Backup camera full/partial failure intermittently

Backup camera full/partial failure intermittently

I thought I saw a thread about this but cannot find it now. Is anyone else experiencing a recurring failure or partial failure with the backup camera since the 50.3 update? Sometimes it's black, sometimes the color is wrong and sometimes it shows a normal image but it's "static". This last one makes trusting it in a busy parking lot a VERY bad idea!) The problem ALWAYS goes away after a double/scroll-button press but that can be annoying since this is happening about 1/3 of the time now. Am I alone in this?

Redmiata98 | 21. februar 2018

What did the Tesla helpline say? Did they show an error code on their screen for your vehicle? (They have the capability to remote in to your vehicle.) If there was no error code and it is intermittent it will be hard to fix.
If the problem happens again and stays the same each time you use it (not rebooting) then leave it that way so the Service Tech can see it. Just rebooting to make it go away is only a temporary work around that you should not have to implement. Does it stay the same or does it vary?

markcohen | 22. februar 2018

I posted to this forum a few weeks ago. I had a one time failure where a static image got captured - it was actually of me closing the trunk so it was pretty obvious :-) I rebooted to make it go away and it hasn't come back since. Similarly I also had an issue where their was an unending beeping alarm without any obvious cause. It happened around the same time. Again, reboot the center console made it go away and it hasn't happened again since.

Cuttin | 22. februar 2018

I had this happen once. The backup camera showed a Grey image. Resolved once I restarted car. Minor bug in my case.

COrich | 22. februar 2018

I have had the problem a few times. It seems to appear/disappear with different firmware versions. I tried the reboot and it seemed to fix the problem early-on but the problem came back. It did disappear once with an intermediate firmware version, but is back now. I am waiting for new firmware (the Ranger entered my car into the database to get the new FW tonight hopefully). Will let you know if the problem goes away.

girishfall2010 | 22. februar 2018

I’d similar experience. Took it SC they said they couldn’t reproduce it or find it in sys diagnosis. Resetting the center console did help. Haven’t had this issue since then.

Redmiata98 | 23. februar 2018


COrich | 23. februar 2018

Now have 2018.6.1 installed. No problems so far. Prior version was 2018.4.7.

Docpretzel | 23. februar 2018

A few days ago my image was weird. Had to check my mirror to make sure the image was opposite. Then next day had a screenshot from last time I backed a dif location. Went back to D and back to R again and it was fine...No problems since.

tommyalexandersb | 23. februar 2018

I had this problem a lot. Just updated to 2018.6.1 last night and the camera screen went black again today, just once so far. Hopefully the next update will fix this.

peterlethbridge | 26. februar 2018

I got in the car this morning and the rear camera had failed. on 2018.6.1 Rebooted and it came back. This is the first time I've experienced this.

COrich | 27. februar 2018

Well, I replied too soon. I had a gray screen today on my drive in to work. I rebooted when I got to work. Hope it works tonight.

Vawlkus | 28. februar 2018

I had an odd glitch the other day. When I got in my car at the end of the day, which was the day after the 6.1 update, I didn’t notice anything amiss until I was 5 minutes into my drive. Stopped at a light, waiting to turn, I was observing the traffic around me when I abruptly realized my rear camera view was reversed. A car on the left of the screen was actually on the right side of my car. That made me blink for a minute, and honestly wonder if it’d always been like that, before I just did a thumbwheel reboot and things returned to normal.

COrich | 28. februar 2018

The reboot worked yesterday (I think), but the problem was back this morning. I have an appointment at the service center on Monday. I sent a video of the screen and they asked me to submit a "bug report" via the voice command whenever I see the problem before the service appointment.

MhoPower | 01. mars 2018

@Redmiata - I didn't call Tesla about this yet.
Just wanted to make sure it wasn't just me seeing these backup camera issues. Thanks all for confirming. I'm updating from 50.3 tonight and I'm sorry to hear some are still seeing it on 2018.6. As I mentioned, if the image is reversed (I haven't seen that one yet) or worse, it's a frozen view of how things looked behind you 5 minutes ago but right now there's a car pulling up behind you as you are trying to back out of a parking space, ouch! Be careful out there!

COrich | 01. mars 2018

I just got off the phone with the service center. Other cars have been in for the same problem. Tesla engineering thinks this is a firmware problem and they are working on a fix. They asked me if I could wait for the updated firmware instead of swapping out the camera which they don't believe will solve the problem.

