Paint, rock nics and wax

Paint, rock nics and wax

Black Model S June 2019. Looking for recommendations for a solution of paint chips w/o getting a film or hard clear coat finish and curious what product to use for waxing it myself in my garage.

jordanrichard | July 18, 2019

First, congrats on getting your car. Welcome to the future.

With that said, it is still a car. The only difference between a Tesla and any other car is the power source and the dash. Paint is paint. Use what ever products you have used in the past.

lilbean | July 18, 2019

Why not prevent them with PPF on the bumper?

bishoppeak | July 18, 2019

You can use PPF or you can respray the nicked area, no other options are effective if you are actually driving the car.

lilbean | July 18, 2019

Ceramic coating will not protect from rock chips.
My X has 3 chips on the bumper, no film but ceramic coated.
The 3 has zero with the film.

nukequazar | July 18, 2019

@lilbean Film?

Anthony J. Parisio | July 19, 2019

Nothing but Paint Protection Film protects against rock chips. Aerodynamic pointy nose cars get a lot of rock chips. As for wax, if you garage the car ceramic coatings are great. You car do them yourself. However because of birds this is not a great idea for a car that live 100 % of it's time outside. Traditional waxes are better protection against bird shit. It is also way easier to repair bird damage on a waxed car that a ceramic coated car. I have done car detailing for years. My choice for durability, ease of use and great shine is Turtle Wax Ice products. However Meguiar's Ultimate liquid wax right before a car show gives it that little extra kick.

Mathew98 | July 19, 2019

My S has a few rock chips even with PPF covering the front bumper and the entire hood. It would have been much, much worst without it. My other cars without any PPF had been pelted with dozens of rock chips in the bumper/hood area since this concrete jungle is full of pot holes, construction zones, and random flying debris.

kerryglittle | July 19, 2019

Cover the bumper and WHOLE hood with chip guard 3M or PPF or what ever they are selling these days. Zero chips where I covered mine, but sadly I didn't do the whole hood. Just the first third of the hood. Got a few rock chips where it wasn't covered. Cleans up very easy and very protective. You wont even know its there. As far as wax I bought Turtle Ice Wax and like it. I used to think Turtle Wax was the cheapest and abrasive product you could buy but they have stepped up their game and are now putting out a good product IMO.

ktslab | July 19, 2019

My S has PPF and ceramic coating. A rock hit the lower side of the passenger door and the damage was partially absorbed by PPF but still into the paint (according to the auto detailer)

ended up repainting that door and reapplied PPF and ceramic coating. cost an arm and leg.

I have decided to heck with it from that point on. only did it because I had the car for 3 months, the hype and excitment were still there.

jordanrichard | July 19, 2019

So the OP asks for recommendations other than PPF/coatings and everyone is recommending PPF/coatings.......

Mathew98 | July 19, 2019

Just ask people to lie why don't ya?

Ohmster | July 19, 2019

PPF only way to go. On last six cars. No regrets other than not doing full hood on first two.

kerryglittle | July 20, 2019

+1 Ohmster. All my vehicles get that done. Bikes, SUV and Tesla. Not a stone chip on any of them. Why ignore the obvious solution? It also helps greatly with re sale value. Not only does the vehicle look good it shows you take care of your stuff.