2nd quarter sales

2nd quarter sales

Per my inside information-----------2nd quarter sales will approximate 2018 4th quarter sales----the hope is they may exceed the 4th quarter sales by a little.

I was just at a SC charging my car(my home charger is out of service for a few weeks), and it was mobbed. I guess the tax credits get cut in half starting next week. A few folks were talking about how busy they were, etc., etc., and someone guesstimated the above sales figures.

The more I see of the X's, the more I like them; ditto for the black Teslas----the black just rocks when it is nice and clean.

Wonder what those sales figures would do to the stock price?

tes-s | June 29, 2019

You are posting inside information on a public forum??

I guess it is possible, but my money would be on you just made it up.

mcmack15 | June 29, 2019

No, all true..........too old to have to make stuff up.

They figure they were closing on 50 cars a day the last few days at this SC, if that is any indication.

Madatgascar | June 29, 2019

It’s public info. Elon said they could have a record quarter if they went all out. They are hustling; the bears already have their sad stories of failure cooked up. It’s only because of the price cuts, Tesla is losing money, etc.

tes-s | June 29, 2019

If it's public info, then I believe it. I thought they would be close to Q4 - maybe a little over or a little under. Q1 took a hit because of international in transit, which would be a one-time hit. Lot of incentive in the US for people to take delivery in Q2 before tax credit goes down.

ReD eXiLe ms us | July 5, 2019

tes-s: Wow. It only took five years for you to understand that numbers in Q1 might be low due to internstional transit compared to Q4. Took long enough. You used to insist it was a sign of fading demand or something.

I hope you realized that just as I told you way back when, the Supercharger network did indeed continue to grow. You were doubtful of its progression back in 2014. FYI, back then I was Red Sage ca us, but I've moved since.