Where can I get bumper bugs?

Where can I get bumper bugs?

Uncle Paul | 02. april 2018

Was traveling this weekend from San Diego to San Francisco. Saw lots of traveling Tesla at Superchargers with lots of bugs on their grills. Was obvious that they were traveling.

From time to time I go to my local Supercharger and plug in, just to get free juice, instead of using my garage plug a couple miles away.

I feel people look at me strangely as I often take the last available spot, and travelers coming after me need to que up and wait for a while until a slot opens up for them.

Some times they give me the stink eye when in line. They also are not happy when they need to plug in next to me, as they then get a much lower rate of charge and will take longer than they had expected. (tough luck for them)

I was thinking, if I put some phony bugs on my bumper, they will think I was a traveler, and not just a local guy clogging up the available slots.

Does any one know where I might be able to get some realistic looking dead bugs that could be applied to the bumper. I would like them to not leave a mark when they are removed as I am super picky about how my car looks . Also don't want to spend a lot on these bugs as I am kind of a frugal guy.

Meant to post this yesterday, when it would have been more appropriat.

Wilber | 02. april 2018

OK - I get it! April Fools! but you might try emailing one of those short sellers. They seem to think this way....

diesel4me | 03. april 2018

Love reading these Tesla forums. Very entertaining. Amazes me the level or lack of intelligence some people have.
Even more amazing is when they state their profession and the schooling that goes with said profession. Most enjoyed are the global warming posts.

SUN 2 DRV | 03. april 2018

Very nice! Little bits of string cheese might work. And the left overs could provide for a nice snack too.

Due to the Apr 2 posting date I was worried when I first started reading this, but hoping it was just a bit belated. Luckily it was.

Uncle Paul | 03. april 2018

To that guy that sent me a box of real bugs...thanks, but no thanks.

They were pretty yucky.

What I want is something that looks like bugs, but are not real. Just real enough to fool the guy in the next Supercharging stall.

Maybe this is something that the Tesla engineers could work on in their spare time.

TabascoGuy | 04. april 2018
Uncle Paul | 04. april 2018

Thanks TabascoGuy.

That might be just the trick.

Instead of glue on the Tesla (which would be pretty stupid) I'll just glue little magnets onto the crickets and then use the magnets to stick them to the bumper...pretty smart huh!

Going to check with the seller and see if they will set up a group buy. Anyone else want to go in with me to save some $

rxlawdude | 04. april 2018

@UP, from the description of the product @TabascoGuy proffered, you may attract snakes in the grass.

RedShift | 04. april 2018

Personally, I’m going to give a stink eye to everyone at the Superchargers from now on based on this thread.
Fake long distance travelers. I might even key their vehicles.

Mike83 | 04. april 2018

If it isn't Friday you can eat bugs; I prefer chocolate coated grasshoppers. Think I'll start selling Tesla dried bugs on ebay. Hehehe.

Uncle Paul | 04. april 2018

Your post has got me a little worried. How can I be sure my fake stick on bugs will fool all the other owners. If they are clever they will see right through my fake bug ruse.

Perhaps if I put a blow up doll (just happen to have one) behind the steering wheel, they will think it is just a Girl checking her emails and refrain from keying my car.

ride525 | 04. april 2018
RedShift | 04. april 2018

Ha. My key is sharper than your girlfriend’s - oops, your blow up doll’s cheeks. Don’t ask me what cheeks.

blacktape242 | 05. april 2018

great post, but honestly, don't care what other owners think even if they are long distance. If i want to charge im gonna change (and try not to park right next to someone charging). Its free so what do i care (baring emergency charge of course)

Uncle Paul | 05. april 2018


That is how I feel too. I get my space when I can. If someone else needs to wait until I get done (takes a bit longer because I may want to charget to 100%) then they will just need to wait in line with the others.

What do I care if they are traveling with their kids to Disneyland...they can wait till I get my free juice. Maybe they just want to get home for dinner with their wife. She can just warm up the food when he gets there.

rxlawdude | 06. april 2018

It might be an interesting social science study to look at the political affiliation of those with the "I don't care about those traveling vs my free electricity," vs. those who would, if local charging, move to allow a traveler the use of a SpC.