2017 Model X 100D Acceleration (0-60 Times)

2017 Model X 100D Acceleration (0-60 Times)

What is the best 0-60 times you have gotten with the 100D uncorked Model X? The best I've gotten using Dragy (0-60 Performance Meter) was 4.4 seconds with 1 foot rollout. This is better than the 4.7 second with rollout claimed. This is close to Brooks from DragTimes who claimed he also got 4.4 seconds.
BTW, suspension was set to Low (not very low), due to more grip and traction to the rear wheels.

jjgunn | January 13, 2019

20" wheels or 22"??

4.4 - 4.5 is about right.

I always tell people..."I bought the slow one" >;-}

kumaresanr | January 13, 2019

I have 20 inch wheels. I test drove the X P100D multiple times, and there isn’t too much of a difference. But it never gets old launching it. I was lucky to get a test drive car without the safety limiter.

Dr. Amar | January 14, 2019

@kumaresanr The P 100 D is much faster than 100 D but its need a time to warm up the battery and use the maximum power.
Sometimes need more than 1 hour to reach to that point.

jjgunn | January 14, 2019

0-60 faster, yes (2.9 vs. 4.5) - after that first 20-25 MPH (launch) they're the same.

Maybe it's just me but 1.5 seconds wasn't worth $35,000 U.S. to me anyway.

0-60 time is the only difference between P100D & 100D

jimglas | January 14, 2019

is 1.6 seconds worth it?

kumaresanr | January 14, 2019

I personally didn’t think as it was worth it. I put it to the test with max battery power on test drives close to full charge and it just felt a little quicker of the line but surprisingly couldn’t keep going efficiently at higher speeds. Apart from mathematical numbers, they feel similar after 20mph.

jimglas | January 14, 2019

I understand, just a snark.

jimglas | January 14, 2019

BTW: I agree with you, I don't know why I would need that kind of acceleration in a SUV. I did pay for the P3D.

inconel | January 14, 2019

At cruising speed above 20mph is there a slightly longer reaction time when suddenly pushing down on the accelerator pedal in the non-P versions? I thought there was in test drives.

inconel | January 14, 2019

The P seemed to push you back in the seats instantly whereas it seemed a bit gentler in the non-P.

kumaresanr | January 14, 2019

@inconel. It’s actually the opposite. The 100D should be relatively the same with no lag as long as you have good charge and are uncorked. The battery is the same in both regardless. If you look closely at the P100D power gauge. It starts rolling back to 400 just like the model x 100D. The X 100D uncorked tops at around 409KW, which is about 550HP. Usually SUVs are only 250HP. Hopefully I can trade in for a P100D after many years, as it is something that I do not need.

kumaresanr | January 14, 2019

Also, if you service your Tesla, you can request a performance loaner so you can have fun with it occasionally. Apart from the first 40 mph it’s the same. Your paying 40K for that first 40MPH. The non performance modes might also get another uncork version making them able to get out a little more power.

jjgunn | January 15, 2019

Back in the Model S 60 days (60 kW software limited 75 kW battery pack) - "uncorked" meant they released the software limitation to allow 75 kW.

What do you mean "uncorked" for the 100D?

kumaresanr | January 15, 2019

There was a performance uncork for most non performance models in the 2017+ years. The 0-60 for 60D used to be like 6 seconds. They brought it to 4.2 when it became a 75D. The uncork gives more power. 100D X used to be 5.2. Now it is only 4.4-4.7.

Vawlkus | January 16, 2019

I didn’t think I had anywhere to use performance mode, so I didn’t bother with it.
I really wish I had gone for it now. :P Do I need it? No, of course not. It’d be FUN though. }B)

jimglas | January 16, 2019

@V: Nobody "needs" a P, but would hate to lose "launch"

inconel | January 16, 2019

Interesting, I did my test drives before the uncork so it's possible that uncorking has made the non-P faster to react at highway speed. Does the P have a larger motor in the back?

fdelzingaro | January 16, 2019

How do I know if my X 100D is "uncorked"? Built in May 2017.

fdelzingaro | January 16, 2019

And if it's not uncorked, how do I get that done?

Vawlkus | January 17, 2019

Ask at the service center. It’s a 30 minute job, upgrading firmware

kumaresanr | January 17, 2019

I have the Remote S app by Rego Apps which allows you to see the car’s API. In perf config it should equal P1 meaning you ARE uncorked. Or it may be P3 meaning you are NOT uncorked.

kumaresanr | January 17, 2019

Yes the car does react faster at highway speeds. Also check to make sure your bigger tires are on the back. For some reason one of my 275 was on the front. Someone thought they could rotate the tires. The battery cannot keep up with the P100D motors at highway speed. So it doesn’t output max power. The P100D can actually do way more horsepower once they incorporate the 2170 battery cells in the S and X.

kumaresanr | April 8, 2019

Btw my Model X 100D still beats my McLaren 570S off the line for about half a second and that car can do a 2.7 to 60 without rollout. If you forget the numbers any Tesla regardless of which you buy are fast due to their traction control and the amount of power you can actually put down.