USB sentry mode

USB sentry mode

How to use USB sentry mode and dash cam

FISHEV | January 12, 2020

1. Format the flash drive per the instructions. It's a bit tricky especially for Apple users. If the flash drive doesn't work (mine stopped working after last update) you can buy them pre-formatted for Tesla.

2. Plug it into the front left USB. Should see a red dot appear on the top menu bar indicating it is recording.

You have to then turn on Sentry Mode which will record stuff around the car. Be aware that Sentry Mode uses a lot of energy, Figure about 10 miles every 12 hours of range loss.

Regular camera stuff will also be recorded continuously.

bill | January 12, 2020

Any news on ability to watch Teslacam or sentry mode videos on the car's display? It seems a strange oversight if that's not available. | January 12, 2020

@Msher98 - I created an entire website to help owners with the Tesla dashcam here: It includes the recommendations on the type of drive, as slow ones will not work, and how to set it up, with screenshots for both Windows and Mac.

@bill - No hint so far from Tesla if they ever plan to offer this. Should they offer it, I expect it will require MCU2.

apodbdrs | January 12, 2020

@Msher98, to activate Sentry mode, simply tap the black donut incon at the top of screen next to the Cam Icon. when it turns red it means it is activated. I normally turn sentry mode anytime I leave my car at a parking lot or parked on a street. It doesn't bother me to use up a few miles on the battery, sentry is more than worth it.

Thanks Telsa Tap, good like to share your informative videos

EVRider | January 12, 2020

@FISH: Shouldn’t matter whether you use the left or right USB port, as long as it’s one of the front ones.

FISHEV | January 12, 2020

"Shouldn’t matter whether you use the left or right USB port, as long as it’s one of the front ones."

Good to know. When I finally got my 128GB to work, it only worked in the left one. it stopped working after last 2020.50.x.x update and reformatting it doesn't work. Ordered one of the ones.

rehutton777 | January 12, 2020

I just had an interesting experience. After parking at Disneyland yesterday, I observed there were several "sentry events" listed on the display - - not unexpected. On arriving home, I removed the disk and checked it on my laptop this morning. No sentry (or any other dashcam) recordings showed up. When I checked the disk, the SentryCam folder was completely empty. After a few "hmmms" I went out to reinstall the drive into the USB port. After inserting, I noticed that the dashcam icon (rectangular camera) had a gray dot rather than a red dot. I pushed the icon and the dot turned from gray to red. I must have turned the camera recording off to remove the disk prior to my recent trip and forgot to turn it back on again when I reinserted the disk. I know it's a "no-no", but I usually don't turn it off prior to simply removing the disk (never been a problem for me), but the one time I did turn it off, I apparently forgot to turn it back on, resulting in no sentry video for the events in the parking structure. A lesson learned!