I will wait for the update to see if the problem goes away.

Teslapalooza | 02. mars 2018

I am seeing the issue as well. Twice in the last 2 days. Each time, I had to reboot the console to get the rear camera to display again.


Redmiata98 | 02. mars 2018

Corich, did they say it was limited to AP2 cars only or all?

info | 03. mars 2018

I have had my rear view camera go blank 4 different times, each time it is a different color. White, Gray, Black. All that is left on the screen are the tracking lines for the tires. First 3 times I didn't know about rebooting. It corrected itself in time. Forth time I rebooted and it corrected. Going in for service next week will mention it.

sr.smr | 06. mars 2018

YOUR NOT ALONE! Model S and Model 3 owners are experiencing all the same variations of backup camera video distortion. The forum has several threads on the problem. I own a 2017 Model S with AP2 and changing the camera did not solve the problem. This has been going on for many months. Several software upgrades and still no fix. Either it's a really hard problem to solve or engineering is not making this a priority. Very disappointed.

Vawlkus | 06. mars 2018

I’m more inclined to think it’s a firmware/software issue with a few cameras. Since this problem is limited to select vehicles, it could be Tesla got a batch of cameras that are having comparability issues with Tesla based software.

COrich | 06. mars 2018

@Redmiata98 No indication, but I would expect only AP2 cars since the actual hw is different between the 2 versions. But I didn't ask. Its just that sometimes many folks will live with an intermittent backup camera for a while before trying to get it fixed. Since the problems are intermittent (even mine does not fail reliably) it is possible that the problem hasn't surfaced until recently as more folks are getting newer firmware and have decided that the latest changes haven't fixed anything.

Could be that the complaints weren't there in any large number, at least enough to get the attention of the software team, until recently. Also there were probably several cameras replaced and the problem didn't resolve itself. It has only been a few months that this has been occurring.

berntx | 07. mars 2018

I’ve been having the same problem for months now. All kinds of symptoms - gray screen, locked images from previous backups, pixelated randomness, and black screens. The most concerning ones are the bogus backup images where it looks like you’ve got nothing behind you and it takes a minute to realize it’s not reality. Luckily thus far I check the old fashioned way, too, but someone is going to have this happen to them and not double check and they’re going to run into something, someone, or get hit.

Rebooting the car and updates don’t solve the problem. Tesla claims there is a product backlog and I’ve been waiting a month for what I consider a non-specialized part. They can’t tell me an ETA, after originally saying it would be a week. Now a month later and still nothing. The logic doesn’t work - they’re still producing Model Xs with backup cameras, a lot of them, yet somehow they can’t prioritize a backup camera for an existing owner? Something isn’t right.

Has anyone else had their Model X backup camera replaced in the past 4-6 weeks (Feb 1 or later), or has anyone also been getting the runaround about a backorder problem on the part?

And no, it’s NOT the software. They’ve confirmed it’s a hardware problem.


Vawlkus | 08. mars 2018

I have a hard time believing it’s not software. Mine was working fine until the last software patch got pushed out, only then did my camera start acting odd on occasion.
We’ll have to see I guess.

sr.smr | 09. mars 2018

This happens on a random basis after the car is off for several hours. The video will return to normal after a reboot. If I don't do a reboot, but come back to the car several minutes later, the video returns to normal as if nothing was wrong. If the video is normal when initially turning on the car, it NEVER failed while driving. This is strong evidence that it is a software and not a hardware problem. An intermittent hardware problem would occur at anytime, including while driving, and that is not the case.

I've also checked the Model 3 forum and there are four owners with the same problem. When I informed the service center they said Model 3 operates on a different platform and cannot be compared with our cars.

Redmiata98 | 09. mars 2018

Corich, thanks. If there s anyone in the above who does NOT have the AP2 version and is having consistent problems, chime in. At least that might help set one parameter of the problem.
I have AP1 and have only had a problem twice in the last two years. It is working fine now and the last time I had it was at least a year ago and it corrected with a reboot.

Teslapalooza | 09. mars 2018

It happened to me 2 times today an hour apart from one another. That makes it 5 times in the last 10 days. I hope they send a OTA fix to every Ap2.0 cars soon.

sr.smr | 10. mars 2018

It happened two days in a row this week on my AP2; a black and white and a purple tinted image. I sent a bug report and email with a photo of the center display to my service center on each occasion.

