calibration (manually close plastic internal door latch, pull door closed, press and hold down window button for 2 seconds...wait for it to reprogram...) NOTHING, not fixed...heres the kicker.....the plastic door latch inside the door was now stuck in the closed position and now we have a stuck open door and stuck down window....

mind you, freezing cold temperatures, cant feel my hands. outside for 20 minutes....while im trying to manually reopen the lock so we can close the door and drive home with an open window....while holding a cell phone with support lady who tells me....

...."i can call a tow truck for you and send you home in an uber....the tow truck will bring ur car to a service center to be looked at in the morning"
i respond - "is someone going to be there to bring the car inside the service center?"
she responds - "no the car will be left outside with the key in a drop box"
i say "with the window open? who is responsible if a theft happens?!!! how is that supposed to be safe?"
she responds - "well as far as i know, you would be responsible because its on the street, but idk i cant say for sure"
(oh thanks thats reassuring)

so now im friggin livid...

i said "well how about a loaner? i know you dont have the ability to get me a tesla but what about a hertz rental"

she responds- "sorry sir but for this type of situation we can only send you home in an uber"

side note: every single conversation that these tesla road side people in cali have with us owners should have a supervisor on immediate standby to tell them what the right response is because im absolutely jaw dropped at the way they are handling the situation..

so now here is my issue and why im bringing this up.....

I know things happen, and at the very least, boo-hoo this is an ultra first world problem... but seriously, this is ridiculous.

i have a collection of service reports for my car and it looks like my mother-in-law's is adding up....

but i DRIVE ALOT 25k a year at least. i own several different cars between my business, myself & my fiance... 99 crv, 2017 crv, 2007 chevy 3500 van, honda motorcycle, lexus nx200t, and the tesla model s.....

of course my preferred vehicle should be the most expensive/luxurious/convenient one i own....and every road trip i took this thing on, ive had a problem/inconvenience. im heading to florida from brooklyn, NY in 3 weeks and its gunna be another 3k+ miles and im worried im gunna have more issues...what if something happens and im stuck in the middle of no where with no phone service...cant call tesla service from the car itself...

i bought this damn thing for 2 reasons AUTOPILOT & EFFICIENCY. i joke with the service center every time and tell them "if this car looked like a hunk of metal lunch box and still drove the same way & (have the ability to possibly drive itself one day, i dont care about anything else itll be fine by me..."

im not gunna even start talking about autopilot...

but im gunna be honest guys.....the love is dying man and its disappointing the hell outta me. cause ive had the tolerance to deal with all of this in such a short time span (and also because when they wash my car for free making it look like delivery day again 8 TIMES IN A ROW, you kinda forget about the issues.....)

but now this is making ME look bad.

i told my mother in law, that this was the future, that this was the way. self driving, ease of driving with autopilot, no polluting, the newness of the software updates. EVERYTHING...and now this lady is losing faith too.

im sorry about the rant. ive held this inside for months and i needed to get this off my chest because I need to know the truth....

i didnt hear about tesla's quality issues till the week of my delivery. and even then ive only heard of the apparent -one off- scenarios....

but THIS is a complete catastophy:
Here were my issues so far (not in order):

- Damaged arachnid rims on referral delivery (forced to keep them).

- Stuck open Driver door handle (Repaired,not replaced)

- Inner driver door body panel clips replaced for loose fitment.

- Rear cupholders stuck open (Replaced)

- Broken frunk 2 times (repaired once, waiting on part now)

- loose under screen cubby (replaced clips)

- complete driver side door seal replacement

- chrome trim realignment not matching door panels.

- Complete inner axle nut replacements both sides front end, caused squeaking every time i accel/decel, service center claimed fixed, took apart front end, picked up car...wasnt car, took loaner. fixed another time.

- inner lower control arm suspension bolt was loose caused whole driver side wheel assembly to shift forward and backward at a different time then the opposite wheel.

