Consumers trust Tesla the most for self driving cars.

Consumers trust Tesla the most for self driving cars.

That's in spite of the recent Model X crash. Waymo likely got low score because consumers may not be familiar with the name. Can't figure out why Toyota got the second highest score though. Anyway the survey just indicates even FUDsters are not able to taint Tesla's good reputation.

Shock | 26. april 2018

As you mention in your first post, this survey screams about the ignorance of consumers. Waymo is at the bottom of their list because they've never heard of it, despite in reality Waymo being in the front of the pack, and certainly ahead of Tesla.

Here's a Waymo vehicle driving in traffic with passengers in the back and nobody at the wheel:

Meanwhile Teslas are still running into huge stationary objects on the highway.

If you had to get into a Waymo or Tesla vehicle and make it from one end of a city to another sitting in the backseat with nobody at the wheel, which technology do you think could do it best?

SO | 26. april 2018

Public opinion != fact.

But, public opinion does = sales. (Which is what ultimately counts.)

Shock | 26. april 2018

This news just came out today: "Tesla's head of Autopilot leaves"

hoffmannjames | 26. april 2018

What is interesting to me in that poll, is that the option "don't trust any company with FSD" came in second. So it would appear that there is a lot of skepticism about FSD in general. Basically, 27% of respondents don't really think FSD is possible at all, at least not in the foreseeable future. I think there is still some work to be done to convince people that FSD is doable.

tony.quart12 | 02. kan 2018

It's always interesting to talk about self-driving cars. I have just read an article at I think there are still so many things that need to be fixed by automakers and also law regulators regarding this matter.

Haggy | 03. kan 2018

Yes, there's a lot of ignorance. If people knew what Waymo was, they'd trust it way mo[re]. If people knew more about autopilot, they'd know that it's not running into huge stationary objects on the highway when used properly.

Tesla-David | 03. kan 2018

We have been driving with AP1 in our MS for past 2 years, and love it with no problems, and are now driving our M3 with AP2 for three months, also with no problems, so I very much trust Tesla's design and know they will get everything sorted out for FSD. | 03. kan 2018

@Shock - Waymo has some very good technology and I like what they are doing. I see at least 3-4 Waymo cars driving arround our area each week.

The problem so far is Waymo system adds $50K+ to the cost of a car, looks really dorky, the hardware is not ready for production and it only works at 35 mph and below. I'm sure all these limitations will improve, but it's not a practical solution for sale in any car today. (If any Googler's know more, I welcome any corrections if there is newer information available).

This is not meant to slam Google, as I think they are the furthest along in slow speed situations - a very complex task. If they can get the cost out while increasing the operational speed range, they will be a serious contender.