"Tesla Referral Program Prizes", Is is all FAKE??

"Tesla Referral Program Prizes", Is is all FAKE??

Hello all,
So I have referal couple of my coworkers to tesla and they all purchased the model S and got a 1k refund.
After two of my referrals, I called customer service and they told me the prizes were only for a certain date.
So I referred two other of my coworkers and they both purchased the model S.
Time went by and I never received my prize which was a travel bag. I contacted customer service after going back and forth and sending emails, finally I got a respond back on February 2nd:

Time went by and we never heard back. So I start calling and they told me I should receive the prize in mail by Marh. Nope nothing came by, so I started emailing people again and here is another respond that I got back:

NOPE, nothing came by, so I starting calling and emailing AGAIN. They started apologizing and send me another email, that I should receive it in July. Here is the copy of the email:

And not it's August and I haven't receive anything.
This is UNACCEPTABLE, I have depended too much time and effort in this. Not the way Tesla should treat the people who are trying to help the company grow.

Plus they should change the name of the program from "The Awesome Tesla Referral Program" to "Pain In The Ass Referral Program".

I did not want to post this forum. But it's time and frustrating. Don't promis something that you can't deliver.

Best regards