What will happen when the gas stations are forced to close down.

What will happen when the gas stations are forced to close down.

It is only a matter of time until gas stations will no longer be permitted to pump gas. They are horrible at leaking fuel into underground water supplies, and the fuel pollutes the air when burned in vehicles. There will be tremendous taxes imposed on ICE vehicles to clean up the air they are polluting. The exhausts are makeing citizens sick and die earlier in congested urban areas. It is tremendously expensive to remove those leaking underground tanks and many will need to go bankrupt due to the liability.

How will Tesla be able to make enough cars and batteries to replace the ICE cars when they are no longer allowed into the urban centers?

Already more electrical charging stations are being opened than new gas stations.

Only a matter of time.

David N | April 15, 2018

Uncle Paul,
Calm down. What your speaking will eventually occur but it is a long way away. I don't know where you live but here in northern Ohio all those old leaking tanks you speak of are getting replaced.
The transition is coming , it'll just take time. A lot has to do with how long the established auto manufacturers delay their EV programs. They have been talking a lot about what they are planning on doing but talk is cheap.
Elon is pretty much on his own, he knows it and is not going to slow down.

SCCRENDO | April 15, 2018

Perhaps the ICE manufacturerez will start making EVs

Rumi11 | April 15, 2018

It was interesting to witness how at the Geneva Motor Show this year, every leading auto manufacturer had an ev concept, or several. Volkswagen plans on having over 20 vehicles within several years, GM is even investing in a charging network, and there are ev concept cars from EVERY SINGLE BRAND out there. Even the super cars are following suit. Bentley, Audi, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Porsche...ev's are coming from them all. As long as affordable options exist - and auto makers make them stylish - people will naturally choose electric more and more.

nadurse | April 16, 2018

Gas stations will never be FORCED to close, at least not because of how you describe them to be as an environmental hazard. This is ludicrous, just as is the thought of all-ICE cars being banned everywhere, it will not happen. Maybe high density urban areas or parts of urban areas will ban them for pollution reasons.

However, some/most will be forced to close due to lack of demand, but make no mistake gasoline will be sold for a long time yet just in much less quantities and less number of places. Much like ICE cars, they will be far surpassed by EVs at some point not because they are outlawed, but because EVs offer a superior value proposition.

The 'Fuel' stations of the foreseeable future will be a mixed bag of gas pumps, plug in charging stations, convenience store, cafe/restaurant or other amenities. The simple ol gas station will cease to exist. But not just for lack of demand for gas, just switching to or adding charging wont be enough to keep a lot of the existing places open just for the simple fact that most people will charge at their home or work or other destination.

Earl and Nagin ... | April 17, 2018

Video rental stores were never FORCED to close, nor were drug stores forced to stop selling film, film developing services, and typewriter ribbon, nor were gas stations and stores forced to stop selling kerosene. Demand just ceased to warrant the shelf space and dedicated resources.
Gas stations on the fringes will go out of business first. This will make gasoline less ubiquitous, thus taking away a lot of the advantage the the technology enjoys today. I envision rural areas may be the first places to switch over to electric vehicles since their gas stations are likely to be more strained economically while essentially all rural people have electricity access. I envision this will happen within a decade of the first 200 mile range pickup truck hitting the market.