- 3 Wheel alignments, discovered my steering wheel came from factory with a 2.5 degree offset. meaning computer says alignments okay but angle of steering wheel is incorrect so we have to purposely align the wheel with a 2.5 degree adjustment in order for me not to have to steer with the wheel to the right to keep the car straight.

- front bumper not aligned with fender on both sides properly, looks horrible, never complained about it but i probably will now...

- leather has cracks and is loose all over, heard owners getting replaced seats, asked tesla about it...they said i dont have vegan so they wont replace...

- model s driver side door sill had permanent foot mark scrapes from it being a previous test drive/showroom vehicle. (never complained at delivery cause i wanted to take the car on my pre planned road trip)

- massive wheel vibration upon rapid acceleration on smooth roads, problem solved due to improperly balanced tires & under pressure.

- motor grinding? after 30mph even at moderate acceleration i feel a rough grinding in accelerator & i hear the normal electric motor whine turn into a deeper grinding noise that can be immediately stopped just be easing off the accelerator and then restarted from pressing the pedal again... occurs from 30-80mph at medium to high acceleration. this is my most feared worry that the motor is defective and will just stop on me one day....

-passenger side stuck closed mirror for 3 days (ask me how driving on the highway felt) (fixed itself, never ordered new part)

- had a flat tire once, roadside came, jacked up car improperly completely crushed and damaged underside of the lower trim along the bottom floor of the car. (tesla willing to fix for free if i leave car at authorized repair shop, havent had time to do it.)

- passenger side tesla logo repeater above ap2.0 camera rearward camera had condensation (completely replaced)

im so tired of typing....honestly theres more and i cant even remember. i gotta look at my service sheets.

what do i do? is this qualified as a lemon? who in the higher ups can i complain to, has anyone on this forum had this bad of an experience?

what kind of compensation am i entitled to? my car in total has been in a service center for more then 30 days overall....should i get at least one of my monthly car payments refunded?

i am not complaining for the sake of complaining. this is coming out because now its not just me & this is making me look bad... Its my mother in laws brand spanking new 100D model x with similar issues...i should not be repairing a jammed window in the freezing cold on a 120k car with 1000 miles on it..... i just dont understand. whoever said there USED to be major issues in the beginning days of production must be joking cause.....Clearly it hasnt stopped.

hcwhy | 31. januar 2018

By chance, are you a short investor? Or do you work for another automobile company or dealership in some capacity? Just wondering......

SO | 31. januar 2018

I’d be curious to see your service documents to see what’s been done.

You can could upload them to a new post on and then reference the thread from here.

J.T. | 31. januar 2018

@djjohnny If you haven't gone over the head of the service manager in brooklyn, you should. You can do that by going to your MY Tesla page, scroll down to SUPPORT and select ESCALATE from the drop down menu.

nlanzano | 31. januar 2018

@hcwhy FWIW I know djjohnny personally and he's a huge Tesla fan, even has enough referrals for a set of arachnids. He's trying his best to love the car and the company but repetitive service issues can be frustrating. Hopefully he can get to the bottom of these issues and go back to loving his car and the company. I can guarantee you he's not stirring the pot for no reason.

reed_lewis | 31. januar 2018

Why is it when people post that they have issues with their car, there are some people who believe they are short sellers or car dealership employees? Look, not every Tesla is perfect. There are issues with every product.

carlk | 31. januar 2018

Op I do have to command you for taking time to search all possible problems that could happen to the car although I still think you need to do a better research on them so things like seat latch recall for a Sep. 17 car will not be cited.

@reed_lewis Give me a call when you have time. I have a great financial deal to offer you.

Silver2K | 31. januar 2018

OP really looks like an asshole when posting his issues everywhere, reed.

Silver2K | 31. januar 2018

OP really looks like an asshole when posting his issues everywhere, reed.