MhoPower | 13. mars 2018

As the OP I failed to mention that my MX is AP2 and was delivered Dec 27, 2016. I didn't start seeing the problem until over a year with the car. After updating to 2018.6.1 I have only seen the discoloration problem and no frozen images. But I have not been driving the car much for the last month. About 3 short drives since the update.

berntx | 28. mars 2018

Following up from my March 7 posting with a final result from Tesla service. Turns out my problem was indeed hardware. I’d suggest reading through my aforementioned symptoms and ask your service center rep to consider replacing the camera if you’ve had similar issues. Tesla was great in giving full consideration of the facts and was not quick to assume it was a software issue. I’ve had the new camera for 2 weeks and no issues.

Thanks to the OP for starting this thread as it was very helpful in helping me evaluate the issue.

Teslapalooza | 29. mars 2018

@berntx, It is interesting your MX required cameras to be replaced. I too had frequent backup camera failure events some 3 weeks ago. But ever since I got the 2018.10.4 update a couple of weeks ago, I have not seen that happen again.

MhoPower | 03. april 2018

Up until yesterday I was still having intermittent issues with the backup camera and also a new one: center console going blank and forcing a reboot to get it back on (driving unaffected). I scheduled a visit for this week but then cancelled that when I had two different Tesla service reps reach out to me to perform two remote operations (separately):

1.) Flash Parrot module (used for wireless connectivity including bluetooth). This operation resulted in the car "forgetting" my phone.

2.) An operation that cleared my trips history. This resulting in the car losing my home and work locations.

I was told that these operations were suggested because they (Tesla) have seen problems like those I have been having that required frequent reboots. So far things look better but it's only been 1 day...

MhoPower | 05. april 2018

Am I the only one with this issue now?

3 days after the above attempts to address the issue I got into my car today and the backup image was grey with the guidelines displayed. Called service and they thought there might be firmware update they could try. About 2 hours later I got in my car and there was an update available. This update moved me from 2018.10.4 to 2018.12 5eadc71. Haven't driven in yet.

MhoPower | 05. april 2018

I forgot to mention that they said this is NOT due to a hardware issue (others have said they had the camera replaced to address this).

MhoPower | 06. april 2018

Tesla service called me this morning to report that this is a known issue and is being investigated. This leaves me feeling that the 18.12 update they pushed to me yesterday is not likely to be the answer, but I'm glad to know they have acknowledged this problem and are working on it.

MhoPower | 09. april 2018

Wow. Still no one else with this problem?

Update: Still getting the solid color with guidelines about 1/3 times I back out of my driveway. It seems to go away on it's own more often but not permanently. I guess I need to check the Model S forums since there are no Model X owners frustrated with this as I am.

COrich | 10. april 2018

Mho, I still have the same problem intermittently.Waiting a bit longer for a fix. Might push the issue after the next update if the problem is still present.

MhoPower | 15. april 2018

Thanks COrich. I had the "reversed image" for the backup camera this weekend. VERY frustrating when you are trying to back into a charging spot and the image is reversed. This fixed itself without a reboot. I also had the "purple haze" version of the camera image this weekend but no blacked out image at least...

I'm having bigger problems today though. I don't know if it's related but when I went to my garage today my MX started powering up and down over and over. I was standing right next to the passenger window with the fob in my pocket and it went through the Start/Stop cycle at least 4 times before I got in and put it in gear to exit the garage. The whole thing started up again when I was sitting in the car in park about an hour later. Then on the way home the suspension began raising up to the VERY HIGH level completely on it's own (I drive this road all the time so I know it's not an auto-raise location). I am reaching to to Tesla today as I am now afraid the car is completely unreliable until this is addressed. I've been perusing this forum for at least 3 years and I don't recall seeing anyone else report an issue like this.

COrich | 16. april 2018

Mho, I'm taking mine to the service center this Friday. Getting other stuff done, but also having them check out the camera. Let you know the results when I have them.

MhoPower | 17. april 2018

Thanks COrich. I'll be watching. Tesla is picking up my car today because they say there is nothing more they can try remotely. I had the off/on cycling happen again while sitting in the parked car last night. | 18. april 2018

@Mho - I agree that sounds like a rare issue - I've never heard it before either. Let's us know what they find out.

vikas.s.shah | 27. april 2018

I am having a similar issue with my backup camera. It's been one week since I picked up my M3. The backup camera goes blank 50% of the time, it is very random. A hard and soft reboot does not work, but it does go back to normal once I leave the car parked. Also, noticed when this happens there is a lag to put the car in P or D from reverse. I reported this to Tesla Service Center and after looking at the logs they said the backup camera needs to be replaced. I don't know if this is a true hardware issue or a software issue that is causing the backup camera to go dark on an intermittent basis. Everything else is super responsive on the car.

