Better washer nozzles?

Better washer nozzles?

Does anyone know of any washer nozzles from another car that are a direct replacement for the Model S nozzles and give a good spray pattern across the whole windshield? My car just shoots two streams at the windshield that are pretty much useless unless I time them to hit the driver side wiper arm as it moves. I tried out some nozzles from my spare WRX hoods which have a good spray pattern, but unfortunately the connection for the hose is at the wrong angle and interferes with the inside of the hood. | November 20, 2018

You didn't state how old your car is. Tesla redesigned the nozzles at some point (maybe around 2015?). If your car is in warranty, you may get them to replace the old design with the newer design. Worth a try anyway. Never noticed any concern on my first or second Tesla, but there were complaints from some owners long ago. Haven't seen a complaint in a long time now. It may be also be there is something just wrong with the sprayer. Check out another S to see how it compares.

philgrocks | November 20, 2018

My 2014 Model S had the two streams, and they shot right over the car. Tesla tried twice to adjust and finally I suggested they change to the new spray type. I think that was in 2015. They did the change in good faith and the result was great.

So ask, perhaps they will do this in good faith, if not perhaps the cost is not too much.

ushernat | November 20, 2018

I have a January 2013 car and when I asked Tesla last winter they told me the upgraded nozzles weren’t available anymore so I couldn’t order them. Do you know the approximate date range when the “spray” and “stream” nozzles were used? If I have that, I can probably look then up on and try to get some from a salvage yard.

ushernat | November 20, 2018

I'm not having a whole lot of luck with it: car-part has some cars with year listed, but no way of telling if they are heated or un-heated nozzles. ebaymotors has a bunch that specify unheated, but don't say what year they came from. I found a part number on Tesla's parts catalog for the current version, but it doesn't specify whether it's spray or stream style. I guess I'll call Tesla in the morning and try to order by part number since that seems like my best chance right now.

ushernat | November 20, 2018

After a bit more research on the parts catalog, it looks like p/n 1052887-00-C is the one I want. I'll order a couple tomorrow and try them out.

wisam.alrawi | November 20, 2018

I have a 2018 and I got just the two sprays. They are quite insufficient and I was shocked by that. My older Camry did the spray better. I'm going to the service center to check on those "new" ones. I should have the newer ones with the 2018 model but who knows. Better check.

bp | November 21, 2018

Our 2012 S P85 had the original dual nozzles on both sides of the windshield - which would frequently require readjustment to hit the windshield in a usable place. Was able to get Tesla to install the upgraded fan sprays. And didn't have any problems after that.

If you can get the part, would recommend the upgrade.

pnajar | November 21, 2018

2018 100D has the same nozzle, or at least similar to my past 2015 P85D. I was hopping for something better.

bernhard | November 21, 2018

I would love better nozzles for my car. The current ones have two holes (over/under) each, producing two sprays each. When parked, the lower sprays hit the whole windshield and work ok. The upper sprays hit the back of the car or further behind it. When I drive, the lower sprays hit only the lower half of the windshield, leaving the upper part of the windshield dry and dirty. The upper sprays still spray over the car. Tesla service center says the nozzles cannot be adjusted in any way.

I can't fathom how this passed QA.

My car is from December 2015.

Silver2K | November 21, 2018

the ones that paid for the change only paid $50 total.

Silver2K | November 21, 2018

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Silver2K | November 21, 2018


bernhard | November 21, 2018

Both stream and spray are bad. Look at any other car for how to do it. I have never seen sprinklers as bad than on the Model S. I wonder why there aren't any 3rd party nozzles as there should be a great demand for them.

Silver2K | November 21, 2018

The best food is to design Model X wipers for the S

Silver2K | November 21, 2018


This swype thing is killing me!

barrykmd | November 21, 2018

Us too :-)

NKYTA | November 21, 2018

Worked for me, 2012 MS.

First rain in 228 days. But my tires are beat. Still...

ushernat | February 3, 2019

A late follow-up: It took awhile for the service center to get the parts in, but they eventually did and shipped them to me with a total cost of $8.64. I put them in today, and they fixed my problem. I'm now getting a nice spray across the whole windshield, at least while stopped. I'll get a good test of them this week. With the weather forecast for the next few days, I expect to have lots of salt spray onto the windshield from other cars on the road.

ATCRomes | February 6, 2019

I asked about a retrofit at Dedham for my 2013. They declined to change them. After many years of dealing with the inadequate spray pattern, I find I barely use them. Would be sweet if this ends up being an easy swap. I'll be following these threads closely. Good luck to everyone doing the leg work.

neofelis | February 6, 2019

@ushernat Can you tell us exactly what part they got for you? Part number etc? That would be useful as I have 4 jets of water that barely reach the lower 1/4 of my windshield.

Silver2K | February 6, 2019


While driving or at a standstill? The Jets can be adjusted

ushernat | February 6, 2019

@neofelis The part number I got was the one I listed above: 1052887-00-C. I called and specifically said I wanted to buy 2 of that part number and that I would install the parts myself. It was only a couple minute job to unclip the old ones, twist off the hoses and swap in the new ones.

moody31415 | February 6, 2019

Interesting. I have an early 2016 S and the spray is awful. I only have two sprays; one driver side and one passenger. I'll have to see if they can adjust what I have or if I need the new part...

AERODYNE | February 6, 2019

I drive the ICE backup if there is a chance of precip. That's my solution...

Silver2K | February 7, 2019

Makes no sense. I live in Syracuse (Salt City) and don't have major issues with jets cleaning salt off my windshield.

barrykmd | February 7, 2019

Silver, do you have the 2 streams from each nozzle or the diffuse spray?

I have the 2 streams and it has worked poorly from day 1. The upper third of the windshield never gets clean, despite service adjusting them more than once.

I recall reading that the diffuse spray wasn't available if you had the winter package (heated steering wheel, nozzles, etc.) is that still the case?

SO | February 7, 2019

I have the cold weather package as well. Mine need to be adjusted. Would be better if the two streams were vertical. Then the wiper blade could spread it around. I would prefer the spray though.

Silver2K | February 7, 2019

2 streams with winter package.

I asked the ranger to aim the nozzles the way I like them. On each side I have one aiming up and other down and it works great.

mrjedistud | February 13, 2019

I have a 2013 MS. Two years ago I took the car in for some other work and I mentioned the spray issues. Tesla replaced them for me for free. That was 2 years ago so I'm not sure what they would do now.

Steinwand | February 14, 2019

I have a Jan 2017 MS with winter package. Has the 2 streams on each side. Had them adjusted but still not that great. Can I change to spray pattern with the cold weather package?

EVRider | February 16, 2019

The washers on my 2016 S worked well, but on my 2018 S I just get the streams. Not bad enough to justify a service appointment, but if I have to bring the car in for any other reason I’ll ask about it.