Heads up about final payment

Heads up about final payment

I have been waiting for final payment info from Tesla and assumed from the statement on my model 3 account page that says they would reach out to me when it became available that I would get a phone call or email. I have recieved neither and only found it by logging in to my account and seeing the "please make final payment" option had appeared. I was away a couple days to help Tesla lobby for more NY locations so I hadn't logged in a while. I also messed up and didn't transfer funds into my bank till I got home yesterday so I am worried I won't make payment in time for 31st delivery date because good friday may slow processing :( So figure the steps you need to take well beforehand :) Saw a red 3 at Guilderland supercharger in bright sunshine, it was gorgeous.

Unbeliever | 28. mars 2018

According to my ISA, you can show up at delivery with a cashier's check (not a personal check). No need to wire/ACH the money.

Shoal007 | 28. mars 2018

they took my personal check without issue. ymmv.

ramirezfrank96 | 28. mars 2018

I’m going to tesla with my financed check and my balance check (both certified check from credit union). This is how my bank wanted to do it.

Carl Thompson | 28. mars 2018

My account didn't give me any option other than to pay up front using my bank account info. I selected paying by cash though so maybe that's different. Or at least I didn't see any way to get past the final payment screen without typing in my bank account info for them to withdraw the balance. I wanted to get the car as soon as possible so I just paid and didn't ask my ISA about it.

billlake2000 | 28. mars 2018

You didnt pick up your car yet did you? It sounds to me like you are saying the folks at the dely center showed you a screen where you could enter in your bank info and they could take payment by ach or some kind of electronic transfer without actually handing them a check? Im a little befuddled. Could you explain more, please? Thank you.

Model_D | 28. mars 2018

I did the ACH transfer the day before delivery. Received the confirmation email within minutes and my Tesla account showed all was complete before delivery. If the money is in your bank account tomorrow you should be in excellent shape. If it shows up Friday you should still be fine.

Carl Thompson | 28. mars 2018


No, not at the delivery center. On the Tesla web site on the "MANAGE" page for the car. At some point after I got my VIN it changed to a screen requesting payment information and the only option was a button to enter my bank information.

Strange that the site said "" though! (Just kidding)

Carl Thompson | 28. mars 2018

I guess it could have been an ACH payment but it wasn't done the way I normally do that type of payment. They asked for my bank's routing number and my bank account number so it was more like an e-check like some sites will do. I was actually curious to see if my bank would honor a $53,000 e-check without freaking out and calling me directly first but I guess it wasn't an issue. (And that bothers me a little.)

billlake2000 | 28. mars 2018

Ah, so. Thanks for explaining. It does sound like you dont need to hand them a check when you go in, huh?

Carl Thompson | 28. mars 2018


Correct. I'm all paid up.

billlake2000 | 28. mars 2018

Cool, i dont relish standing in line waiting to get a cashiers check.

Model_D | 28. mars 2018

My bank told me there isn’t a limit doing the routing number/account number thing (My Tesla account listed this as ACH payment even though I wouldn’t describe it that way). I said that is kinda scary. She said to be careful and make sure not to add any zeros.

billlake2000 | 28. mars 2018

Add an extra zero, get a roadster. Yay.

bj | 29. mars 2018

Add an extra zero and if the transfer still happens you know you're rich.

Carl Thompson | 29. mars 2018

It seems strange to me that banks will let 3rd parties generate a check for you with only the bank's routing number and your account number. Neither number is a secret (your account number is written on the bottom of all of your checks).

rdavis | 29. mars 2018

CT, which is why I don’t write personal checks anymore. We use bill pay for everything.

Certified check/money order should work fine for Tesla too...

OHTesla | 29. mars 2018

Anyone know if they'll take final payment on a credit card? I'm assuming not, but it would be great if they did.

