2018.50 Update

2018.50 Update

Got this update this morning. Don’t see anything new. Just bug fixes perhaps?

M3phan | January 4, 2019

Heard it was out. Thought I read somewhere that it enables the climate control in preconditioning the cabin to somehow help warm/thaw the charge port? Course, if that were the case, why is it not in any software update notes...speculation...

richardls | January 4, 2019

A post on Model3ownersclub says:

"When you set mobile preconditioning to Hi, the climate system will better thaw your charge port in freezing conditions" is in the first paragraph of the release notes and is new.

As a Floridian, I don't receive the cold weather updates. :)

kevin_rf | January 4, 2019

So that's what the update notice was about. Yawn ...

vmulla | January 4, 2019

Time and again I've noticed that bug fix updates provide the most value. Only thing, we need to discover what bugs were fixed, Tesla won't specify.

M3phan | January 4, 2019

The Falcon Heavy Fart is also more robust in 2028.50

jacklondon413 | January 5, 2019

I'm still waiting for 2018.48.12

gmr6415 | January 5, 2019

@richardls, "As a Floridian, I don't receive the cold weather updates. :)"

That's an interesting statement. I live in FL too and received the cold weather update about a month ago. What if you drove to a cold weather state?

kevin_rf | January 5, 2019

Installed 2018.50 yesterday at 8pm. Charging interrupted during my normally scheduled charging at 11pm. Anyone else run into it? Curious if it's a fluke or a possible trend.

Only the second time in four months... App did have an interesting new message about cold weather might impact charging rates. Thought that odd, I really wish the app would tell us why it was interrupted, some one unplugged, bad connection, low voltage, voltage spike, fart mode overwhelmed the charger... Some breadcrumbs please.

jrlevy | January 5, 2019

This update allegedly addresses an issue for LR RWD owners who installed winter tires and then had lost a significant amount of regenerative braking.

This has happened to me. I got the update last night but haven’t gotten a chance to get out on the road just yet.

firedog7881 | January 5, 2019

I’m registered in Florida but am up in Chicago this week in cold weather. My dash, computer, whatever you want to call it, started freezing and causing me to two button reset WHILE DRIVING 80 down the highway. Last night into this morning I was having app connectivity issues. Called support and they pushed the update to me.

Note: 2018.48.1 to 2028.50 is not just a minor bug fix, just doesn’t have any new “features”. If it went from 2018.48.1 to 2018.48.2 (which there is a releas out there) it seems like a hotfix. This one seems like it could be a lot more than just small bug fixes.

Regarding “cold weather” update, if you look at this update on Teslafi you will see that the people getting this update first are in the norther states or regions.

peldor427 | January 5, 2019

@firedog7881 - I believe the 48 vs. 50 references the week of 2018 that it was developed, not the typical major.minor release scheme that is often used.

kevin_rf | January 5, 2019

If I understand the format they use correctly it goes year(2018).week(1-52).release that week.some sort of crc or checksum.

I find the lack of a .1 very odd. The format is kinda standard in companies that do continuous builds. We us of year.(1-365).build number that day.crc . I personally, and our entire SQA team hate the format. It's difficult to keep track of.