Getting the Model 3 into Neutral- software update

Getting the Model 3 into Neutral- software update

Took deliver of my M3 about a month ago and never had an issue putting it into neutral until yesterday. I took it to the SC and was told the software was updated requiring
you to hold the shifter for 2-3 seconds in the neutral position before it "takes" and stays in neutral.

djharrington | March 13, 2018

I accidentally shifted to neutral in my first couple days of ownership, but not since. Do you regularly use neutral? I'm curious to hear about your use case.

72echo | March 14, 2018

I the software update was likely intended to avoid just what you described. I put in in neutral to go through the car wash.

djharrington | March 14, 2018

Agreed on why they might have changed. For me, it happened once and I learned what not to do, and it never happened again. I would have likely never discovered the change required to get the car to N, as I never really want the car in N. The new requirement sounds like a pretty reasonable solution to avoid unintended shifts, while not making it too involved for the low frequency of intended shifts.

jdb69tf | May 22, 2018

My model 3 is very difficult to shift into neutral. The only time I use this is for car washes and it usually takes 3-4 times as the gears shift from drive to reverse, no matter how gently I push the lever. Does anyone else have this issue?

ryan.nisle | May 22, 2018

You can also get into neutral by releasing the parking brake from the touchscreen.

mark.hortman | June 3, 2018

I went to car wash today and was completely unable to get it into neutral. I will have to try the parking brake trick. The model 3 should have a car wash mode. fold mirrors, roll up windows, go in to neutral, turn off wipers. | June 3, 2018

@mark: good idea. Send it

joan | June 9, 2018

@mark that's a great idea. I had the same trouble today.

hokiegir1 | June 9, 2018

+5 for @mark
I had the worst time the first weekend we got it going into a carwash. We were already flustered not expecting the drive through kind (thought it was a touchless), couldn't get it into neutral at first, took a minute to find the mirrors and forgot about the auto-wipers and nearly broke those when it kicked on.
Carwash mode would be awesome.

jefjes | June 9, 2018

I plan to wash it myself for a long time but I'm sure when the new has worn off and the car becomes door dinged and shopping cart victimized, I'll probably resort to anything that saves me time and effort. Hopefully, by then, the car wash neutral dilemma will be known by all and easily resolved. In fact, maybe by then, I can just tell the car to go get a wash and it will come back clean...;-)

Iwantmy3 | June 9, 2018

The parking brake option seems interesting.

When I picked up my 3, my wife asked the Tesla delivery driver delivery specialist how to put it in neutral. He didn't know. He called over three of his cohorts. They didn't know. Finally we got a fifth guy who told us to put it in towing mode. That just sounded wrong. I left there deciding I would need to find a better solution

Iwantmy3 | June 9, 2018

Ok, dumb question but how do I release the parking brake on the touchscreen

jefjes | June 9, 2018

Push the lever up or down to the first position
and hold it there for more than 1 second to
shift into Neutral. Neutral allows Model 3 to
roll freely when you are not pressing the brake
If Model 3 is in Park and you use the
touchscreen to release the parking brake
(Controls > Safety & Security), Model 3 shifts
into Neutral (see Parking Brake on page 50).
Model 3 automatically shifts into Park when
you exit. To leave Model 3 in Neutral, use the
touchscreen to engage Transport Mode (see
Instructions for Transporters on page 146).

jefjes | June 9, 2018

Use the touchscreen to manually release the
parking brake (which also shifts Model 3 into
1. Touch Controls > Safety & Security.
2. Press the brake pedal, then touch Parking
Brake. If Model 3 was previously in Park, it
shifts into Neutral.

akeally | March 18, 2019

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has trouble with neutral. The car wash has become an embarrassing situation. I’m going to need to practice getting into neutral when no one is around.

TM3Q | March 18, 2019

Today I wanted to activate the wipers but by mistake I pushed the park button while driving at 70 mph....good thing I only got a sound alarm and warning on the screen (couldn't see what it was happen so fast) and realise I pushed the wrong side without any incident!!!

Lrabbani | March 18, 2019

Just put your foot on the brake while car is in Park position, then shift down (continue keep your foot on Park pedal) and hold for 2/3 sec and it’ll change to N.

howard | March 18, 2019

Need car wash mode! How hard can that be? Be glad to give up some/all of my easter eggs for it. Please??

apodbdrs | March 18, 2019

If all fails RTDFM!

spuzzz123 | March 19, 2019

A little off topic. I use to advocate that it’s perfectly fine to run model 3 thru soft bristle car washes. I think I’ve changed my mind on that. If you haven’t done this go check out your side markers. Specifically the chrome around it. Just go and feel how foil like they are. It easily separates from the plastic portion and I see a couple of small dents from pebbles. I could easily see damage being done to these by heavy spinning car wash flaps even if they are soft. So I will no longer be using those kinds of car washes.