A suggestion for Tesla

A suggestion for Tesla

I suggest that Tesla donate the ~400,000 HW2 and 2.5 cars it's taking out of it's fleet to the hobbyist community to advance AI development.

jordanrichard | May 9, 2019

What 400,000 cars they are “taking out of its fleet”?

jimglas | May 10, 2019

I suspect he was referring to the hardware they are replacing with HW3 upgrade

EVRider | May 10, 2019

The number of people who have purchased FSD and will be getting the upgrade is nowhere near 400,000.

Frank99 | May 10, 2019

But donating the boards is a great idea - even if it's only 10,000 of them (probably a whole lot more than that).

andy.connor.e | May 10, 2019

I doubt 400k people bought FSD. Let alone EAP..

sschaem | May 10, 2019

HW2 is more then fully capable of running EAP, so can be used for all Tesla ordering EAP without FSD.

So I dont see Tesla donating any HW2 boards when they are perfect for EAP in model 3.
(Tesla most likely will fit all $35k model 3 with refurbished HW2 while they are available)