VIN Decoding

VIN Decoding

I bought an AWD Model 3, it's badged as a dual motor and the battery pack is 310 miles but the VIN decodes as a single motor,


Has Tesla changed their number schem, missnumbered mine, or did they sell me a misbadged long LRWD?

rob | August 10, 2019

it shows up as a dual motor on:

The B is dual.

jstat10 | August 10, 2019

Digit 8 = B -> "Dual Motor – Standard" according to

bjrosen | August 10, 2019

Thanks. I used a different website and I thought the 1 after the first E indicated single motor. BTW is there anyway to find the build date for my car.

bjrosen | August 10, 2019

Never mind, I found the build date on the Monroney label

SalisburySam | August 10, 2019

Build date (mm/yy) is also on a sticker affixed to the driver’s door jam.

SalisburySam | August 10, 2019

Ooops: jam=jamb

M3phan | August 10, 2019

Mmmmmm, door jam...

M3phan | August 10, 2019

That’s right up there with window syrup

AmokTime | March 25, 2020

Interestingly, the VIN from my 2019 M3 SR+ comes up as having a problem: the check digit is “wrong.” Looks like there is still info on VINs they need to sleuth out.

kevinhartmart72 | April 19, 2020

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@AmokTime - First I've heard of that happening. Did you use my VIN decoder: ?

If you want to send me your VIN, I'll see if I can figure out what is wrong. You can send it to voting@ followed by my name.

luisevalerio | April 22, 2020

Does anyone know where I can find the engine serial number from a 2020 Tesla model 3 Performance? | April 22, 2020

@luisevalerio - Tesla's don't have engines, although they do have motor(s). My guess is you'll have to take apart quite a bit or perhaps even drop the DU to get to see the motor serial number label. Why would you need this?

amadocerni | May 10, 2020

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geedub1023 | May 10, 2020


swilliams102 | May 10, 2020

I paid for the dual motor performance upgrade with the full package with the exception of the white seats, which should be a “4” for performance dual motor, the 8th digit on mine is a “B” ( dual motor standard )
What gives?? Does anyone else have this problem?
Vin. # 5YJ3E1EB9JF083xxx

swilliams102 | May 10, 2020

Did a little research and found this on another Tesla forum
The “P” is reserved for “S” & “X” models.
Dual motor performance and standard share the “B”

swilliams102 | May 10, 2020

1= Single Motor – Standard (Designated for Model S)

3= Single Motor – Performance (Designated for Model S)

2= Dual Motor (standard) (Designated for Model S & Model X)

4= Dual Motor (performance) (Designated for Model S & Model X)

A= Single Motor – Standard (Designated for Model 3)

B= Dual Motor – Standard (Designated for Model 3)

AmokTime | May 10, 2020 sorry for the delayed response - I used the teslatap vin decoder and it tells me my check digit is wrong - it is 7 but should be 6.

AmokTime | May 10, 2020 never mind - I was entering 0’s for my last few digits. If I enter the actual VIN the check digit is computed correctly. | May 10, 2020

Thanks for confirming it works! Using a made-up serial has one out of ten chances the check digit is right.