Tesla-David | 31. januar 2018

Five year+ owner on second MS with M3 on the way. My experience has been totally positive, and nothing like OP's rant. If even half of his complaints are true he should have had his car replaced by Tesla as a "Lemon". Not sure how to react to this rant", but skeptical.

djjohnny110 | 31. januar 2018

@silver2k do me favor, YOU GO TRY TO FIX A BRAND NEW MODEL X PASSENGER SIDE WINDOW STUCK IN THE DOOR IN THE FREEZING COLD. then maybe youll say to yourself....ya know what....this is ridiculous. like i said, ive kept my mouth shut. ive read all the posts with people having issues with there cars. and like i said ive felt that its always been a one off scenario and that at the end of the day tesla was resolving these issues. but im sorry this was the tipping point for me guys. if im the victim of a stuck down window in the freezing winter half way through a new york to florida road trip i swear ill be the first one with a torch at fremont. this SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN. and yet ive found countless videos of people having there windows stuck down or not even working on youtube. at the very least the service center visits are a waste of my time and luckily i dont work a 9-5 cause i own my own business on the weekends so every time ive been to the service center its been convenient for them not me. cause had i actually worked every day like everyone else, idk how someone else in my position would have had the time tio actually get my car fixed as many times as it was... i bring all of this up because i want to hear more stories. i know u guys hate it but im being fully honest, i just want advice from people from severe situations like this... 8 TIMES, who get serviced 8 time in 3 months. and it couldve been more if i didnt compile the issues for them or wait for something major...

SO | 31. januar 2018

If you go to your tesla page for your vehicle, you can choose to escalate a support issue.

(Maybe you did this already. I didn’t read your entire post.)

SO | 31. januar 2018
djjohnny110 | 31. januar 2018

SO thankyou yes someone advised me earlier and on the facebook owners page i sent it out last night. thankyou again

carlk | 31. januar 2018

Definitely an a-hole who thinks he's the most important person in the world.

Can you answer my question what is that seat latch recall for your Sep. 17' X?

djjohnny110 | 31. januar 2018

thankyou for your friendly compliment. model x isnt mine, its my mother in law's ill find out, she said it was a rear safety belt issue that was up for recall. and she took delivery in sept, doesnt mean the car was made in september. i dont know her manufacture date. but that was just a simple example of another time she needed to visit a service center. my model s was manufactured 3/17 i took delivery 8/17.

carlk | 31. januar 2018

The question is what is the seat latch recall you mother in law had?

djjohnny110 | 31. januar 2018

ill get more info when i speak to her later

carlk | 31. januar 2018

I don't think you will ever come back for that info.

Middledawg | 31. januar 2018

If it's truly that bad, go to your My Tesla page. Look for the Lemon Law document. Look up the synopsis of your state's lemon law. Follow the steps outlined. Tesla will either have to effect repairs, or extend a full refund or replace your lemon at no charge.

Case closed.

SCCRENDO | 31. januar 2018

I did not read all the details but if true OP has my sympathies. I am a longtime Tesla fanboi
Model 85S, Vin 77xx, April 2013, 137000 miles
Model 3, Vin 30xx, jan 2018, 1700 miles.

In my first 6 months and 14000 miles of ownership everything that could go wrong went wrong. I cut Tesla a lot of slack because of my trust in them and they came through for me every time. I was on first name terms with everyone at the Costa Mesa SC. Since then I pretty much show up for annual services. My battery blew out a bank of cells at 107000 miles and they gave me a new loaner battery for nearly a year. They have just remanufactured my battery and returned it to me and it is as good as new. It has soem degradation but it is better than it was prior to blowing out the bank of cells. Although I am out of warrant for the rest they have replaced my master charger and light and rain sensors without charge. They also upgraded me to the new tire pressure sensors which measure individual tire pressures free of charge at 90000 miles because of TPMS warnings on the old type sensors.

Bottom line. Sorry for your problems. Most people don't have problems. But when you do Tesla always takes care of you.

Tropopause | 31. januar 2018

Thanks, Carlk for pointing out that recall issue mistiming. With so many minute details coming from OP, kind of hard to believe he wouldn’t know/remember the recall specifics.