MhoPower | 27. april 2018

After my visit to the Rockland Tesla shop I have not had the continual on/off cycling issue. However, the backup camera image failed completely the same day I got the car back (black image) and has been discolored on two other occasions (purple and green tinge to the image).

How is your issue going COrich?

COrich | 01. kan 2018

The service center was able to observe the rear camera problem. There were 2 updates applied to the car while it was there. Have had my X back from the service center for about a week now with no recurrence of the problem.

sr.smr | 01. kan 2018

COrich, are you referring to 2018.16? I had the software installed by my SC together with a new MCU and camera. Two days after picking up the car I had a grey screen after first turning on the car. I was advised that Engineering is back on the case.

Has anyone that visited the service center had a successful outcome? And by successful outcome, I don't mean that a reboot solved the problem, as this is not a permanent fix. If fixed, what parts were replaced?

vikas.s.shah | 03. kan 2018

Heard back from Service Center today. After looking at the logs they determined that it is a firmware issue. Engineers are developing a new firmware that should fix the issue. No ETA has been provided yet on when this will be released. I originally thought it was hardware issue, but after further investigation it is an issue with the camera's firmware. Keeping my fingers crossed that they push this out soon and it solves the issue.

MhoPower | 05. kan 2018

I'm on 18.14.2 and still seeing the backup camera problem occur at times. Sometimes it is only a discoloration (looks like a green or purple overlay) which doesn't result in any real problem for me. But I also occasionally get an all black image. And just yesterday the camera worked briefly (after putting car in reverse) but then the image froze and remained that way until the next time I got back in the car.

At some point in the past I recall seeing someone speculating that the backup camera issues might be avoided by giving the car more time to "wake up" after getting in. Many of the symptoms seem to align with this hypothesis, including the fact that most people report that they either see the issue right after getting in the car, or not at all during the entire drive. This sounds like a hardware interrupt issue that happens when certain things are being attempted in the car at the same time (putting the car into reverse while the car is still loading information from the iPhone calendar for example). Anyone with some history with early versions of Windows can relate to this type of issue.

Anyway, I wanted to share this so that those of us facing the problem can see if taking it a little slower when preparing to drive might see a difference. To be clear, Tesla needs to fix this! I will report my findings after focusing on this aspect myself for a few days.

vikas.s.shah | 06. kan 2018

@MhoPower- I am on 18.14.13 and thought the same as your hypothesis. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I tried multiple times to let the car "fully wake" prior to putting it in reverse. After 2 or 3 minutes when everything is turned on I still get the black screen. Also, I notice a delay in the touchscreen when I put the car in drive. It stills shows the black reverse camera screen for a good 4 seconds before it goes back to the normal GPS screen. I honestly think it is a firmware issue because when it is working it works great. The image quality on my camera is really good without any discoloration. I noticed when the car is parked for over 24 hours it works without failure. However, when I am in and out of the car throughout the day it happens more frequently. The service center said we can replace the camera, but it will happen again. The more complaints Tesla gets about this the more likely they will expedite the firmware rollout.

COrich | 07. kan 2018

I'm now on 2018.16 and have not had any problems with the backup camera for almost 2 weeks.

erm1 | 09. kan 2018

My new 3 has about 100 miles on it, got in this morning, put it in reverse and got the black screen. Called Nashville Tesla, did the two wheel button reset, no fix, did the power down reset, no fix, did the power down & supposedly they sent some code, no fix. I was advised to take it to a service center, no good, closest one to me is >6 hour drive. They said service would call me in 24 to 48 hours, really? No reverse camera in a car that is made for one seems like a safety issue to me. From this thread, this has been a known issue for months. I’m sure Tesla needs to produce & sell as many as possible, but sending them out with this kind of known glitch to the ‘masses’ is short sighted. Late for work, disappointed and still in the dark. Update: Went out for lunch and the reverse camera is back? Although I'm happy to have it back, this type of glitch is very concerning for someone who has bought this car as an everyday driver. Hope there is a permanent fix soon.

lilbean | 09. kan 2018

Mine does that. I just toggle the camera off and on and it comes back right away.