Sirius XM Radio, SXM

Sirius XM Radio, SXM

Wanted to share this about SXM. When I bought my Tesla, I was told at the Tesla 800 number and the Palo Alto Rep at Stanford that new Model X’s, 2019, did not come with SXM. Instead, to get SXM, you need to use a phone with Bluetooth and the SXM app(an acceptable solution). About 3 days after owning my 2019 Model X long range, I noticed that it had SXM so I activated it and it works great. I ordered from existing inventory and picked up the vehicle at the Fremont distribution center. When I was previously going to do a custom build online, I did not notice a feature for SXM. I am, therefore, unsure, for new Tesla owners, if and how to order SXM. if you have insight and would like to share, please do so here. | July 23, 2019

The XM hardware is now standard on the S and X - but you still have to buy a subscription from XM. XM is not available on the 3, other than using a phone and bluetooth. Likely the rep was confused (and likely deals with many more 3 owners) and got it wrong.

koolbreeze | July 23, 2019

WE ordered a 2016 model X. When we went to Fremont to pick it up the end of December we were told that we couldn't have Sirius XM because we didn't order the highest audio system! What a line of BS the app could be installed on the home screen! we wasted 8 hours going round and round with sales folks! they would build us a new car with the higher cost audio! we took out car and left! Not real impressed! we have the app on our cell and Bluetooth it to the car audio! | July 24, 2019

@koolbreeze - Yep the XM radio is part of the high-end audio package. Not sure why it took 8 hours to figure this out. Tesla has never offered it as a separate component and it's more than an app on the home screen as it requires the XM radio and XM antenna to be installed, along with related wiring. Not something that can be retrofitted in.

Today, the X/S both come standard with XM and high-end audio.