Study harder, OP.

carlk | 31. januar 2018

This is a common technique trolls use. They just glance through the forum to collect several problems people posted and to make them all appear on his supposedly several months old car. That may make the story more believable but you always think how unlucky a person could be to have all the problems people had on one car at the same time. They usually will leave some holes in the story and it's a pretty big hole for this op's. The seat latch recall happened in mid-16' and he got a late 17' car. Not every complain is made up of course but this one very likely is.

Captain_Zap | 31. januar 2018

What rear cupholders?

djjohnny110 | 31. januar 2018

wow man, you guys are hilarious. its so sad u think my story is fake.....

@sccrendo thankyou for your kind words. appreciate it. good luck to you.

lilbean | 31. januar 2018

I remember you, @djjohnny and I know you are a real owner.

Silver2K | 31. januar 2018


post a link to your work orders please and delete your address.

frankfarter9999 | 31. januar 2018

Burn the heretic.

etpaintersseo | 01. februar 2018

I am a Tesla Fan!

lilbean | 01. februar 2018

Is it just me or do you think of that Michael Bolton song too?

Tropopause | 01. februar 2018

It was just you, lilbean but thanks to your suggestive selling I now think of that song as well.

lilbean | 01. februar 2018

Haha! Sorry. :)

AxeBro | 03. februar 2018

I know we tend to err on the side of caution with posts like this ... but searching thru OP's postings here, I don' think he's BSing.

Hree's the thread where he talks about how he got the car:

Sooo unless he's realllly clever and playing the long con, there may be some validity. Hopefully whatever it is, it gets resolved.

I'm waiting on my MX, and hate seeing posts like this. I'm long TSLA, and an evangelist among my circle of friends.

I live in his area - maybe i'll meet up with him at the SC some day.

AxeBro | 03. februar 2018

also too - can we get this guy banned? etpaintersseo ?

Tcornwell | 06. mars 2018

Half the issues are related to the fact it was a showroom car/Test Drive Car. Fit and finish. Welcome to the club.

You got a discount for that fact. My guess is pretty sizable discount as well. You tell us how much?

In fact in your rant you say "never complained at delivery cause i wanted to take the car on my pre planned road trip".

I inspected my car up and down and we made a list right there and then. Don't be in a hurry buying a Tesla. Shame on you sir.

I also purchased a showroom car not a test drive car, and yes they promised to fix a lot, after I took possession and they did it all. Had problem lately with seat, driver side is all the way back and has issues. They replaced it. I have no issues though with lose bolts, alignments (thats the tester part), My car was in the Mall of Americas in Tampa. There must have been 10,000 people in and out of that car. It had less then 48 miles on it. Really it runs like a clock. Been on loooooong trusted road trips with it and its amazing. I also maintain my car, Tire Pressures, don't run into curbs etc.

SO yes some of your story is sort of related to you. Your in a hurry and that is costing you dearly. Really sorry your having trouble truly. But that is the longest, most unbelievable rant I have ever read. This coming from someone who can write it with the best of them.

Tcornwell | 06. mars 2018

"Legally Robbed TESLA"

I missed this entry forum. Wow, you always get what you pay for and now this thread is done after reading:

Good luck Pal, after you have to give that car back from your lease, where are you going to go then?

dustin.mcgrath79 | 06. mars 2018

Except when you’re writing you don’t know the difference between your and you’re.

How is it his fault his car is f’ed up? Hold em to it DJ. I’d be frustrated too!

JiveMiguel | 08. mars 2018

With your hands.

lilbean | 08. mars 2018

Tell me, how am I supposed to live without you?

rxlawdude | 08. mars 2018

Yep, if this OP is the one who bragged about "legally robbing Tesla," one word comes to mind: karma.

blue adept | 09. mars 2018

Damn it, lilbean, damn it!

lilbean | 09. mars 2018


TabascoGuy | 09. mars 2018


Yes, it's him. Cause and effect lol.

lilbean | 09. mars 2018

Oh yes. He’s the twenty-four year old who traded in his dad’s car and got $15K.