RichardKJ | 29. mars 2018

Worse than an extra zero is leaving out the decimal point. I did that once, and only once, paying my bills. Unfortunately I had enough in my checking account to cover it so it didn't bounce, but it took a long time to straighten out (which is one reason why I no longer have Comcast). Since that time the web site now warns me if a payment is out of line with previous payments.

lilbean | 29. mars 2018

No. Finally payment cannot be paid with a credit card. The service fee would be too much.

djharrington | 29. mars 2018

If you're really hard-up for credit card points, you could always make a CC payment (actually, several as I believe they're limited to $10k per transaction) to yourself with PayPal, and pay the 3% yourself. Basically buying the points for 3%

lilbean | 29. mars 2018

Can you use those annoying checks the credit card companies send?

spuzzz123 | 29. mars 2018

Sure but they usually come with convenience check fees....

jefjes | 29. mars 2018

Final payment before delivery? Here I thought handing over $1k for a car that had never even been seen was trusting. Giving and additional $2500 to get the car made non-refundable maybe. Paying the entire balance before even seeing my car...crazy IMHO.

Carl Thompson | 29. mars 2018

"Paying the entire balance before even seeing my car...crazy IMHO."

I hear you! But while I haven't seen _my_ car yet I have seen many Model 3s (and driven a few). So I know what I'm getting. And if worse comes to worse and there's something horribly wrong with my car I'll have them find another.

jefjes | 29. mars 2018

Like another poster said on here about rejecting delivery, they gave him an MS loner while waiting to find him another car. I could live with that.

matt80206 | 29. mars 2018

I think they also take apple pay right or is that just for deposit?

Daryl | 29. mars 2018

Can I pay with a credit card? Hoping to get all those points.

Lorenzryanc | 29. mars 2018

From the Tesla Support section:
You may pay the balance due via electronic bank account debit or wire transfer prior to taking delivery. To access the payment module, sign in to your Tesla Account, and press on the button “Make a Payment.” You can select “Electronic Bank Account Debit” and then enter your information for Tesla to debit the balance from your bank account. Otherwise, you may choose “Wire Transfer” and we will generate instructions in your Tesla Account on how to wire the balance to us.

Alternate payment methods include a certified check or a check from a financing bank or credit union made at the time of delivery. Please make your check out to “Tesla Motors, Inc.” Credit cards are not accepted for final payment. Any balance due must be paid in full before you can take delivery of your vehicle.

Looks like no credit card. Those points would be tasty though!

SUN 2 DRV | 29. mars 2018

Please make your check out to “Tesla Motors, Inc.”

That's interesting.... They changed the company name to Tesla Inc years ago......

Daryl | 29. mars 2018

How about when I configure? I understand you need to pay $2,500 at that point. Can it be more? Can it be on a credit card?

Lorenzryanc | 29. mars 2018

@Sun Good point. I did pull it from a shady site eta December model 3 manual.
@Daryl Yes, you can use credit for the initial 1k and the 2.5k online. I didn’t see a place to do more.

creativeguy | 29. mars 2018

I was at the Fremont Delivery Center today helping my cousin pick hers up. She paid with certified check with no problem. The guy next to us wrote out a personal check for 55k no problem.

sdrevik | 20. juli 2018

I wish they would get their act together. Some people here are paying with personal checks. The web site says "certified check OR CHECK FROM A BANK OR CREDIT UNION", but my person is telling me the bank check is unacceptable. This is insane.

JR836 | 20. juli 2018

Cashiers check worked fine for me.

Tesla2018 | 20. juli 2018

They didnt have my figures last night so they said to bring a personal check on Saturday. Then this afternoon the amount showed so I paid it online.
Wonder if they are doing credit checks since someone could stiff them with a bad check or withdraw the money from their bank account before the online payment hits and have the car on a car carrier or ship to somewhere before Tesla even noticed even. I checked and their isnt even a preauthorization like hotels or gas stations put through.

stevelitz1965 | 29. september 2018

I made my ACH payment on a Friday, picked up the car on Monday. Here a week later and ACH transfer still hasn't been withdrawn from my account. Anyone else have this issue?

kevin_rf | 29. september 2018

Yeah, made ACH on 9/5, they immediately moved up my delivery from 9/13 to 9/7, actually ran the ACH's on 9/11, called me on 9/17 to straighten out one that had not gone through. Used a credit card to fix it. They should really wait until they clear before handing over the cars.

