Tesla model 3 has the same size of the Model S

Tesla model 3 has the same size of the Model S

Hello guys

Today emerged a official picture in the Tesla Motors facebook page . A image of future Model 3 . You can see the black image has the future Model 3, but if you copy and past the model S , you can see that they have the same size in that angle.

youtube com / watch?v= YYcqhkWfQik

Thxs for watching

Ankit Mishra | March 16, 2016

Bruh, nice try. Wait for 31st. Tesla said it will smaller than S.

Red Sage ca us | March 16, 2016

Ankit Mishra: I believe this may be a case where the OP speaks English as a Fourth or Fifth language... He is likely speaking of the teaser image that others have already brought up. There is an official Facebook post, and a Tweeted image from Tesla Motors that shows a Model S, Model X, and a silhouetted figure of a car to represent a Model ≡. The image used for the Model ≡ is a Model S, and is the same size & shape, just blacked out. I realized this instantly and thought it was both sneaky and lazy -- but it isn't the actual Model ≡ outline at all. This has already been discussed in threads here, at TMC, and elsewhere.

Ankit Mishra | March 16, 2016

Yeah, the car under silhouette might be a S. His English is fine, I was just saying that Tesla already said that the Model 3 will be smaller. I also appreciated that the effort he put into this. Sure, my language was informal but my intention was appreciation.

FREE ENERGY | March 21, 2016

Its an E....

jordanrichard | March 21, 2016

It is official albeit in a creative way, the Model "3" will read as Model ≡ (E). Using the same font as the letter E in Tesla name.