Lock when walking away doesn’t work

Lock when walking away doesn’t work

When I walk away from the car, the front doors will close, but the back doors do not. Is this a setting I can change? I want all the doors to close, and the car to lock when I walk away. | May 24, 2020

I don't think this was ever a feature. I gather the safety concern is having the rear doors come down on someone if you're not looking and walking away. You need to close the rear doors first. Then walk-away lock will work.

ann | May 24, 2020

It’s not a safety concern. I just assumed that ALL the doors would close, and the manual isn’t specific. If one or both of the front doors are open, it will close and lock. I’ll just have to make sure to close all the doors!

Triggerplz | May 24, 2020

@Ann it may not be a safety concern for you but it’s a safety concern for Tesla

Redmiata98 | May 24, 2020

Also, see page 10 of the User guide, to wit:
“ Lock/Unlock All

Single-click to lock all doors and rear trunk. Hazard warning lights flash once.
Note: If a door or the rear trunk is open, hazard warning lights flash three times and doors do not lock. But you can enable a single-click to both close all doors (and rear trunk) and lock them, by turning on the Close All with Key Fob setting (touch
Controls > Vehicle > Close All with Key Fob). By default, this setting is turned off and you must triple-click the button to close and lock all doors.” | May 25, 2020

@Red - Thanks - I learn something new every day:)