maps updated now navigation wont work and it tells me it needs service

maps updated now navigation wont work and it tells me it needs service

Anyone else have their maps updated this morning? I got a notification about the maps being updated (it told me "congratulations, maps have been updated"). Now the car tells me it needs service. I haven't installed the latest update yet and was wondering if I should reboot, do the update, or schedule service?

EVRider | February 14, 2020

You should always try rebooting if you’re having issues, no need to ask. If there’s a software update pending, install that first.

murphyS90D | February 14, 2020

I had a problem with maps not updating. The download would get to about 90% and stall. Eventually the car reported that no maps were installed and navigation was not available. I contacted Tesla and they remotely formatted and partitioned the area where the maps are stored. The maps then downloaded and installed. There have not been any problems with the maps since then.

kinkazoo | March 13, 2020

Had same problem. Nav not working and reset does nothing. Voice command quit 3 months ago, still waiting for fix. Car turning into a piece of c#rap.

NKYTA | March 13, 2020

Works for me. Sad for you, @kink

kinkazoo | March 20, 2020

Fixed. Set up a service call and they forced a software update, which did not fix it. Then they tweaked something ota and told us to look at it and all works again. No idea what they did. Voice commands now working again too! Nice to have it back after many months.

AIA304 | March 29, 2020

Since 8.1.1, Did notice the Nav Data NA-180906-1605 update hasn’t been able to complete since the load. Called tech support and tech asked to reboot center console, which was done before calling them, but did as requested.

The odd thing, after every reboot, the software settings for the nav update available would say “Please connect to Wi-Fi to download the Nav Data Update”

But car reported connected via WiFi according to the top right of the screen with 4-5 bars of WiFi signal Strength, huh?

Tesla tech did see this as well remotely, even though he could connect. So tech killed and restarted the Nav download. I saw the screen go away then start downloading again, but only to stop again at the same @1/3 of the way thru.

Tech tried several restarts, but all with the same results. I figured maybe internet capacity was partly to blame, but since Wed of last week, it’s still the same.

Tech said support would investigate further and send email, nothing yet.
I’m sure they will fix, just putting this out there in case someone else is seeing the same and might have more info to share.

Be safe.

mbirnie51 | March 29, 2020

I'm not sure, but the version of functional maps may depend on your build. My vehicle is a March 2017 build with AP 2.0 and MCU-1 and HW 2.0, so when v10 came out, I got 2019.32 ; Nav: 2019.20.10487;on 8/29/19 . They let me keep Nav 10487 for 5 more updates, then 2019.32.12.1 641e9fa Nav 180906-1605; on 10/10/19 reverted back to older nav?

Thinking the newer Nav is for HW 3 and MCU-2 vehicles. There may be too much data for us older vehicles processors and MCUs.

Any thoughts????

mbirnie51 | March 29, 2020

Sorry folks, I should also disclose that since 3/16/2020, I am on v2020.8.1.1.fd1e27c664df Nav: Same 180906:1605

murphyS90D | March 30, 2020

The inability to download map data to my car was fixed remotely. They partitioned and formatted the place where the map data is stored.and then triggered a download. The download completed and installed. That was in early January and it has been working fine since they did this.

dougk71 | March 30, 2020

I find that the WiFi icon can be very strong ( I have a repeater in the garage) yet it may not be working. I test it by trying to access the internet from the car. If it fails I power off and on the WiFi repeater and very rarely have to power off and on the whole home network router.

AIA304 | April 2, 2020

After a few days of having trouble to successfully load the new Nav Data NA-2019.20-10487 for our 2015 MS85 AP1 running V10.2 (2020.8.2 dc9bc402da23], it finally completed.

It would show the old Nav data 180906:1605 and after it would note downloading the new Nav update but would get hung up about 1/3 way then stop. After 3 calls to tech support it completed today.

Not sure if Tesla had to format/partition, as others have reported here, and have not had any email or other correspondence.

Glad it finished.

Stay safe

murphyS90D | April 3, 2020

Mine spent over a year stalling at the 90% point and then restarting the download before it was fixed.