Tcloutier5890 | 29. september 2018

I paid by personal check. They took it because of push for end of quarter sales.

peldor427 | 29. september 2018

I think it depends on the state that you are taking delivery as far as the type of payment that they'll take. I'm sure they don't want to risk a bunch of bounced checks for delivered vehicles, especially for $75,000 amounts. I paid with ACH the day before delivery and it went fine. There are restrictions on who can receive ACH payments - needs to be actual larger companies or something - probably to limit electronic theft. And there is a limit according to my bank, but the limit is like $1,000,000 so not an issue here.

Jbosch | 29. september 2018

Are you referring too dec 31st delivery date? or this month

ODWms | 29. september 2018

My account said to pay before delivery also. I did not. Wrote the check when I got there and could inspect the car first, which was perfect. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. Great service!

WattTheFrunk | 30. september 2018

Picked up my car yesterday. Received an email that personal checks will be accepted until 9/30 for final payments.

Lbrooks51115 | 30. september 2018

I had my car delivered 3 weeks ago and at that time they had told me in advance they did not take personal checks and they preferred ACH which I was fine with. The key is that I didn't have to sign off on the loan or do the ACH until I was at the delivery center. My only small quibble is that from a process stand point, I should have had the opportunity to inspect the car firstand shame on me for not requesting. At the end of the day the car was in perfect condition and the delivery experience was pretty flawless.

elecfan2 | 30. september 2018

Many of us believe in the mission of Tesla, we love the cars, we might even support this billionaire's other projects. But don't give a big corporation your money before you are actively taking delivery of your vehicle (I don't mean the deposits, the big cash). I know it is tempting to pay the $10k or $20k the day before to make things go smoothly, but Tesla's delivery process is not smooth. Do yourself a favor and slow down, enjoy the day, maybe take a non-Tesla fan with you on your delivery day to keep your interest at heart while you geek out on the car and disregard every flaw or problem, perhaps they'll make sure you do a delivery checklist or take phones/video or make sure the delivery person isn't trying to ignore any flaws (Tesla is getting much, much better with this and many have no flaws at all). That way you'll be a happy Tesla owner and not stuck with paying money (for many Model 3 owners a huge chunk of cash compared to folks that can afford a Model S or X) for a car that you might not actually receive till tomorrow, next week, or next month when Tesla abruptly changes your delivery appointment tor loses your car (intentionally or not).

My plans on delivery day will include taking my significant owner (a Tesla skeptic) with me to keep me in check, to read any documents signed (I love Tesla too, but they are a corporation and contracts are always one-sided in their favor) to make sure everything is fair and complete. I won't be paying the day before, and will either pay by personal check, take my laptop and logon and do the ACH payment once I find out the actual vehicle is delivered, or will leave the store and walk over to my bank and get a cashier's check and walk right back.

Lbrooks51115 | 30. september 2018

Very sound advice Patrick...

Rick | 30. september 2018

+1, same here.

LiamTaker | 01. oktober 2018

As previously written here, not a single number is a secret. Routing numbers are available in the database, on public websites of banks, and so on. And it seems really strange that banks will let 3rd parties generate a check for you with only the bank's routing number and your account number.

calvin940 | 02. oktober 2018


Some of us don't have that ability as car won't be shipped to our home prior to receiving full payment (closest Tesla delivery location is 800 Miles away).

I paid ahead of time and received my car today. It's amazing and with no quality / fit / finish issues. If there were then I would have sent Tesla pictures right from the truck to be dealt with at a later date. No regrets here.

I just found myself driving around for no good reason today. Simply amazing.

damon_dotson | 06. desember 2018

Anyone know if they accept checks from a relative with the same last name?

007bond | 06. desember 2018

Bank check only as far as I know.